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Round 9

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Round 9 v St Virgils at Newtown  19/06/2021

Reserves continue their winning way while the Ladies lost a close one and the Seniors met their match.


St Virgils                              5.3,  11.4,  18.7,  21.8  (134)
University                              4.4,  5.7,  6.11,  7.15  (57)
GOALS, St Virgils : D. Muir 5, J. Cox 4, P. Midson 2, L. Potter 2, J. Douglas 2, J. Bowden 2, 
J. Morgan 1, T. Arnold 1, O. Walker 1, T. Morgan 1
University : S. Chivers 4, J. Glover 1, M. Cooke 1, R. Martin 1
BEST, St Virgils : C. Duffy, D. Pearce, D. Coppleman, J. Cox, A. Mann, D. Muir
University : J. Fogarty, A. Graham, R. Martin, J. Glover, N. Davis-Cordwell, S. Chivers

Last saturday against St Virgils we came to play in the first quarter but after that we stepped off the pace. Losing Cheese and Brommy early on and then Vanders, left us light on and we then struggled to get the ball our way from the centre clearances. St Virgils skills were spot on and they were marking strongly when we went forward. The second and third quarters were all St Virgils but we stemmed the tide in the last. Fogs in his 100th and Marto around the ground stood out and Sammy took some strong marks up forward. Let's get the game back  on our terms next weekend against OHA who will also provide a strong contest.
Ginger Brown Players Player -  Josh Fogarty




University                              5.5,  11.7,  14.10,  18.12  (120)
St Virgils                              0.1,  5.1,  10.5,  12.5  (77)
GOALS, University : A. Woodhead 5, T. Stokman 3, J. Grubb 2, N. Rumney 2, M. Alberry 1, P. Verrell 1, 
G. Shaw 1, R. Miller 1, T. Stevens 1, S. Worker 1
St Virgils : M. Beck 3, B. Ransley 3, B. Mahony 3, S. Spencer 2, K. Gill 1
BEST, University : C. Berry, P. Verrell, J. Cummins, M. Alberry, A. Woodhead, R. Miller
St Virgils : B. Ransley, J. Sansom, J. Price, B. Mahony, D. Bourke

The aim last week was to again start well and we achieved this, kicking 5 goals to none. We eased off the pressure in the next two quarters allowing St Virgils back into the game. Once challenged though we held firm and ran out winners by 43 points. Connor Berry was superb in the ruck and Paddy Verrell played his best game for the club on ball. Jimmy Cummins and Alby were rock steady down back and Woody gave evidence of his great kicking with 5 goals. OHA challenged Hutchins last week so we should expect them to have a real crack on Saturday.

Billy's Burgers Players Player - Jackson Grubb


 R1 Women :  04.01 (025) db Lindisfarne 04.05 (029)

University            4.1      25  

Lindisfarne          4.5      29


Goal Kickers: I.Shannon-2, E.Cropp-1, R.Bampton-1
Best: B.Grynglas, S.Rose, C.O'Neill, M.Refaei, N.Gartlan, M.Lack


Goal Kickers: B. Page, K. Clark, J. Lockley, G. Bailey
Best Players: M. Fish, J. Lockley, B. Doyle, K. Clark, B. Mckeever, R. Norquay

We always knew this would be a tough contest after we defeated Lindisfarne in Round 2. As predicted, they came out firing on Friday night, physically and on the scoreboard. After an early onslaught, the Rainbows absorbed this pressure and then went on to calmly work their way back into the contest. As a game, it was almost gladiatorial, with both sides applying fierce pressure and pressing hard to score. Lindisfarne are a team that ask questions of their opposition, and at quarter time had a handy two goal lead in the conditions.
There was very little in it for the final 3 quarters, and the last quarter was a classic contest with Uni moving to within 3 points, but they just couldn’t find the goal to hit the lead. Full credit to the Lindisfarne defenders – they were game against the tide and kept Uni at bay with strong defence. Uni had plenty of chances to hit the front, but just couldn’t take advantage of their forward entries.
Both sides had plenty of good players in a high-quality game, and for the Rainbows, they were well served in defence by Em Philpott, Tarny Kelly, Charli O’Neill and Mikayla Lack, while Madi Mulder, Bonnie Grynglas, Sam Rose and Mimi Refaei also found the footy.  
It doesn’t get any easier this week against The Port, who are hot on our tail, but we are at home and we need to bounce back from our first loss and show the competition we are still in the hunt. A massive thank you to all our volunteers and support staff who are amazing and always assisting us. It was also great to see so many fellow players and club people at the game to cheer us on. The atmosphere was great – until someone turned off the lights.

Belles Players of the Week - Tarnith Kelly