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Round 4 

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Round 4 v Richmond at Richmond  01/05/2021

Two huge wins against a re-building Richmond.

Blake Waight played his 50th game. Congratulations


University                              11.11,  22.18,  34.32,  44.40  (304)

Richmond                              00.00,  00.01,  00.01,  01.02  (008)


GOALS, University : S. Chivers 8, T. Cunliffe 8, T. Stevens 6, A. Graham 4, A. Pointon 3, J. Bromfield 2, R. Martin 2, S. Vandervelde 2, L. Hollingsworth 2, D. Blazely 2, S. Hobden 2, B. Waight 1, R. Bosworth 1, M. Cooke 1

Richmond : D. Hutchinson 1

BEST, University : R. Martin, S. Hobden, S. Chivers, T. Stevens, A. Graham, A. Pointon

Richmond : H. Suhr, A. Boucher, B. Williams, C. Lovell, Z. Doyle, Z. Leece



Ths week was all about selfless footy and this was shown by the spread of goalkickers (14 in total). It is great to see Richmond back in the competition and we wish them all the best moving forward. Although kicking lots of behinds Ryan Martin showcased his array of skills and Punchy, Chiv and Troy enjoyed a day out in front of the big sticks .Silk and Chip were very good at the fall of the ball. Congrats to Blake on his 50th game. Lets work hard today against DOSA, be up and about and keep pressure on DOSA for the whole game. Ginger Brown Players Player - Trent Stevens



University                              12.08,  23.18,  36.24,  45.25  (295)

Richmond                              01.01,  01.01,  01.01,  02.01  (013)


GOALS, University : L. Ayliffe 8, G. Shaw 7, T. Stokman 6, B. Lewis 5, N. Rumney 5, H. Hu 4, A. Woodhead 2, A. Alexander 2, M. Matuszek 2, M. Alberry 1, J. Cummins 1, W. Edmunds 1, J. Grubb 1

Richmond : R. Panton 1, J. Richardson 1

BEST, University : A. Alexander, J. Grubb, A. Woodhead, O. Whitley, H. Hu, W. Edmunds

Richmond : C. Foster, J. Eyles, S. Williams, R. Panton, B. White, J. Sparks



Like the seniors we were keen to play a good brand of football against Richmond. This was achieved with 14 separate goalkickers. Lachie and Gav stood out and Ned continues to attack the ball and provide opportunities for our other forwards. Love his StevieJ technique of kicking for goal. Adam Alexander has proved a find in the midfield and it's good to have Grubby organising the midfield as well. Oli has provided a spark down back with Will Edmunds covering a lot of territory and making the right decisions. Congratulations to Tony Hu 4 goals and Duncan Carey 2 goals.


 R1 Lady Bows :                     

University     04.10 (034)

Huonville      02.03 (015)

A solid start to the season for the University Women's team who travelled down to Huonville for Round 1 to take on last year's grand finalists, the Huonville Lions. Huonville are never an easy opponent, both teams play similar brands of footy, and it proved to be the case in this match with a high pressure congested game. Both sides fought hard for possession and applied maximum pressure on the ball carrier. Key forward Remie Bampton kicked 3 out of the 4 goals and was a reliable scoring avenue. First gamer Eli Cropp also looked at home in the forward line and attacked the contest with vigour. Down back Sarah Ikin and Annie Lord were rock solid and led an excellent defence. Maggie O' May continues to impress in the ruck with her fitness and athleticism.

The only concern was kicking 8 points after half time. We will need to address this in the coming weeks, but this was also an indication of the pressure applied by our opponents. In the end a 19 point win was pleasing. Today we take on Lindisfarne who are always a tough nut to crack.

Belles Player of the week - Sarah Ikin