Pictures from the 2007 Season 

Rounds 11-20  


Rounds 1-10 or Finals Action

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Round 20 v DOSA 01/09

The boys have some work to do at three quarter time and had a red hot go in the last

The injury looked bad but luckily no permanent damage done.

Another loss to the twos but anything can happen in the finals

Another cold and windy day at Cadbury oval and after a flogging by Hutchins the week before, the boys had to lift.

Cam was strong early and Mick Gowans was a target against the wind in the first. Cody gets a good shepherd from Shaun.


With Ziggy, Sam and Bercheree in form they can approach the finals with confidence.

Mick marks strongly, Dan prepares for ruck battle and Shaun introduces the new 'hands free' method of carrying the ball.

Sam celebrates a sneaky goal and Cam continues to make a strong contest.

Cam and Jules both showed strong leadership.

Liam provides some muscle up forward and Ziggy continues his wonderful second half of the season.

Dan gets up close to Berch, Deanno doesn't quite get away and Dan bustles again.

Sam and Cam watch Paul Brooks showcase yet another 'hands free' method of carrying the ball!

Dean gets away this time and the score looks promising at quarter time.
Five goals done at three quarter time but still got up to win. Well done.

Nice to see a big crowd at the Cascade Hotel to support the sponsor and have a good night.


 Round 19 v Hutchins 25/08
Hi to SOS and Anne who are counting rabbits in China!


A great contest all day with a high standard of football

Dan Blacklow gets a handball away, Kyle Oliver and Rob Hill.


Seniors Round 19

Todd gets an early touch, Brooksie watches Jules mark and the Supporter's Group enjoy their lunch.

Hinkley ready to hand ball with Codey watching on. Watch those hands in the back Hawk.

Shaun Suitor tried all day, Hinkley about to pick up with support from Liam Webb

The crowd enjoyed a beautiful sunny day

Mick Gowans marked strongly as usual Nick Whittle was again amongst the best and there was a lot to discuss at quarter time

"Zimmer" Suitor shows he's lost nothing and is talking of a come back next year to play with son Shaun. Dan entertains the crowd on the hill.

Sam played another terrific game, Cam marked strongly to kick one of our few goals and Liam contests.

Cody gets the 'do' working overtime

Dan engages in a bit of side play - perhaps it was the moon? Good to see David McIver get a shot at the big time

A bit of work to be done for the finals boys.

Hutchins were too strong and at least they come in for a drink after the game. Congratulations to Adam Palfreyman on his 150th game.

Round 18 v St Virgils 18/08

Seconds last quarter action
Scores were level early in the last quarter

Agreat tackle

David McIver puts Uni a goal up

Tom Murray was good and Troy Stewart increases the lead with another goal

Chuckie copped a solid smack on the beak but still managed three goals

Coach Steffen Waight had reason to be happy with a gutsy win.

Round 18 Seniors first half

Jules, Shaun and Sam started strongly

Cam was in good marking touch with St Johns and the mountain as a backdrop and Hawk and Nick push the ball forward.

Tedd Stevenson and Liam Webb gave options up forward

Brooksie makes his escape, Liam and John McGee mark strongly and Jules spoils effectively.

Bryce doing his stuff up back, Dan watches James Bercheree doing what I don't know and Speckie McGee looks forward.

Quarter time saw best player for Uni Bercheree with another interesting pose

Bill was elevated to Bench Coach for the game - that's right Stinky, Bench Coach!

Good to see Mick Gowans doing well and Jules looking for options

You are in a spot of bother here Ziggy!- flattened

Sam and Dan were strong as usual and great to see Codey back in full flight.

Deano thwarts another attack and Hinkley watches the ball

Sign reads "The lids off!" but no sign of Sos, players or committee.

Ron In Germany. He has umpired the Munich v Berlin Aussie rules game - hence a great thirst!

Round 17 v Richmond 11/08
A special hello to Ron (Stinky) and Angela who are enjoying a trip OS -Hi guys.

Seconds last quarter action

Coach Steffan Waight directs the troops at 3 quarter time.


