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Round 5

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Round 5 v DOSA at Uni 08/05/2021

A 7 to 3 goal flurry in the last quarter wasn't enough for the Seniors to snatch victory after the Lady Bows and Reserves had secured victories earlier in the day.


DOSA                                    6.4,  8.10,  13.11,  16.14  (110)

University                           4.2,    5.2,    8.4,     15.4    (094)


GOALS, DOSA: B. Barwick 4, B. Griffin 3, J. McCulloch 3, H. Loveless 2, D. Curtain 1, S. Jones 1, M. Fisher 1, J. Rogers 1

University : S. Chivers 7, T. Stevens 2, B. Waight 1, R. Martin 1, D. Blazely 1, T. Cunliffe 1, L. Hollingsworth 1, M. Cooke 1

BEST, DOSA: B. McIntyre, M. Allison, B. Crick, B. Barwick, J. Rogers, S. Jones

University : N. Fenton, S. Vandervelde, S. Chivers, J. Fogarty, B. Waight, R. Martin



This week we wanted to build on the team footy played against Richmond. The first quarter was a cracker with DOSA kicking 6 goals and Uni 4. DOSA upped the ante in the next quarter but  poor kicking in front of goal meant they led by 26 points at half time. The premiership quarter saw DOSA move further ahead but we can take heart in us outscoring DOSA in the last quarter to lose by 16 points. Trolley was inspirational with his attack on the ball in the middle and Vanders again showed great leadership in the ruck. Sam Chivers marked everything up forward finishing with 7 goals and after halftime Marto showed his skills.

We look forward to a big game against St Virgils as it is always exciting to test yourself against the competion leader. 
Ginger Brown Players Player - Simon Vandervelde



University                              2.3,  4.6,  7.8,    9.8  (062)

DOSA                                      2.2,  4.4,  4.7,  4.12  (036)


GOALS, University : A. Woodhead 4, N. Rumney 1, M. Matuszek 1, P. Verrell 1, T. Williams 1, G. Shaw 1

DOSA: J. Carroll 2, M. Marsh 1, S. Woods 1

BEST, University : J. Cummins, J. Grubb, A. Dickenson, A. Woodhead, W. Edmunds, C. Berry

DOSA: A. Davey, J. Pangrazzi, M. Coppleman, M. Marsh, J. Cox, K. Manser


We knew DOSA would improve from the first time we played them and this proved to be true when they led by a point at quarter time. With our forward structure working better we matched DOSA again in the second quarter. After half time our defence continued to hold strong and with Woody starring in the air and kicking goals we ended up winners by 26 points.

Jimmy Cummins and Will Edmunds led the backline superbly and in the middle Grubby and Dicko were busy for the whole game. Connor Berry also stood up in the ruck and rarely lost a tap.


 R1 Lady Bows :                   

05.08 (038) d Lindisfarne 03.04 (022) 

Round two for the Girl Bows was always going to be a tough ask, playing against the bench mark of the competition Lindisfarne. With 9 changes from our Round 1 side and three more debutantes this week in Lauren Maddock, Leah Bartlett and Olivia Carr we were out to see what we were made of. It was our first home game of the season and the privilege of starting off the day in the right way for the whole club was on the girls. We asked a lot of each other in the lead up and continued these questions when the first siren sounded. We played the Uni way from the first bounce, challenging ourselves to be competitive in every contest across the ground.

Our back line played their roles beautifully holding the Lindisfarne forwards to account across all four quarters, this was lead beautifully by Annie Lord and Hayley Doohan.Our mids were relentlessly pushing the ball forward and were accountable right around the ground. We had two of our debutantes play their first quarter in the ruck today. Both Leah and Lauren showed their versatility, lead wonderfully by Sam and Sarah.

We proved today that we can be dangerous in front of goal and have more than one contributor to our scoreboard. Eli had an absolute blinder, using her pace and athleticism to kick 4 majors for the day. The ever reliable Remie managed to also get her name in the paper with a goal of her own. We came away with the W today, our first win against Lindisfarne in our history in the SFLW. This win was a complete team effort! Each and every player contributed to the absolute best of their abilities and answered the questions asked of them with effort, endeavour and poise. All 22 ladies that wore the Uni jumper today should be proud of their efforts!

University:[2.3.15] [3.5.23] [4.7.31] [5.8.38]

Goal Kickers: E.Cropp-4, R.Bampton-1

Best: H.Doolan, E.Cropp, A.Lord, M.Lack, J.Allnutt, M.Mulder

Lindisfarne:[0.0.0] [3.1.19] [3.1.19] [3.4.22]

Goal Kickers: G.Bailey-2, S.Harris-1

Best: B.Saward, A.Park, S.Harris, R.Norquay, A.Scott, G.Bailey

Belles Player of the week - Eli Cropp