Pictures from the 2011 Season 

Round 17  

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Round 17 - Seniors  second half

Wet, cold and muddy! Another double loss but the seniors were in it until the last quarter. Not much point in taking too many photos as snaps of grown men wallowing in the mud only have a limited appeal

  Saunders kicks out from a point
Even the sure hands of Stride were tested by the wet ball

Whittle was in the best players

  Reeves managed two goals
Stride at ground level

Winston manages a handball

Saunders with a clearing kick

Hanson clears. He also kicked a valuable goal (below)

Plenty of this all day

Burgess found it difficult to display his skills but managed a goal

  Griggs marks

Last break and three goals down




Whittle resumes hostilities and Rippon was named best for Uni

Griggs and Fenton

Where is that ball?

Fenton takes a breather and a drink ... drink?.. of to the warmth of the bar and a beer for me!

I can't take photos next week but will process some if anyone wants to take any.
Don't forget to bring your gear for team photos on 27th August.