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Round 18

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Round 18 v Hutchins at home (Snug) 25th Aug

Home game was played at Snug due to the unavailability of the Uni oval. At last the Seniors were able to defeat the Beans for the first time this year.


University                              7.5,  10.8,  12.9,  16.11  (107)

Hutchins                                  1.1,  5.1,    8.4,    11.6     (72)

GOALS, University  : E. Brock 5, A. Woodhead 3, N. Huizing 3, J. Tammens 1, Z. Mastrocola 1, N. Hardy 1, M. Palmer 1, B. Livingston 1

Hutchins  : J. Glover 4, J. Bastick 2, D. Rawlings 2, J. Clark 1, A. Bastick 1, L. Murfitt-Cowen 1

BEST, University  : J. Fogarty, A. Woodhead, N. Bien, C. Howard, E. Brock, S. Chivers

Hutchins  : L. Murfitt-Cowen, M. Lister, J. Glover, L. Blue, H. McShane, J. Bastick



The Monkey is off the back. They might hold the Southey/Palfreyman Cup but we hold the bragging rights for the next 7 months and proved we are worthy of finals action in 2018 and the Beans are well off the pace.

Despite the Beans concerns in the program it was a fantastically run day at Snug and went off without a hitch. The ground was in perfect condition and a healthy crowd turned up to watch two convincing victories. The senior guys came out of the blocks in a big way with Ash Woodhead dominating the ruck and banging a couple of massive goals from outside the arc, he was well supported by Grubb, Tammens, and Douglas in the middle. Our Backline again stood tall and provide plenty of rebound, Sam Chivers kept Williamson Goalless, Chris Howard again showed courage backing back to take plenty of marks, Zac Mastrocola played his best game for the year and Nick Bien again stopped his opponent from having any influence on the game. As good as they were it was really the Josh Fogarty show, racking up possessions and providing electric runs through the middle, it was one of the best games by an individual seen in the OSFA for a long time.

Up forward it was tough going at times with Hutchins dropping two back behind the ball to stem the flow of goals but to our credit we stuck to the task and finished the game full of running. Ethan Brock was again outstanding with 5 goals, Nic Huizing 3 provided a tall target and Ash Woodhead 3 capped of an outstanding day in the ruck.

The only negative on the day was having 10 more scoring shots and not showing how one sided the game actually was on the scoreboard. This week we head back over to Geilston Bay to fine tune things for our clash in the First Semi in a fortnight. OHA will be brimming with confidence after beating up on St Virgils by the tune of 195 points.


University                              3.7,  13.8,  16.10,  23.16  (154)

Hutchins                                  0.0,  0.0,    0.0,     0.0  (000)


GOALS, University  : M. Matuszek 6, C. Ritchie 5, G. Shaw 4, C. Barling 3, B. Waight 2, A. Pointon 2, L. Bartulovic 1

Hutchins  : Nil 

BEST, University  : R. Rinaldi, D. Cappelli, L. Bartulovic, M. Matuszek, J. Webster, H. McLean

Hutchins  : J. Shaw, D. Bignell, J. Hargrave, G. Bramich, J. Padgett, H. Jubb



Our build up during the week was spot on , with Thursday nights training was the best we have had all year and I was hoping we could take that form into the Hutchins game.
The game started well for us, as our midfield gave our forwards plenty of opportunities only to see poor kicking at goal letting us down kicking 3 goals 7 pts in the first. The second quarter was exactly how we want to play, all our backline players running and linking up with our mids, but it was our forwards that did the damage by kicking straight 10 goals 1 point. 
The second was much the same as our mids continuously put pressure on Hutchins and to run out 154 pt winners
Our forwards despite missing some easy shots cashed in Matuszek (6) C Richie (5)G Shaw(4) C Barling (3) B Waight(2) A Pointing(2)
Better players were half back R Rinaldi, D Cappelli and L Bartulovic playing back up forward M Matuszek and midfielder J Webster 
In a very even performance we still need to work hard on the track , we only have one more game left until the real stuff begins.






New scoreboard tells a happy tale!