Pictures from the 2020 Season 

Semi Finals

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Semi Finals v at Geilston Bay 

Seniors 20/09/20

Dosa                                     3.5,  4.8,  8.9,  11.14  (80)

University                            3.0,  5.1,  9.3,  12.5    (77)


GOALS, Dosa : G. Delaney 3, A. Parker 3, N. Goss 2, J. Briggs 2, J. O'Brien 1

University  : T. Stevens 3, J. West 2, J. Fogarty 2, A. Woodhead 1, S. Chivers 1, J. Hall 1, R. Gunther 1, M. Cooke 1

BEST, Dosa : A. Parker, J. Veitch, A. Lemm, M. Reeve, J. Anders, A. Grubb

University  : N. Bien, J. West, M. Cooke, J. Glover, L. Ayliffe, C. Barling


MATCH REPORT: Unfortunately our Senior boys went down by 3 points to DOSA in a very entertaining match that was an arm wrestle all game. We struggled to get any free flowing footy going with DOSA's pressure around the stoppages. Nick Bien was BOG in the back pocket after another amazing individual performance, whilst the midfield struggled to get enough ball to provide our forwards with any clean entries. We kicked the first goal of the last term and then Dosa clicked things up a gear and we were unable to respond until the final two minutes when we snapped into action and kicked two goals to go down by 3 points.

It was a disappointing end for our side that promised so much. The challenge in 2021 will be too close the gap between our best and worst performances to become a consistent side so we can challenge for the Flag. 

Reserves 19/09/20

Hutchins                                4.1,  6.6,  10.9,  12.10  (82)

University                              1.2,  3.4,  5.4,  11.4  (70)


GOALS, Hutchins : A. Bastick 3, J. Green 2, H. Black 2, D. Rawlings 2, J. Padgett 1, H. Briant 1, W. Stadler 1

University  : M. Neu 4, M. Matuszek 2, J. Martin 2, G. Shaw 2, R. Miller 1

BEST, Hutchins : C. Britton, J. Faulkner, J. Hargrave, T. Cottier, T. Howard, C. Zeeman

University  : A. Pointon, J. Martin, M. Neu, J. Grubb, G. Shaw, A. Alexander


MATCH REPORT: Last Saturday Hutchins were quick to assert their authority and it wasn’t until after three quarter time, kicking six goals for the quarter, Uni showed they were right in the game. Undisciplined play early on gave Hutchins opportunities that should not have been there. The turning point in the last quarter was our quick release from the centre square but the beans had flown. Jordy Martin in the ruck gave us first use of the ball and Chip and Grubby were solid all day. Max Neu ran all day and was lively in the forward line kicking 4 goals. Reuben Miller also gave us opportunities from the wings.

Lets come to play today against DOSA and give ourselves another crack at Hutchins in the Grand Final.

 R10 Women :  

Brighton        0.2-2       1.3-9       5.3-33      6.3       (39)
University     2.0-12     3.0-18     4.1-25       5.1       (31)

Goal Kickers: E. Groves 5, N. Heggie
Best Players: C. Wells, E. Groves, G. Pennicott, J. Hay, D. Triffett, N. Heggie

Goal Kickers: N. Gartlan 2, R. Bampton, N. Gulliver, K. Saulis
Best Players: E. Philpott, C. O''Neill, M. Refaei, J. Allnutt, S. Ikin, N. Gartlan

Last Friday night's game at Brighton was a game of two halves. Uni looked great during the first half with the defence holding up well and the forwards taking their opportunities putting us in front. There were several instances of courageous defence, including blocks, smothers and tackles that elevated the game to a high quality match. To their credit, after half time, Brighton were able to get their running game going and caught us out on a number of occasions when we didn’t man up well enough. They kicked 4 good goals, the final one was 20 seconds before three quarter time and made our job that much tougher.

The last quarter was an arm wrestle, and we fought it out, but the damage had been done. Brighton’s midfield shook off their tags and delivered – it's that simple.

We now must regroup and train well  during the week, and finish off the roster season this Friday with a good win  against Kingborough. The UNI WAY is that we never give up.

The Rainbow women would also like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution to the club from senior coach Ben Beams. Beamer has always been a great supporter of our program, and we thank him for his commitment to the football club. Belles Player of the week -  Sarah Ikin