Pictures from the 2021 Season 

Round 13

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Round 13 v Richmond at Uni  17/07/2021

Massive wins all round.


University                              7.11,  19.14,  21.18,  29.23  (197)
Richmond                                0.1,  3.2,  5.2,  7.3  (45)
GOALS, University : B. Halton 16, A. Woodhead 5, A. Graham 3, R. Martin 2, M. Gates 1, N. Fenton 1, 
J. Fogarty 1
Richmond : J. Mazur 2, H. Suhr 2, N. Scott 1, C. Lovell 1, R. Bird 1
BEST, University : B. Halton, B. Waight, R. Martin, D. Blazely, A. Woodhead, T. Stevens
Richmond : H. Suhr, B. Williams, H. Williams, J. Davey, N. Mayne, R. Oakley
MATCH REPORT:Last Saturday we wanted to keep the momentum going we had against Hutchins. To this end we came out firing but were inaccurate kicking 7 goals 11 but we reversed that in the second with a 12 goals 3 quarter. After the long break Richmond came out with a steely desire to regain some confidence and in a scrappy quarter of football this eventuated in 2 goals being kicked by each team. We showed composure in the last and finished with an 8 goal quarter. Great to see Bunsen in form, breaking his own goal kicking record and working well with Woody up forward. Marto and Blaze continued their good form through the midfield and Blake again showed his class across the backline. Congrats to Jordy playing his first senior game since 2009. Richmond are to be commended in continuing to front up each week and working on improving for next year.
Lets keep the pressure on DOSA and Hutchins by continuing our good form against OHA on Saturday at the 'Shipyard'.
Ginger Brown Players Player -  Ben Halton


University                              8.4,  22.9,  25.19,  34.24  (228)
Richmond                                0.0,  0.0,  0.1,  0.3  (3)
GOALS, University : G. Shaw 11, C. Berry 8, R. Bosworth 3, R. Miller 2, T. Lonergan 2, H. Hu 1, 
L. Ayliffe 1, K. Takayama 1, M. Matuszek 1, M. Alberry 1, O. Whitley 1, B. Tonks 1, 
N. Kalominidis 1
Richmond : 
BEST, University : O. Whitley, T. Lonergan, G. Shaw, C. Berry, H. Hu, N. Davis-Cordwell
Richmond : J. Mazur, M. Dingjan, Z. Barwick, T. Cowen, J. Bowden, R. Panton
MATCH REPORT: With an 8 goal first quarter we set the scene to welcome Mav and Chip back to the team in fine fashion. The good play continued with a 14 goal second quarter but the third quarter as in the seniors was a scrappy affair. We rebooted again in the last to score 9 goals. Gav and Bez were great targets up forward and Two names and Oli showed great leadership on ball and down back. Donny Lonergan also shone brightly all over the ground putting up his hand to be a forward kicking a couple. Tony was rewarded for his persistence by kicking a goal and had crowd support in lining up for a second.
The boys need to focus on our game style against OHA in preparation for some big games over the next few weeks.
Billy's Burgers Players Player - Oli Whitley


 R11 Women :      09.15 (197) d  Huonville 02.02 (014)

University      9.15        69
Huonville        2.2         14


Goal Kickers: I.Shannon-3, E.Cropp-2, J.Allnutt-1, K.Stuart-1, M.Lack-1,R.Bampton-1
Best: B.Grynglas, M.Lack, M.Refaei, I.Shannon, M.Mulder, S.Ikin


Goal Kickers: C.Jarvis-1, C.Cragg-1
Best: H.Hudson, M.Duggan, J.Noye, C.Chatterton, A.Grubb, L.Pepper

A wonderful milestone game for one of the original Girl Bows, Sarah Ikin, gave us the desire to get the win. We went into the game knowing this was a much-improved Lions side with the goal of knocking us off our perch.
The young Lions stifled our space and run by playing a highly defensive game right across the ground. The Girl Bows pride ourselves on our defensive pressure and to face a side with such a defensive mindset was tough for us to respond to.
Our mids were put into uncomfortable positions, slowing our attack into our congested forward line. They played tough footy however led by Bonnie, who had a great four quarter game.
Eli found some early space, hitting the scorebord in the first half, giving us the lead going into half time. The second half saw Bella getting the handle on it and kicking true.
While the game wasn't to our usual standard, we still got a good win to start the final round of games of the season. It was a pleasure to see the return of Liv and Kiarna after injury, playing their first game of the season.
We head into another top of the table clash against Lindisfarne at ANZAC Park next Saturday at 9.30am. It would be great to see some Rainbow supporters before they head up the highway to Geilston Bay to cheer the Boy Bows on.
Belle’s Player of the week: Isabella Shannon