Pictures from the 2011 Season 

Round 1  

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Another season on the way with a solid win to the seniors and the reserves taken by surprise by a determined Channel team.

 Welcome to Jacob Stride (AFL Cairns); Brad Curtis Aaron Fitzpatrick and Jack Gibb (TSL); William McAdam and Kurt Butterworth (NTFL); Tom Hiscut and Paddy McCarthy. Hope you enjoy your footy with the Mighty Rainbows. (Let me know if I've missed anyone)

Round 1 - 16th April

Reserves - Last Quarter


A bit slow out of the blocks for the reserves but a long way to go yet.


Seniors - First Half

Some new faces and regulars from last year determined to have another crack at a flag.
Big man Jacob Stride from Cairns with the first touch of the season

Reeves, hungry for a goal after the long break and Paddy McCarthy with a good grab in slippery conditions

Riseley looking much fitter this year and was named in the best.

Matuszek with his first of 4 goals

McCarthy with another grab and clever diving mark to Reeves who ended up with 6 goals

Class acts Gilmour and Burgess

Regulars Saunders and Gowans looking sharp

Leaps from Gilmour and Stride

Marson was named best on ground, here passing to Whittle who created a clever goal

Matiszek goals

Gill and Riseley push the ball forward

William McAdam  with an early touch in his first game for the club

Sensational goal to Matuszek

A lot less of President Troy Stewart this year who is looking very athletic

Winston with a dashing run. Uni seemed to be able to find space all day

Coach Ben Beams should have been happy with the first quarter endeavour and 8 goal lead

A few familiar faces in the crowd

Burgess with a wonderful goal and big leap from Marson

Gill before leaving the ground with a leg injury and mark to Riseley.

Mark to Saunders (nearly!) and a nice pass to Riseley who goaled


Next game is Friday night at OHA which probably rules out any photos for that game.