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Round 3  

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Round 3 v St Virgils at Newtown 27th April

Congratulations to Trent "Punchy" Stevens on his 100th game.Punchy is a 2016 premiership player and one of the most likeable characters at our club.  Punchy is a fantastic clubman who will play any role the coaches need done, he is lightning quick and never shirks a contest. Punchy debuted with the club in 2013 and would have played his 100th earlier if not suffering a couple of long term injuries.

Over his 7 Years with the club Punch has won Reserve B & F 2013, Most Valuable Statisticians Award 2014, Runner Up Senior B & F 2015 and a Committee Member. Punchy also brought his family to the committee with his Dad Shaker a long time VP and his sister involved in the committee.

R3 Women :09.10 (64)Hobart 01.03 (09) 

So far, after 3 games, we have already played 38 players. This is almost unheard of, but it is a good sign that we have managed to get our noses in front of The Port and Hobart and grab these 2 wins. It is also pleasing that of those 38, 26 have not played for the Rainbows previously, so it is good to get some valuable match practice into those players. However, sterner tests await. Moving forward we need to stick to our agreed plans or we will certainly come unstuck. We need to stay focused with game faces on, getting stuck into our work. The most pleasing aspect on Saturday was the work you did into the wind and our 6 first game players acquitted themselves well. Another bye this week but please get to training to work on our skills. Best wishes to Georgia and Emily and thankyou to all our support staff last Saturday.

 Belles Burgers Player of the week - Anna Dance-Clark


University                              4.3,  8.3,  11.6,  12.9  (81)

St Virgils                                  2.4,  3.5,  7.5,  12.6  (78)


GOALS, University  : G. Fitzgibbon 5, A. Woodhead 1, N. Fenton 1, C. Ritchie 1, C. Barling 1, J. Fogarty 1, B. Waight 1, T. Stevens 1

St Virgils  : A. Mann 3, J. Morgan 3, D. Pearce 2, R. Crawford 1, R. Wakefield 1, J. Hadfield 1, T. Arnold 1

BEST, University  : R. Gunther, J. Kinch , G. Fitzgibbon, N. Fenton, M. Booth, N. Hardy

St Virgils  : S. Berry, J. Mason, A. Mann, D. Pearce, R. Wakefield, M. Brezinscak





St Virgils                              1.0,  3.5,  4.7,  6.10  (46)

University                          0.8,  1.9,  4.18,  4.18  (42)


GOALS, St Virgils  : J. Tyrrell 3, L. Heffernan  1, D. Adams 1, K. Tomkinson 1

University  : J. Tubb 2, L. Kendell 1, T. Stokman 1

BEST, St Virgils  : L. Heffernan , A. Rhodes, J. Berry, Z. Barisic, B. Britton, D. Adams

University  : T. Stokman, M. Matuszek, B. Shaw, H. Talarico, J. Broadbent, D. Cappelli