Pictures from the 2011 Season 

Round 05  

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Round 5 - v Hutchins 14th May

With quite a few injuries the Reserves were undermanned but the Seniors put on an excellent show and could have pinched victory if not for some inaccurate set shots.

Reserves last quarter


Seniors - Whole game


Skipper Burgess was in the best as usual and Riseley continued his excellent season with 5 goals

Goal to Riseley

Stewart, Riseley and McCarthy were all named in the best

Oakley with a clearance

Nelson in action

Good pressure from both teams all day

Punch from Gowans - he does it so well and mark to Riseley

Matuszek sends it forward

Riseley and Reeves were dangerous and Stride marked everything that came near him all day

This was a ripper from from Riseley - on the boundary and a long way out.

Griggs in action

Only a bit over a goal down at the first break

A reasonable crowd but the bitter weather kept many away.

Gowans saves a goal with a mark this time and Winston looks for a target

Sterwart and Gowans

Fenton on a rampage!


Stride switching play and Marson was constructive and hard at the ball all day

Harrison, Winston and Saner did an excellent job against some experienced opposition

  Mav at the bottom of the pack again

Excellent goal to Riseley......

... and an even better one to Burgess after the half time siren


Riseley and Stride continue with the first half's good form

Saner with head over the ball

Anyone's ball

Fitzpatrick introduces himself to some of the Hutchin's boys. Burgess with another possession

Reeves had to plug a few holes in the midfield this week

Matuszek and new player Ackroyd

Stretch, Phantom, Kissa and Bomb catch up for a chat at the last break

Less than 3 goals down and in with a real chance.

McCarthy and Reeves

Riseley marks but the forwards missed some crucial set shots.

Stewart and Stride

Stride, Harrison and Reeves never gave up hope

  Hiscutt was named in the best

Less than three goals down at the final siren but a lot of positives to be taken from the game