Round 17 Seniors first half

The seniors had many regular players out including David Welch who injured an ankle at training on Tuesday. They also missed the run of Codey Dineley. Many seconds players had to step up and John Barwick finally talked Todd Stevenson into pulling on the boots for the Rainbows. Welcome Todd and from your effort in the first half, you haven't lost a thing.

Liam Webb continues some good form from last week, Nick marks and Ziggy and Deano have a lot of work to do in defense.

Dan, Sam and Bryce look for a way up forward and Deano gets a handball away.

Adam Hinkley had plenty of work to do, new players Michael Swan and John Magee, Sam takes a good mark protected by Dan.

Hawk strides out, Speckie Magee, James Bercheree marks and Michael Henry gets a feel for the seniors.

Todd Stevenson looking for a rest, Michael Swan enjoys a drink and Magee, Hinkley and Hill tune in an quarter time.

Liam concentrates on his kicking style, Cam takes a ripper and Ziggy takes a difficult pack mark.

Good to see Tom Murray in the ones, Ziggy's mother in law sent Monte to keep an eye on him with trainer Sam Began's help.
Cam marks strongly again and Todd started to get plenty of the ball.

Michael Henry gets a handball away and Cam kicks truly for one of his five goals.

Todd will be great for the younger guys as he helps Hawk get a shot on goal with Jamea Hoult in the background. Sam was in the best players.

Todd adds some class, Liam marks strongly and Dan is reassured that Richmond players don't really hate him and want him as a punching bag.

Round 16 v OHA 04/08

Seconds last quarter action

It was a tight last quarter

Julian Sidebottom limped off and Chuckie Jones kicked four.
Mal Reeve was named as one of the best

A loss but the finals are just around the corner.

Seniors - First 3 quarters

Adam Hinkley, Morgan McGuire and Dean Wilcock were under pressure early and Birdman lays an unusual tackle on Brooksie.

Jules and Greg were also strong up back and provided run

Sam Bouwman and Codey were classy as usual and not sure who is interchanging.

Rainbows for a rainbow victory and ''Fergus'' Bearman has injured Big Bad Dan on a lead.

David Welch nearly takes another screamer, Sam marks and delivers and Cody pushes another into the forwards - or was it his goal?

David about to be monstered, Rob Hill marks strongly and Liam Webb was powerful up forward with 5 goals. Will Chuckie get his spot back?

Adam Hinkley shows his kicking style and Brooksie takes a breather.

Jules shows great evasive skills but who was he evading?

Yet another great grab to David Welch, Nick also holds one and Deano and Greg keep doing their stuff.

Boys will be boys but not sure what that is as he leaves the ground after being green carded.

Whatever Jules said at three quarter time must have been inspirational - a good win that ensures a finals appearance.


Round 15 v DOSA 28/07

Seconds last quarter action

David McIver and Justin Smith give chase

Andrew Norman is always a solid player and No 45 kicked a nice goal.

  A disappointing loss but still on top of the ladder


Seniors first quarter action

Matt Hawkins in some early action, Dean Wilcock and Dan Bearman under pressure in the backline all day.

Sam Bouwman, Morgan McGuire and Greg Farmilo try to get the ball moving forward.

A nice mark in the goal square, Ziggy has another battle with Snowy from DOSA and Cody keeps his eyes on the ball

Bryce Turnbull was one of the best and played another solid game in defence.

Watch those hands in the back Greg, and good to see James Bercheree back.

Ziggy makes way for Sam, David Welch marks a bit closer to the ground this week and Bercheree was named in the best.

New senior players Matt Hawkins and Rob Hill and in the action with another new player Charles Spencer (22)

Chuckie kicks a nice goal early in the second quarter.

Round 14 v Hutchins 21/07

Seconds had another good win

Seniors were pumped to beat the Beans

Cam Burgess leads them out, Julian Sidebottom looks confident and early touches for Chuckie Jones.


Dean Wilcock had a Palfreyman to mind and Jules Damasena leads a pack to keep pressure on the Beans

Cody Dineley, Nick Whittle and Sam Bouwman again amongst the best

Mick Gowans gets one of six and David Welch lets a rare one get away.

Greg Familo and Deano were solid in defense, Chuckie gets another and Cody and Chris Hess were determined.

