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Round 15

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Round 15 v St Virgils at Uni  07/08/2021

Not a great on-field day for Uni with all three sides suffering losses.


St Virgils                              1.2,  7.6,  11.9,  11.10  (76)
University                            2.5,  3.9,  3.11,  8.16   (64)
GOALS, St Virgils : T. Bowden 4, J. Bowden 3, R. Mott 2, J. Douglas 1, J. Cox 1
University : J. Glover 2, T. Cunliffe 2, A. Woodhead 1, T. Reynolds 1, L. Ayliffe 1, S. Chivers 1
BEST, St Virgils : T. Duggan, T. Arnold, D. Pearce, T. Bowden, T. Clark, L. Potter
University : D. Blazely, S. Vandervelde, B. Waight, T. Cunliffe, N. Fenton, J. Fogarty
MATCH REPORT:An even first quarter against St Virgils saw us lead by 3 points at quarter time 
but we let St Virgils off the leash and inaccurate kicking saw us down by 21 points at halftime. 
We failed to rectify the situation in the third by not kicking a goal and were 46 points down at
 three quarter time. We turned everything around in the last, holding St Virgils goal less and 
kicking 5 ourselves. Consistency again eluded us and we must remedy this against Hutchins 
on Saturday in our quest to regain the Southee/Palfreyman cup. 
Vanders was outstanding in the ruck all day and Blaze kept Jaye Bowden to three goals whilst 
providing us with a lot of attacking moves. Troy was back amongst the goals and lively around 
the ground. Blake and Fogs provided their usual drive from the back half and Trolley was 
prominent around the ground.
Ginger Brown Players Player -  Simon Vandervelde




St Virgils                              3.2,  9.6,  10.8,  15.11  (101)
University                           3.4,   4.4,   6.9,    7.9     (051)
GOALS, St Virgils : O. Walker 3, P. Midson 3, J. Tyrrell 3, J. Sansom 2, B. Ransley 2, K. Gill 2
University : N. Hobden 4, N. Davis-Cordwell 1, M. Matuszek 1, N. Rumney 1
BEST, St Virgils : M. Beck, K. Gill, A. Cowley, P. Midson, S. Bourke, L. Rice
University : N. Davis-Cordwell, O. Fryett, O. Whitley, L. Bartulovic, C. Berry, R. Bosworth

After an even first quarter against St Virgils we let them get on top in the second and found ourselves down by 30 points at half time. We stemmed the tide in the third but St Virgils bigger bodies continued to hold sway in the last and we could not get our running game going. Two names was again prominent and Oli back on ball provided us with opportunities. Oli and Lukey B were again winners in our backline. Connor won a lot of the taps and Bos was solid on a wing.
In a preview of the second semi we must come to play this week and show the Beans we deserve our top of the ladder position.
Billy's Burgers Players Player - Oli Whitley

 R12 Women 31/7:   

Goals: R.Bampton-4, F.Thompson-1, O.Dove-1, L.Bartlett-1, T.Kelly-1

Best: C.O'Neill, M.Lack, C.Wyllie, E.Cropp, B.Grynglas, R.Bampton

Goals: J.Bird-1, J.Percey-1, E.Waller-1, E.Bishop-1
Best: E.Waller, C.Duggan, J.Bird, S.Harris, M.Hutt, A.Charlesworth

The Girl Bows were looking to bounce back after an 8-point loss against Lindisfarne last week leading into our game against the hugely impressive Lauderdale side.
The game was a game of desire for both sides. The Bombers showed us the utmost respect and played hard and swift footy. Their forwards showed tremendous pace and our classy backs had to adapt quickly.
Our mids were missing a few wounded soldiers but stood up strong, demanding the ball and the play. When it wasn’t on our terms, they all played a defensive role and switched quickly offensively when they had the chance.
Our forwards worked hard, Remie showed some great poise in front of goal, managing 4 of her own. Faith kicked a special goal, using skills she has been perfecting during training to her advantage. Olly kicked a much-needed goal in the third to inspire her teammates to have one of the most impressive quarters of footy we’ve played.
Our last quarter saw some hard gut running and drive from across the ground. Wyllie had an absolute ripper and stood up right when we needed her to, polishing it off with a wonderful goal assist to Leah.
All in all, this game felt special. We looked prepared, we again showed our depth and played with great heart! Next week we play our last roster game at home against 3rd placed The Port. This WILL be a ripper!!! Head down to Uni oval early and see what could be the game of the day!

 R13 Women 7/8: 

University                5.7             37
Cygnet                     7.7             49

Goals: I.Shannon-4, R.Bampton-1
Best: I.Shannon, M.Lack, A.Lord, M.Refaei, T.Kelly, B.Grynglas
Goals: M.Eaves-5, E.Brereton-1, H.Kluga-1
Best: M.Eaves, A.Sharp, E.Brereton, M.Ford, E.Doyle, G.Jones  

Round 13 saw the Girl Bows take on The Port at Uni Oval. With the Top 2 spots not quite locked in yet, there was much to play for in this game. The Port came out hard and fast in the first quarter kicking 4 lovely goals. The Girl Bows were only able to kick one of their own with the majority of the play in our defensive half for the quarter.
The rest of the game was an even contest but the Girl Bows were unable to claw back that first quarter deficit with The Port winning the game by 12 points.
Isabella Shannon showed tremendous drive and ball movement from the middle kicking 4 for the game and Remie Bampton kicked one of her own but played roles in a number of scoring opportunities. Mikayla Lack had a sensational game down back, matching up well with Stacey Fox. Our back 5 stood tall and worked tirelessly all game.
While it wasn’t the result we were after, we are still sitting in the top 2. We must regroup and go into the final two games of the roster with the Uni endeavour and gameplay that has served us well the whole season. We have worked hard at securing a double chance going into finals, we just have to keep that chance and embrace the hunt!
Belles Burger Voucher Winner: Mikayla Lack