Pictures from the 2018 Season 

Round 17

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Round 17 v OHA away 18th Aug


OHA                                   3.7,  8.11,  10.13,  15.19  (109)

University                           4.2,   7.3,   10.8,   16.10  (106)


GOALS, OHA: I. Callinan 5, J. Hall 4, D. Salpietro 3, D. Morrisby 1, C. Hevey 1, B. Allanby 1

University  : M. Alberry 6, B. Beams 4, B. Livingston 2, B. Green 2, H. McLean 1, E. Brock 1

BEST, OHA : S. Hunter, I. Callinan, D. Morrisby, J. Hall, C. Baker, S. Dudgeon

University  : C. Howard, M. Rippon, E. Brock, M. Alberry, J. Fogarty, T. Stevens



University                              2.4,  7.9,  7.11,  14.14  (98)

OHA                                       1.2,   3.6,  5.8,    7.10    (52)


GOALS, University  : A. Pointon 4, B. Waight 2, J. Huizing 1, T. Pointon 1, M. Matuszek 1, C. Ritchie 1, J. Webster 1, C. Barling 1, L. Bartulovic 1, G. Shaw 1

OHA : M. Padman 2, J. Rainbird 1, M. Barry 1, C. Leek 1, S. Bowering 1, D. Lithgow 1

BEST, University  : A. Pointon, T. Pointon, C. Alexander, B. Waight, L. Bartulovic, C. Barling

OHA B. Morrisby, A. Rae, S. Fitzgerald, N. Wardle, C. Leek, S. Bowering



R19 Women :03.04 (22) db Claremont 04.10 (34) 

Players Player: Chloe Marquis


Uni Rainbows were desperate to knock off Claremont last weekend, to deny them the double chance and finish the season on a high. It was as tough a game as you would see with late, high bumps, sling tackles, verballing and a few punches thrown. At half-time, Uni looked a little shaken with a couple of decent blood noses and players wary of the opposition. But these Rainbows are made of tougher stuff. They have enormous strength of character and integrity and they decided that you must always stand up to a bully. And they did.

The second half was a Uni clinic of how to attack the ball and play tough, fair footy. Id like to think we taught the opposition a few things about playing with honour. I cannot recall a better half of footy in all my years coaching, and these Uni Rainbows did their club proud. We kicked a disputed goal on the siren, probably missed it by 2 seconds, however you would think that we had won instead of Claremont. Footy is a great leveler and Id like to think we showed Claremont how to play genuine footy not the stuff they like to serve up.

Best players were Eve Taylor, Mimi Refaei, Ruby Campbell, Liv Richardson, Sarah Ikin, Amy (feisty one) Madsen, Eli FV, Hannah Steele, Erin Chivers, Chloe Marquis and the evergreen and always entertaining Meg Jacobs.  Anyone who took the field would feel proud of their efforts.