Pictures from the 2011 Season 

Round 08  

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Round 8 - Reserves - Last quarter

Gale force winds straightened a neighbouring flag and made conditions very difficult for the reserve's game and the first half of the main event. Reserves are improving and the seniors gained 4 valuable points to slip into the top four.

Seniors -  First Half

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A must-win game in bright sunshine but ferocious winds for the first half.


Gilmour had an excellent first quarter, mainly in defense, keeping Channel to just one goal with the wind


Riseley and Griggs were dangerous all day.

Riseley in action

Gilmour and Matuszek

Nelson was named in the best and Whittle (below) had many possessions

Stewart had another solid game

Stride (?) and Hill

Reeves with a sliding mark and his first of 10 goals - none better than this against the wind and on a tight angle.

  Gilmour, in the best as usual
Reeves, Riseley and Burgess always had Cannel's backs under pressure.

Mc Adam to Gill

Great effort to have the scores level at the first break after Channel had the benefit of a howling gale

Hill and (?) and an impressive leap to Nelson who was named in the best.

Griggs didn't det his name in the paper but it looks like a goal to me!         Fenton on the charge.

Fenton to Whittle to Griggs

Riseley brought his good form into the second quarter


  Stride continued to be the dominant big man

Saunders clears the pack but just misses Hill's head


Yep, another one!
Saunders, McCarthy and Fenton getting numbers to the ball and Fenton crashing the pack

Goal to Nelson this time

  Another save to Gilmour on the half-time siren  

Four goals up at half time and with the gale abating, Uni cruised to a 12 goal win