Pictures from the 2007 Season    

Finals Action


Rounds 1-10 or  Rounds 11-20

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Reserves Grand Final Action v Hutchins 15/09/07
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Rick flies at the first bounce and Rob Hill and John Murton get some early action

Tom is sandwiched but was named in the best, John Murton marks as does Charles Spencer.

Tom, someone getting a bit cheeky and Mark Stuart


Tom marks this time, Rob flies with the big men and Cooper contests

Andrew Norman takes a knock to the back and Spence flies

Mark Stuart competes and big Troy marks and kicks 1 of 3 goals
Julian was flashy and skilful all day, Andrew looks up field and big Mal can't stop David Wishaw from being dumped

Celebrating a goal (Wishaw's I think), Bryce Turnbull chases and Wishaw doing I'm not quite sure!

Charles Spencer, Gavin Shaw and Rob Hill running past
Quarter time but the scoreboard is stuffed. David Smith in the shades.

Andrew marks, Hawk being a bit engaging in a bit of niggle and flying with Cooper.

Troy kicks truly, rob Oakley watches Gavin do his stuff and Hawk handballs.

Hawk kicks this time and Tom spoils to crumbers Bryce and James Hoult

Andrew played with passion, bryce marks strongly and Mal had a strong presence in the ruck and around the ground

Rick displayed his amazing leap on a number of occasions. Nick Perry was impressive when he came on

Rick and Andrew mark and it was good to see the end of what was a disastrous second quarter. The action continued during the break.

Julian moved the ball well in the third and Coops started to have an impact.

Michael Swan added speed around the ground

James Hoult attempts a one hander, Mark Stuart and Charles Spencer

Momentum slowly going our way.

Nick gets nasty

Mal throws some weight around and gets heaps of the ball

A Swan dive!

A bit closer at three quarter time and the scoreboard has power.

A tense last quarter and goals to Troy, Gavin and Chuckie Jones

Desperation from Julian Sidebottom and a late goal to Troy wasn't enough to make up for six goal turnaround in the second quarter.

No disgrace here - well done.
Things could have been worse!. "It'll be a hot time on the old town tonight!" Please put this original line back into the song.

Reserves Preliminary Final Action v DOSA 15/09/07
It would be easier to identify players if the numbers matched the names on the program - how about it for the GF?

Rob Hill was BOG                                                                                   Troy was a productive target with two goals

Julian Sidebottom marks                        Andrew Norman about to mark
Movie Clip (Turn sound on) Things look promising at quarter time.

Hats were all the rage. Mick Bailey wasn't going to be upstaged by the cheeky little number in the background

Stuart cooper was amongst the best and fronted up on the bench for the seniors

Another goal

Tom Murray about to mark

Chuckie looking for one of his 5 goals and also looking more like the Fonz.

A ripper of a mark to Coops in the centre.


Rick Stuart-Smith rucked beautifully and played well around the ground

Marks and goals to Chuckie Jones and Charles Spencer who kicked 3

Team celebration of goals was a real feature of the victory. Spence kicks another.

One more quarter to go before a GF!

Dan Blacklow about to kick and handball. Hawk played well after a stint in the ones.


Nice touch from the DOSA coach Simon Harris to congratulate the boys and wish them well for the GF.

Senior  Preliminary Final Action V DOSA 15/09/07

Great expectations!

Brooksie flies, a freebie to DOSA after a dubious mark and Ziggy is keen to continue his excellent form in his last game as coach.

Speckie McGee tucks the ball in, Sam on the prowl and David Welch marks strongly

Ziggy wishes last week was his last game! Brooksie flies high again and Shaun Suitor marks.

Jules, Berch and Brooksie watch Shaun spoil and Todd about to pass.

Speckie and Jesus!

Deano, who was one of the best, about to tackle and Liam marking.

Jules on the burst, and Liam having a rest and moving the ball with telepathy!

Worrying signs at quarter time

Movie Clip

Dan tackling and doing a 'Liam'! Bercheree about to take possession

Suits, Gavin Shaw and Dean Willcock

Liam up and about and about to kick for goal, Dan watches Todd's back and Cam marks.

Deanno breaks a tackle and Rob Oakley marks.

Greg, Adam and Sam spoil.
Marks to Gavin and David
Shaun kicking, Cam, Adam and Nick marking.

David watches sam mark and a miracle needed at three quarter time.

Everone worked hard to outscore DOSA in the last quarter

Welch on the burst. No Jules we already have one Jesus on the team! Brooksie being flamboyant in front of the lens again.

Jules marking, Gavin shepherding Speckie and Gavin marking

Is this Ziggy's last touch? We hope not. Gavin Marks and goals.

Grabs to David and Sam.

Not the end you wanted but still a rewarding and entertaining season

Thanks Ziggy.


Senior Semi Final Action V Richmond 08/09/07

Big marks to Mick and Brooksie, Cam in full flight and good to see David Welch back in action

Things are tight at quarter time. Gavin Shaw (right) has had the first of four good quarters and kicked four for the game.

Mick Gowans marks strongly again and John Magee marks and kicks in defense.
Improvement in young guys like Speckie has really strengthened the side.

A lovely sunny Spring day in historic Richmond

A clever mark and goal to Sam, Ziggy brought his kicking boots to kick two goals - I swear both were more than 30 out!

Brooksie is desperate as always and worth seeing No. 25 in trouble

Stalwarts of the team - Dan, Jules, Dean, Greg and Brooksie

Ziggy, Berch and Cam watch the ball, while Greg flies high.

Greg Fermillo works the ball out of defense while the boys look a bit flustered as Richmond had a run on.

Berch wants the ball badly and Hawk joins his feathered kin.

Gavin Shaw played a wonderful game as did Adam Hinkley as he shepherds Deano.
Rob Oakley on the left watching Dean. Matt Gill flies for a good grab.

Sam and Gavin in the action

A strong mark to Cam in the shade of the pine trees

Half time
Reserves and spectators watch an entertaining game

Greg, Gavin and Berch over Greg.
Another long goal to Mick, Welch gets some confidence on that troublesome ankle and Shaw marks again.

Richmond coach Johnson shows anything but leadership as he uses Dan as a football. Deano lends a hand but still showed discipline.

Sorry Gavin, I missed the important frame for what was a spectacular mark. Welch racks up possessions.

Jules, Todd mark and Nick Whittle was named best for Uni

Another speckie from Gavin. Todd, Cam, Ziggy and Jules

Todd with 100% concentration and the game warms up before three quarter time.

More of the same guys and don't get sucked in by the rough tactics

No way this one is going to slip away.

All four players defy gravity, Jules and Todd look to spot up a forward and Cody marks.

The fat lady hadn't sung but this one sure made a lot of noise! She's a big fan of Dan-not!. More dirty tricks.

Cody Dineley (left) had an impact as he celebrates a Welch long bomb for goal

Shaun and Sam played well all day and took plenty of knocks.

Cameron Johnson embarrasses himself again.

McGee, Stevenson and Burgess were strong to the last.

A disciplined performance. Well done and keep it going.

Apologies to the reserves. The light was crap for action shots.. Lots of pics next game and well done on your win