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Round 8  

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Round 8 v OHA at OHA 15th June

University           2.0          3.3          4.5          4.5          (29)
Huonville            1.3          1.3          1.6          1.7          (13)

Goals: A. Dowling 2, E. Kierath, A. Pottinger
Best: E. Van Beek, J. Grierson, S. Ikin, S. Donnelly, H. Simpson, A. Dowling

Goals: M. Cowen
Best: J. Howarth, H. Squires, B. Polley, S. Jackman, P. Collins, C. Duggan

MATCH REPORT: A rock solid 16-point victory built on our outstanding defensive pressure. These are the games that coaches value highest because it takes a total team effort, with contributions from everyone. It was not down to a few, but all of you working together. It was always going to be the tough, physical encounter we expected – Huonville are a strong outfit but as we expected, they are too reliant on their two best players, and once we curbed their influence, the game was ours for the taking. Key players for Huonville Howarth and Squires had serviceable games, but they were under constant pressure which was our plan. We gave them little space to operate, therefore what disposals they got were rushed. Well done to Jess and Mimi and Sarah D! All the best to Liv Richardson for a speedy recovery.


OHA                                     7.3,  10.4,  15.6,  18.11  (119)

University                              4.2,  6.5,    8.8,    9.13  (067)


GOALS, OHA: T. Standen 7, I. Callinan 5, J. Martinovich 2, D. Williamson 2, M. McCulloch 2

University  : J. Hall 6, J. Fogarty 1, R. Gunther 1, M. Alberry 1

BEST, OHA:  W. Ford, T. Standen, B. Langford, C. Baker, D. Williamson, I. Callinan

University  : N. Fenton, C. Howard, J. Hall, R. Gunther, C. Murphy, J. Fogarty


MATCH REPORT: Our reserves had a solid win which with some straighter kicking could have been a massive win and we were hopeful the Seniors could put up a better performance than our previous game against Dosa. The Ships are a quality outfit and took their chances and capitalized on a few of our errors to make the margin 52 points. That margin didn't reflect the effort from our boys but that's what good sides do to you if you make mistakes. Some of our ball movement was exciting to watch and Josh Hall was the main beneficiary finishing with 6 goals against his old side. Chris Howard took countless marks and continued his amazing form whilst Riley Gunther and Trolley Fenton were in everything around the stoppages. All players showed glimpses of what they can do but again it won’t win us too many games unless we get some real hard edged consistency into our games.    Ginger Brown Players Player - Nic Fenton.



University                              2.6,  4.11,  6.17,  7.21  (63)

OHA                                        1.2,    3.3,    3.6,    6.6   (42)


GOALS, University  : C. Ritchie 2, J. Tubb 2, J. Bromfield 1, B. Shaw 1, L. Bartulovic 1

OHA : C. Leek 2, M. Padman 1, D. Alomes 1, J. Moore 1

BEST, University  : M. Matuszek, S. Volker, J. Broadbent, E. Smith, M. Stratton, B. Thomas

OHA : J. Moore, N. Wardle, J. Luck, N. Balcombe, T. Kelly


MATCH REPORT: With first gamer for the year Matthew Martin destined for the forward line we were expecting fireworks aplenty but he was only responsible for one behind!!!. Congratulations to Will Christain who finally graced the field after recovering from injury. During his time off the field he has been strong around the club helping out the team. But back to the game, wonderful to see former champion rower Sammy Volker charging through the packs and winning taps. Mav again was the standout all over the ground and Ben Thomas showed strong form across halfback keeping the ball in front of him. The backline is holding firm so this week against Richmond we need our forwards to convert.