Jules heading for the bottom of another pack, Sam marks cleanly and Ziggy takes a well earned drink.

Hutchins about to have a dog of a day, all eyes on the ball and tourists in the tower watch an exciting game.


  No one was going to stop a win!

Party tricks for Mick as he goals on his back.

Cam was strong in the last but not the way I'd stand the mark! Looks a bit risky.
That screamer from David Welch and another a few minutes later. (Click here for an enlargement)

Ziggy, Morgan and Deano

Chuckie pleading for a handball from Mick who had marked strongly. David keeping the pressure on.

Who's not happy?

The Southee-Palfreyman cup is presented

A lively rendition of the club song

Last game for Chris Hess but not for Chuckie.

Round 13 v St Virgils 07/07

Seconds last quarter action

A good win sees the seconds a game clear on top of the ladder

Seniors action Round 13

Sam Bouwman gets a handball out to Julian Sidebottom, Mick Gowans does some ruck work while Nick Whittle and Morgan Mcguire get some early action.

David Welch and Cody Dinely in some early action

Jules Damasena and Morgan Mcguire, Jules again and Cody

Morgan was listed as the best player, Ziggy runs hard and one gets away from Greg Farmilo

Ziggy heads for a mud bath, Dan and Sam get down and dirty while Bill gets nervous late in the last.

The Incredible Hulk Paul Brooks bursts through another jumper and clean Matthew Noodles Martin lights up the park much to dirty Dan's disgust.

A late match winning Chuckie Jones goal was worth celebrating

Nick was solid in defense and took a telling last minute mark. The lights are on and Uni's home!


John Barwick generously shouts the bar as Morgan McGuire is named B.O.G

Jack, Millsie and Phairy are amazed at the standard of sculling!

Round 12 v Richmond 30/06

Seconds second half action

Robert Hill in action as his father Tim and mother looked on. Tim Hill from his 1975 fourths photo.

Three quarter time saw Uni well in control

Troy Stewart does it all - diving marks and turns on a sixpence!

Seniors action

Chuckie poses then crawls around with half a toilet roll up his snout - Dean Wilcock was a solid performer

David Welch oozes class.

Tom Murray was impressive while he was on the ground

Ziggy had lost nothing in his return game, Chris Hess and Cam Burgess celebrate a Hess goal and Mick was in the best players again

Next generation of rainbows, Cody Dineley and Chris Hess take good marks

Mick Bailey, Sid Sidebottom, John Dakin and Frank Archer discuss Sid's electoral prospects and Julian Sidebottom's new boots.

Sam Bouwman played an excellent game, Jules Damasena flies and Mick Gowans out-marks the entire Richmond side!

Confident at three quarter time.

Greg Farmilo shows his kicking style and Paul Brooks was in everything as usual.

Nick Whittle played another solid game especially as coach Ziggy watches and yes Cody - losing sucks!


Round 11 v OHA 23/06

Seconds have a surprise loss.

A beautiful Winter's day.
One that got away.


The Seniors looked confident and got off to a good start

Liam Webb (49) gives Chuckie Jones some protection and played very well, including kicking a goal.

Chris Hess celebrates a goal and Brooksie pops one through.
David Welch demonstrate perfect follow-through to kick a goal.

Welch in front to take a grab and OHA Coach Bannister and Chris Hess get a 15 minute break from the umpire

Quarter time break sees Uni enjoy a seven goal lead.

Mick Gowans marked strongly all day and Julian Damasena shows Bill Brain what a proper kick should look like!


Still 7 goals up at half time

Wally Ash, Sparky Archer and EJ Burgess make the OHA game an opportunity to catch up. EJ gives son Harry a few tips.

Nat and Craig Martin watch on

OHA's No 19 gets some cheap ones in against Deano who gets the free.

Watch out Dan, here comes Thug 19 again!

Deano puts that face in the memory bank and Julian Sidebottom played well when he came on.

Ron, Stess, Alma Tier Jack, Bill, John Dakin and Millsie supervise a jackpot draw
and help Dake celebrate the Tiger's first win. Great food at the Cascade - Get down there.