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Round 1  

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Round 1 v DOSA at TCA  10/4/2021

A great start of the 2021 OSFA Season! Two wins and Gav Shaw playing game 150 - see below.


University                              0.2,  4.7,  8.8,  13.13  (91)

DOSA                                      4.3, 5.8,  7.14,  10.16  (76)


GOALS, University : B. Halton 4, R. Martin 2, J. Fogarty 2, O. Fryett 1, D. Blazely 1, T. Stevens 1, M. Cooke 1, S. Vandervelde 1

DOSA: M. Fisher 5, N. Mcculloch 3, S. Ackroyd 1, J. Fisher 1

BEST, University : B. Waight, D. Blazely, T. Bott, S. Vandervelde, T. Cunliffe, R. Bosworth

DOSA: B. Crick, M. Allison, B. Barwick, B. McIntyre, S. Ackroyd, M. Reeve (C)


MATCH REPORT:   Great game last  Saturday against DOSA. After a slow start, kicking against the strong wind,  and down by 25 points at 1/4 time the boys gritted their teeth and ground back to 7 points behind at 1/2  time. Our aim against the wind in the third, was to stay as close as possible, and with the midfielders stepping up we levelled the scores at 3/4 time. We were confident our fitness would hold us in good stead and as the game opened up our ball movement started to click in to gear. In a hard fought game we were winners by 15 points. Impressive 4 quarter performances from   Blake Waight, Daniel Blazely (skills and pace all day long) and Toby Bott (elite in the backline). Top goalkickers were Ben Halton 4, Marto 2, and Fogs 2.

Ginger Brown Players Player - Daniel Blazely



University                              2.2,  5.6,  7.8,  11.11  (77)

DOSA                                      3.1,  3.2,  5.4,    7.4    (46)


GOALS, University : G. Shaw 3, L. Hollingsworth 2, A. Woodhead 1, R. Miller 1, N. Fenton 1, K. Takayama 1, M. Alberry 1, T. Stokman 1

DOSA: B. Pace 2, M. Gittus 2, T. Allcock 1, A. Triffitt 1, K. Reynolds 1

BEST, University : A. James, T. Lonergan, T. Stokman, N. Fenton, J. Lanham, D. Cappelli

DOSA: Z. Doran, K. Jones, M. Gittus, L. Thompson, K. Reynolds, P. Carroll


MATCH REPORT: A great start to the season with a hard fought win over DOSA. After a slow start we kicked back to be couple of goals in front at half time. After an even third quarter we outscored DOSA in the last quarter to win by 30 points. Andrew James was in the everything whether he was forward or back. Tom Stokman, Tom Lonergan  and Mav were   also prominent . Jo Lanham and Cappa ran well from the backline and there was an even  spread of goalkickers. Great to see Kester turn back the clock, tackling ferociously and kicking a goal. Well done to 150 gamer Gav Shaw kicking 3 goals. Lets get behind  Cappa next week in his 50th game and have a good  win  against the Beans.


 R1 Women :      v Huonville Lions away 1st May 9am


Gav Shaw 150 games

Gav "Scud" Shaw established himself as a club icon by the time he left the club to head oversees to Canada in 2010 with 109 games, a senior B&F, senior leading goalkicker as well as coaching and captaincy credentials on his record. Since returning home in 2017, he has furthered his standing at the club as a vital member of the reserves coaching panel, leading the team as captain in 2020. This week sees Gav reach his 150 game milestone, an achievement that is very fitting for someone who has demonstrated so much pride and dedication to the club both on and off the field. A man who bridges a generation of players at the TUFC, there will be many supporters, past and present players who will look fondly on this milestone. Congratulations Gav!