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Round 11  

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Round 11 v Hutchins at Uni 6th July

Supporters Group members and Sponsors gathered for the annunual lunch but Hutchin's seniors spoilt the party.


Congratulations to Luke Bartulovic who played game 100 on Saturday. Recruited from Channel in 2012, Luke had a breakout year in 2015, which included being premiership captain and runner up in the reserves B&F.Luke is on the 2019 committee and is the life of the party. He has grown to another level with his leadership around the club.

University                               02.03     (15)
Lindisfarne                             02.05   (17)

Against the reigning premiers another tough, low scoring game in which we did plenty of good things, but just couldnt find that last goal to get us over the line. Thanks to everyone who played for putting in such a solid effort.
Thanks also to our amazing support staff - Theresa Martin, Kylee Chivers, Jason Gulliver and Meg Jacobs. Their constant presence and help is a great boost. Thanks also to the injured Liv
Richardson helping out and Sam Chivers for running water when he arrived. If you are not playing please try to get to the game and step up to the  duties such as timekeeping and water people.
Belles Player of the week - Ellie Kierath


Hutchins                                3.4,  6.8,  8.10,  11.13  (079)

University                               4.1,  5.2,  7.4,    9.7    (061)


GOALS, Hutchins  : L. Murfitt-Cowen 5, L. Ndimanyi 1, H. Kingston 1, M. Williamson 1, L. Franks 1, J. Bastick 1, C. Alcorso 1

University  : T. Stevens 2, J. Hall 2, G. Fitzgibbon 2, C. Howard 1, J. Bromfield 1, L. Ayliffe 1

BEST, Hutchins  : M. Wright, C. White, C. Alcorso, N. Cleary, A. Sayers, L. Murfitt-Cowen

University  : C. Howard, C. Barling, T. Stevens, N. Fenton, A. Woodhead, L. Ayliffe


MATCH REPORT: Saturday was a disappointing day for our senior team, going down to Hutchins by 3 goals. We had played some consistent footy over the previous two weeks and were hopeful to continue that form.
The first term we led by 3 points despite getting beaten in the stoppages. Chris Howard was again marking anything in his area, Connor Barling kept Hamish Kingston to 1 Goal for the day in an enthralling battle, as did Nathan Hardy on Williamson, Trent Stevens, Nick Fenton and Ash Woodhead were other decent contributors on a day. We need to start getting some consistency together and become a harder team by being more accountable and finding players that are willing to put their body on the line when the game is up for grabs. Alcorso, Wright and Franks did what they liked for most of the day and we need to make sure this doesn't happen again this week against a quality DOSA outfit at the TCA.

Ginger Brown Players Player - Connor Barling
Maccas tackle award - Riley Gunther (Again)


University                              5.0,  8.3,  13.6,  20.8  (128)

Hutchins                                 1.2,  2.4,  3.5,    3.8    (026)


GOALS, University  : M. Matuszek 6, G. Shaw 5, M. Alberry 4, B. Waight 2, C. Foster 1, L. Bartulovic 1, J. Broadbent 1

Hutchins  : T. Lynch 1, S. Wilson 1, J. Gugger 1

BEST, University  : B. Waight, L. Bartulovic, W. Edmunds, M. Matuszek, C. Berry, J. Tammens

Hutchins  : H. Wakefield, C. Britton, J. Gugger, H. Black, A. Bastick, L. Blue


MATCH REPORT: The Reserves had another fantastic win with Blake Waight, Jack Tammens, and Will Edmunds all putting their hand up for a Senior recall. Great to see more goals scored than points.