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Round 10  

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Round 10 vs Virgils at Newtown 29th June

Women - R11
University                              0.0,  1.1,     1.1,     1.3      (09
Claremont                            2.6,   2.6,     3.6,     4.7     (31)

 G.Bailey 2, S. Collins, E. Edwards
 S. Farrow , G. Bailey , E. Siely, G. Peterson , K. Domkus, T. Chatterton  

 S. Rose
Best: A. Lord, K. Newton, T. Kelly, A. Jackson, A. Dowling, S. Rose


University                              4.7,  9.12,  14.20,  23.24  (162)

St Virgils                                  2.2,  3.6,     5.9,      8.12   (060)


GOALS, University  : J. Hall 11, L. Ayliffe 5, G. Fitzgibbon 4, N. Hardy 1, N. Fenton 1, T. Stevens 1

St Virgils  : D. Pearce 3, J. Hadfield 2, T. Morgan 1, S. Spencer 1, D. James 1

BEST, University  : J. Hall, C. Howard, J. Fogarty, L. Ayliffe, G. Fitzgibbon, R. Gunther

St Virgils  : R. Wakefield, S. Oakford-Grachan, S. Spencer, A. Rhodes, S. Berry, F. Rose

This result was a much needed one and a 99 point better result than our previous 3 point win against the Saint's in Round 3. We have been gradually improving and this comes from having a more settled line up over the past 3 weeks. St Virgils applied plenty of pressure in the first half and were able to make it hard for us to get the ball into our forward 50 with any fluency their young players competed well at the stoppages and made it very congested.

Josh Hall has been a big reason for our back to back wins kicking 22 goals in the last 3 weeks including a haul of 11 on Saturday, it didn't matter what the Saints tried, Hally found a way. Lachlan Ayliffe (5 goals) and George Fitzgibbon (4 goals)  were the other multiple scorers who provided much needed targets up the ground. Gordon Gunther provided plenty of dash of halfback whilst keeping his man quite, as did skipper Mick Booth and Alec Willing. Connor Barling again showed his versatility as a key backman by having the better of Saints big man Simon Spencer, Spencer grabbed a couple of marks late when the game was over but Bubba Barling certainly did his job perfectly. Chris Howard and Josh Fogarty once again performed their roles for the team taking plenty of intercept marks and then giving plenty offensively, Ash Woodhead and has also been important the past couple weeks on a wing, his workrate and willingness to defend has helped us turn defence into attack his long kicking enables us to get over the back and surprise the opposition.

The 3rd quarter we broke the game open and controlled the quarter kicking a disappointing 5.8 to 2.3, as the young Saints finally started to drop off. The message at the last change was to stay disciplined and continue crashing in to put them away and gain some much needed percentage. This happened mainly due to kicking straight (9.4) and holding our defensive set ups. Overall it was a great team result with all players contributing and making it hard to change a winning side against Hutchins at Home this week.

Please get along and support the boys in what should be a very entertaining game of OSFA footy against our 7005 Rivals.



University                              3.3,  10.8,  12.10,  14.16  (100)

St Virgils                                 5.3,  7.8,  12.10,  14.11     (95)


GOALS, University : B. Beams 6, C. Foster 2, K. Bluett 2, G. Shaw 1, W. Christian 1, J. Webster 1, R. Gilligan 1

St Virgils  : T. Nicholas 3, D. Davie 2, J. Tyrrell 2, B. Britton 1, D. Adams 1, B. Mahony 1, K. Tomkinson 1, R. Oakley 1, M. Parker 1, T. Hapka 1

BEST, University  : C. Foster, T. Stokman, M. Matuszek, B. Waight, D. Cappelli, G. Shaw

St Virgils  : K. Tomkinson, T. Nicholas, J. Sansom, M. Beck, G. Burke, J. Harris



Reserves - Last Half

Scores were dead level at the last break.

Senior Coach pulled on the boots to kick 6 and copped a whack on the snout for his trouble










a close 5 point win.



Seniors - First Half


Nice goal to Hardy


Punchy likes his work








A couple of goals up at the first break






Goal to Fenton





Nice mark to Hall who bagged 11 for the day