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Preliminary Finals

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Semi Finals v at Geilston Bay 

Reserves 26/09/20

University                              3.5,  5.6,  8.12,  10.14  (74)

DOSA                                      2.1,   5.1,   6.3,  7.4    (46)


GOALS, University  : M. Neu 4, J. Bromfield 2, A. Woodhead 1, M. Matuszek 1, T. Williams 1, R. Petterwood 1

DOSA : L. Golding 1, M. Robinson 1, C. Golding 1, J. Carroll 1, M. Marsh 1, M. Gittus 1, L. Manser 1

BEST, University  : R. Miller, A. Pointon, M. Neu, J. Grubb, J. Martin, A. Alexander

DOSA: B. Morley, B. Loveless, C. Golding, A. Davey, J. Carroll, T. Allcock


MATCH REPORT: The Uni boys shot out of the blocks in the first quarter with 8 scoring shots to 3 but inaccurate kicking allowed DOSA to stay in touch and Uni went to the long break 5 points up. Reuben and Max were busy on the wings and Rhys and Chip good in the centre. Again in the premiership quarter Uni had more scoring opportunities but failed to convert positively with a 3.6 scoreline. With the game on the line in the last quarter Uni pressured the DOSA defence and kept the ball mainly in their half going out winners by 28 points. Jordy Martin was strong in the air and Adam led the rest of the backline in holding DOSA to 7 goals. 

If we can replicate our intensity and hit the scoreboard then we will go along way to getting another flag on the wall. GINGER BROWN PLAYERS PLAYER - Alex Pointon

 R11 Women :      3.3  6.3  7.7  10.8  (068)

Kingborough:      0.0  1.0  1.0   2.0  (012)


Goal Kickers: C. Hodgman, A. Kemp
Best Players: K. Johns, G. Abel, K. Andrewartha, K. Clapham, K. Skabo, K. Grant


Goal Kickers: R. Bampton 7, R. Moore, A. Dance, J. Allnutt
Best Players: H. Doohan, A. Lord, R. Moore, M. O''May, M. Refaei, R. Bampton

 A rock-solid, three-quarter performance where we finally kicked double-figure goals and played a good brand of footy in slippery conditions. The best part of this win was the even spread of contributors where each and every player performed their role. You should feel proud of your contribution in getting us the win and giving us the best chance to play finals once again. You looked switched on from the beginning, and as such had a strong first half. We had been impressive on the track all week, and you took this form and confidence into the game. Pleasing to see Maggie working hard in the ruck, Remie presenting well and kicking superbly, Jas one-grab all night, Hayley who was also one-grab and attacked the ball with purpose and strength, Annie who was a positive contributor up forward, Bec who was lively and showed the benefit of repeat efforts and Sam was as reliable and hard working as always.  

We must rectify a tendency we have to drop off when the opposition challenge us and increase their intensity. To be successful in finals, we cannot afford a lapse like this. We need to improve our concentration levels and respond to teams that physically challenge us. Letís be aware of this and resolve to improve our consistency and stay switched on all game. Notwithstanding, you finished off well and recorded the win we needed to play finals.

We have a significant challenge ahead of us, but we are in good form and have many exciting options for selection Ė many of you are in good form which makes selection tough.  BELLES PLAYER OF THE WEEK - Remi Bampton