Pictures from the 2011 Season 

Round 03  

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Round 3 - 30th April V Richmond  - Seniors last half

Impressive win to the Seniors and the Reserves are reported to have made pleasing progress this week.

Supporters witnessed an entertaining game

Gill, Hoult and McAdam enjoying a dry ground

Richmond are always competitive and have a reputation of coming home from behind
Hanson looks for a handball from Fitzpatrick who was named best for Uni

Hanson and Riseley help Reeves celebrate a miraculous soccer goal.

Saunders was terrific in the second half (above and below)

Nearly seven goals up at the last break but Richmond soon whittled that back to a under three
Reeves celebrates one of his 5 goals and Stride takes a grab

Saunders in the thick of it again

Saunders mark in front of Ackroyd and Burgess sets up a forward.

Riseley shows his mobility. He kicked 4. Mark to Hoult
Stride was a dominant tall, here watched by McCarthy

Marson showing some class on the backline

Marks to McCarthy and Stride

Stewart takes a strong grab and Riseley again provides a good target up forward

Mark to Matuszek (?) and Gowans who was named in the best

Goal to Fitzpatrick

Reeves congratulates Stewart for a brilliant steal and pass to Riseley who....kicked a point!

  Stride marks again
Marson makes the goal umpire look silly as he and Hanson work hard to stop Richmond's last quarter momentum

Mark to BOG Fitzpatrick and Matuszek who broke the lines and kicked an easy goal

McAdam enjoys a break after an impressive performance
Well done umps - a good performance in what was a fast skilful game.
You would have to be happy with that! well done. Next week DOSA at North Hobart.