Pictures from the 2011 Season 

Round 15  

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Round 15 - Seniors

Reserves had another loss and the seniors hadn't had a win for a few weeks so were keen to get the four points against Channel. It was a close, exciting game in cool but sunny conditions.

Stewart attempting a mark and Gill and Gowans hoping for a grab

The sure hands of Stride who was named best for Uni

The first break and nearly 4 goals up

Mark to Burgess and Ackroyd and Griggs watch Reeves' back

Mark to Stewart which resulted in a goal to Stride and Fenton clears.

Gowans and Fenton fly.

New senior player Curtis made quite an impact

Saunders spoils and Stewart and Stride compete for the mark

Goal to Gowans who ended up with three

Handy goal to Burgess just before half time - he also kicked three goals

Still in front at the main break but Channel narrowed the gap.


Gill and Gowans mark strongly and Gowans kick the goal below.

Reeves was creative as usual and ended up with 4 goals

Strong mark to Rippon who is really developing as a senior [layer and the Channel bench watch Winston mark

Cold and a bit slippery underfoot but still some wonderful marks - Stride, Gowans and Reeves

Succussful long range set shot to Reeves

Skipper Burgess tried to lift his side

More marks to Winston, Stewart, Reeves and Burgess (below)

Last break and game on! Only 3 points the difference

Hanson watches Stewart clear and Gill takes a defensive mark

Griggs thwarts a Channel attack and Reeves looks for another scoring opportunity

Mark to Gowans who laid it off to the accurate Stewart - handy goal

New senior player Quarrell takes a soaring chest mark. Apparently he took a ripper
early in the first quarter.

A determined Rippon

Steadying hands of Stride and burgess

Johnson and Reeves

Late goal to Burgess and a win at last

Happy coaching staff

Injured Riseley on umpire protection duties

Well done and some confidence to take in to the match against ladder leaders OHA next week.