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Round 8 

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Round 8 v Richmond at Richmond  05/06/2021

Three huge wins.



University                              10.7,  17.11,  28.15,  36.22  (238)

Richmond                                0.1,     0.1,       0.1,      0.2    (002)


GOALS, University : J. Glover 7, S. Chivers 5, R. Martin 4, N. Butler 4, A. Graham 3, L. Ayliffe 3, B. Waight 3, D. Blazely 2, L. Hollingsworth 2, N. Hobden 1, N. Davis-Cordwell 1, B. Lewis 1

Richmond :

BEST, University : R. Martin, J. Glover, D. Blazely, A. Graham, S. Hobden, J. Fogarty

Richmond : B. Williams, H. Suhr, R. Panton, B. White, R. Bird, C. Foster


A change in weather conditions welcomed us for our second visit to Richmond in 2021.

We wanted to focus on how we played as a team. A ten goal first quarter set the scene and it was pleasing to see a spread of 12 goal kickers for the game. Glov continued his good form with 7 goals with support from Chiv, Adam Graham  and Neo up forward. Blaze, Silk and Fogs were very busy with a good supply to our forwards and Vanders continued his good form in the ruck. With St Virgils losing their last two they will be keen to get back on the winning list so we must bring our A game.
Thankyou to Juddy for managing the drinks when players rotated off the ground.
Dont forget to get your 300 club tickets from Luke Bartulovic.


University                              14.8,  28.14,  39.19,  47.25  (307)

Richmond                                0.2,    0.3,       0.3,       0.3    (003)


GOALS, University :

T. Stokman 13, G. Shaw 11, N. Rumney 10, S. Worker 3, A. Pointon 2, B. Tonks 2, D. Carey 2, M. Rippon 1, J. Del Carmen 1, T. Williams 1, P. Verrell 1

Richmond :
BEST, University : T. Stokman, A. Pointon, S. Worker, N. Rumney, M. Alberry, G. Shaw

Richmond : R. Newell, J. Rooke, M. Bigwood, S. Williams, W. Hardy, N. Morley


MATCH REPORT: Against Richmond our specific focus was to continue working on our game plan. When we stick to our plan the goals come.
Our forwards were kept busy highlighted by Stokers fall of the ball work and our big forwards Ned and Gav presenting. Chip was busy in the middle and our captain Shaun marked everything that came his way. Albs covered a lot of territory and Jay presented as an option out the back.
All the best to Cappa and we hope to see him back soon.
St Virgils will be one of the teams likely to play finals so we must continue what worked well against them last time.
Billy's Burgers and Bar Players Player - Alex Pointon

R6 Women :   14.14 (08) d Huonville 00.03 (003)

Goal Kickers: R.Bampton-8, I.Shannon-3, O.Dove-1, V.Dawkins-1, I.Johnston-1

Best: N.Gartlan, T.Kelly, E.Philpott, I.Shannon, R.Bampton, O.Dove

Best: C.Eggers, M.Ford, C.Jarvis, J.Noye, D.Hickey, S.Jackman

Round 6 was a milestone match for the Girl Bows our 50th SFLW game. While the number may seem small to some, our ladies heard from Gerry, Erin and Sam before the game about what 50 meant to them which gave the ladies some perspective and history of the past 50 games.
We had a fire inside our bellies right from the first bounce and we attacked the ball with endeavour and desire.
Our mids were rotated through, highlighting the depth of the squad, and each and every lady played a pivotal role in the game.
Our forwards were impressive and numerous with Remie kicking true, managing 8 for the day!
Our backs were tight, disciplined and hardworking which were put to the test by a young and hungry Huonville, particularly in the early part of the third quarter.
This game was again, a total effort from all 20 of our ladies. To win such an important game to so many with great style says so much about the squad and particularly the 20 ladies that were all honoured to be selected to represent all of the Girl Bows in games past!
Thank you especially to the support staff over the past 50 games for getting us on the track; Jason, Meg, Kirsty, Theresa, Michael, Alec, Kylee, Sam, Lachlan, Connah and Robbie.
Without people like these, clubs cannot function, we are all grateful for their sacrifices!
Belles Burgers Player of the week - Nat Gartlan