Pictures from the 2011Season 

Round 11  

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Uni really struggled for numbers this week and while the seniors were very competitive again, the reserves paid a heavy price for a weakened list.

Reserves - Second Half



Seniors - First Quarter



Stewart, Harrison and McCarthy


Matuszek copped a nasty blow to the eye, mark to Harrison

Great to see Ackroyds senior and junior, Fabian and Dylan, playing together.

Trademark snap goal to Reeves.

(Not sure), Whittle and a flying Reeves

Saunders and Hanson

Harrison and Saunders

McCarthy and a high leap from Winston

Reeves and Ball-Smith

Not much in it at the first break



Seniors - Third Quarter


Captain Burgess with less hair watches as the ball is cleared and Gilmour clears yet again

Winston and Stewart

Ackroyd shoots for goal and Whittle marks strongly

Mark and long goal to Burgess

Goal to Stewart

Hanson clears

  Whittle in the ruck
Burgess pushes the ball forward
Good family entertainment

Reeves in a good on on one contest and Ackroyds interchange.

Stride, Hanson and Burgess

Another true snap to Reeves

Look out! Mark to Burgesss

Last change and anyone's game

Seniors - Last Quarter


Harrison looks and passes accurately and mark to Ackroyd

Stewart and Whittle - both keen to get back on the winner's list

Bit of heat in the game but no harm done.

Strong mark to McCarthy

Gilmour with yet another possession and there were plenty of good marks despite the damp conditions


Goals to Burgess and Reeves below

Quick goals to Uni tie up the scores

Posession to Ackroyd and good mark to the DOSA player


An entertaining game but DOSA just too good in the end.