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Round 6  

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Round 6 v Hutchins at Uni 25th May

It was a history making day at University Oval on Saturday with all 3 of our teams playing at Home on the one day. To make it even better we had a perfect result on the score sheet, firstly our Women got us rolling with a gritty 3 point win over the East Coast Suns, then Steff Waights Reserves team out ran a persistent Hutchins to the tune of 27 points and the it was the Seniors turn coming from behind to clinch a much important 15 point win.

Reports and pics below.

Women Round 5 18th May
University                              2.0,   3.1,     3.1,     5.1      (31)
Lindisfarne                             1.3,   3.4,     5.5,     6.5      (41)

The TUFC Women Rainbows played the curtain-raiser to the OSFA-SFL game against Lindisfarne, last year’s SFLW Premiers. While they couldn’t quite eke out a victory, it was an excellent performance and showed how far they have come in only their second season.

Women Round 6 25th May
University                              1.2,   2.2,     2.7,     2.7      (19)
S.E Suns                                 0.1,   2.2,     2.3,     2.4      (16)

University Goal Kickers: E. Kierath, E. Bannink
Best Players: H. Simpson, E. Kierath, S. Rose, S. Ikin, M. Refaei, A. Lord

SE Suns Goal Kickers: M. Bruce, B. Laidler
Best Players: J. Ransley, B. Laidler, L. Featherstone, M. Bruce, N. McSwain, S. Grey

Belles Burgers Player of the week - Mimi Refaei

A very good win based on determination, grit and a strong work ethic. From a skills perspective, it was not a great spectacle, but for closeness and pressure it was a commendable performance. This game could easily have gone the other way, but the team applied the pressure for the full four quarters, and in the end, we were good enough to hang on. Games like this are valuable as we learn resilience. It was an even team performance, and whilst we had some terrific players,  everyone contributed at some time in the game, demonstrating that we have good quality depth in the squad. When you were required to step up and attack the footy – you all did so. One disappointment was that we did not get reward for effort in the third quarter, scoring 5 points. Pleasing to see how we increased our momentum and peppered the goals, but those 5 points should have been 2 or 3 goals at least, which would have closed out the game. As it is, you were required to fight right to the last second, and we are proud of your perseverance. Good points were your improved pressure, strong run, ability to smother and overall fitness.


University                              2.3,  3.4,  8.5,  10.7  (67)

Hutchins                                2.2,  6.5,  7.9,  7.10  (52)


GOALS, University  : J. Hall 3, M. Alberry 3, C. Barling 1, J. Gunther 1, A. Willing 1, G. Fitzgibbon 1

Hutchins  : L. Franks 3, M. Wright 1, L. Murfitt-Cowen 1, H. Briant 1, C. White 1

BEST, University  : C. Howard, J. Kinch , A. Willing, N. Hardy, S. Chivers , M. Alberry

Hutchins  : M. Wright, H. Johnstone, H. Jubb, N. Cleary, W. Burbury, A. Dunbabin


MATCH REPORT: The game was always going to be a tight contest with both sides being very evenly matched on paper. The first quarter was tight as expected with both teams looking for a way to kick away. The second term belonged to Hutchins with Matt Wright running rampant through the Middle and Lewis Franks kicking 3 first half goals. At half time we asked our players to show some heart and dig deep and they responded perfectly by kicking 7 goals to one in the second half to hopefully show what we can do when we all contribute and stick to our style of play. Chris Howard dominated around the ground in the ruck to continue his stellar form, Josh Kinch managed to curb the dangerous Alcorso and Alec Willing kept danger man Franks goalless in the 2nd half. Josh Hall looked dangerous in his return game and kicked a ripper from the Uni end pocket to spark the boys, Nathan Hardy was as hard as always to get past at centre half back, as was Sam Chivers who kept Murfitt-Cowan to one goal. All in all it was a fantastic team performance which we can hopefully build on over the coming rounds.



University                              1.3,  5.5,  6.6,  9.10  (64)

Hutchins                                 1.0,  2.3,  3.6,   5.7   (37)


GOALS, University  : J. Higginbotham 2, G. Shaw 2, T. Pointon 2, M. Matuszek 1, T. Stokman 1, L. Kendell 1

Hutchins  : J. Richardson 2, E. Goward 1, G. Halliday 1, S. Mackey 1

BEST, University  : M.Matuszek, T. Stokman, E. Smith, J. Broadbent, M. Stratton, C. Berry

Hutchins  : C. Browning, S. Mackey, L. Ndimanyi, C. Britton, S. Heron, D. Bignell



The Reserves finally hit their straps in the last quarter to achieve a solid 27 point win. Pleasing to see Ed Smith and M Stratton have their best games for the season. Up forward Higgy kicked a contender for goal of the year along the ground and  Gav Shaw clunked a couple of strong marks in the last quarter.

Mav and Chip Pointon were in everything at the contest and Tom Stokman provided much needed run.

OSA v SFL  18/5/2019

Standing- Z Haremza, M Heathcote, A Anderson, J Hall, B Beams, N Hardy, C Howard, H Richmond, C Garvey, L Polanowski, S Peacock, J Briggs, B Joseph, M Fisher, B Anderton, B Hope, N Leitch, C Palmer  

Kneeling - B George, L Franks, C Wilson, B Langford, I Callinan, A Gilmour, L Adams, K Phillips, T Standen, D Grant, A Daft, C Alcorso, A Cook, W Trethewie

The OSFA and SFL representative sides clashed in the inaugural challenge match at North Hobart on the weekend. In a high-standard game, the OSFA side came out on top, with some great performances across the ground. The Rainbows’ own Chris Howard and Nathan Hardy acquitted themselves well and Ben Beams pulled the strings as one of the three coaches for the OSFA side.
Old Scholars                     6.1     8.6    15.8     17.9       (111)
SFL                                     5.1     7.6    9.12     14.13       (97)

Seniors Pics -Second Half

Down by a couple of goals at the main break but an early straight shoy in the third built confidence.


  The Corporate Box was full

Stevens provided plenty of run.


  Two quick goals Alberry


A good day for marking and Alberry and Fitzgibbon keep the ball in Uni's half

Strong mark on the line to Hall



A snap from Fitzgibbon but not home this time

A bit of a scuffle before the last break



A six point lead but the Beans have stormed home before!

A handy goal to Fall who kicked three for the day.


Good pressure and big Chivers was a rock in defence

A terrific long bomb from Barling seals the deal!




Happy Days!



Beamer beams at three wins for the day and the girls continue their marathon celebrationsater an early morning win

Tom Lonergan - Can't scull but can play 50 games. Congratulations!