Pictures from the 2011 Season 

Round 12  

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Round 12 - Reserves - Last Quarter


Seniors - First Half

No Gilmour who left to play with Clarence but it's impossible not to get fired up against Hutchins



Stride, Hill and McCarthy with early possessions

Hamilton clears and Burgess marks


Excellent mark to Stride and defensive leap from Hamilton

Fenton was aggressive in defense

Hill looks forward and mark to Burgess

Contests from Stride and Stewart.

  Mark and goal to Reeves (below)
Fenton attacking the ball again

Promising early but down by over 6 goals



Stwart passes forward and Ackroyd works hard (above and below)



McCarthy and Stride working hard

Reeves applying a strong tackle

Mark to Whittle and perfect kicking action from Reeves

Dylan Ackroyd having another run with his father.

Reeves copped a nasty blow to the head after a gutsy attempt to mark and Stride took
the kick to nail an impressive goal.

Hanson with a perfect pass to Gowans who goaled.

Gowans celebrates his goal and marks to Saunders and and Gowans again

Stewart and Ackroyd trying hard against a well drilled Hutchins outfit.

Goal to Stewart

A better quarter but the damage was done in the first. 

Bye next week.