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Round 9

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Round 9 v St Virgils away  05/09/2020

Saturday was a disappointing day with both sides falling to a more committed and determined St Virgils football club.

St Virgils                              2.1,  6.5,  8.8,  14.11  (95)

University                         2.5,  5.8,  7.11,  11.17  (83)


GOALS, St Virgils : N. Sneyd 3, S. Bourke 2, Z. Lucas 2, J. Sansom 2, B. Weston 1, J. Morgan 1, T. Morgan 1, R. Wakefield 1, O. Walker 1

University  : R. Gunther 3, M. Cooke 2, L. Ayliffe 2, J. Fogarty 1, T. Lonergan 1, T. Stevens 1, J. Bromfield 1

BEST, St Virgils : N. Sneyd, O. Walker, B. Weston, A. Mann, S. Berry, J. Morgan

University  : R. Gunther, B. Waight, J. Glover, S. Vandervelde, C. Barling


MATCH REPORT: Our Senior team understood the Saints would come out firing for their coaches last game but were not able to execute our game style or get any free flowing footy going due to St Virgils pressure. Blake Waight was his usual self across half back, Riley Gunther kicked 3 from the midfield and again led the tackle count with 9 and James Glover was a solid contributor on a wing. Other than those guys we had too many passengers waiting for something to happen rather than getting in and winning our own ball. We really need to focus on preparing well and get back to playing team first football that has shown we can compete with the best teams in  the comp.

Ginger Brown Players Player - Simon Vandervelde  Droop Jones Tackle Award - Riley Gunther


St Virgils                                   1.1,  3.4,  9.4,  13.5  (83)

University                              3.2,  4.6,  7.12,  7.12  (54)


GOALS, St Virgils : M. Dyer 4, M. Collis 3, L. Jackson 2, J. Mason 2, L. Heffernan  1, D. Davie 1

University  : A. Woodhead 2, R. Miller 2, M. Gates 1, M. Neu 1, L. Bartulovic 1

BEST, St Virgils : S. Percy, M. Beck, A. Briggs, J. Mason, A. Vlahov, B. Mahony

University  : J. Lanham, S. Worker, T. Bott, R. Petterwood


MATCH REPORT: As per the week before Uni shot out of the blocks but due to St Virgils great use of the ball Uni slowed and did not kick a goal in the last quarter to go down by 29 points. Joe and Toby worked hard in defence across the four quarters. Sean and Rhys used in a number of positions also contributed across the board but we need more effort to get our hands on the ball, run and carry thus giving our forwards more opportunities.


R8 Women :                    0.0,  1.3,  1.3,  3.4  (022) 

 Huonville:                            0.2,  0.2   0.6  0.6  (006) 

 R. Bampton 2, A. Dance
Best: S. Ikin, T. Kelly, E. Philpott, A. Pottinger, R. Bampton, O. Dove

 M. Bligh, J. Noye , P. Collins, A. Grubb, M. Duggan, C. Cragg

MATCH REPORT:Firstly, great work to the team for buying into the plan and working so hard to achieve the win. This one was special because it was built on our elite defensive pressure and overall discipline. Each player deserves to enjoy this win for the work you put in. In particular as we made 9 changes from the side that won last week Ė showing that our current depth is good and everyone understands that they have to play their role when they come into the team. To highlight our defensive pressure, in the last 2 games we have defeated opponents above us on the ladder only conceding 2 goals over 8 quarters of football. This is outstanding and great to see the backline was so good again last Saturday. We must continue to remain calm and continue our defensive pressure.

Essentially, the game was won in the third quarter when Huonville attacked continuously for only 4 points. To hold them to this score was a feather in your cap. Additionally, we finished off with 2 last quarter goals but also full of running which is a testimony to our fitness and willingness to work for each other.

I feel that our best football this season is still ahead of us. Lets really keep the pedal to the metal and complete the season in style with loads of determination, encouragement and enthusiasm. Emily Philpott won the Belles Award but it could have just as easily gone to Remie, Olly, Sarah Ikin, Sam, Jas, Tarny, Annie or Bonnie such was the evenness of our performance. Letís get on the track this week and keep pushing to win the last three roster games.  BELLES PLAYER OF THE WEEK Emily Philpott