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Round 16

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Round 16 v DOSA at home 11th Aug


DOSA                                 5.6,  7.10,  10.15,  16.18  (114)

University                              4.0,  6.3,  10.7,  13.12  (90)


GOALS, DOSA : J. O'Brien 5, S. Fros 2, G. Delaney 2, T. Jacobs 1, D. Curtain 1, J. Rogers 1, A. Wilson 1, L. Manser 1, J. Veitch 1, S. Peacock 1

University  : E. Brock 6, B. Livingston 3, J. Grubb 1, N. Huizing 1, T. Stevens 1, G. King 1

BEST, DOSA : A. Grubb, J. O'Brien, J. Fisher, A. Parker, J. Veitch, M. Reeve

University  : S. Chivers , N. Hardy, E. Brock, T. Stevens, B. Livingston, M. Booth


MATCH REPORT: Another tough day at the office against Richmond on Saturday. The game was tight all day with both teams applying plenty of pressure. The Blues had the better of us early in the game but bad kicking for goal gave us the chance to be still in the game at quarter time. The second term was again and arm wrestle with both sides finding it hard to score. Nick Bien was at his best holding Gilmour to 1 goal, Marcus Gardner set Uni alight in the third quarter with adominant dislplay of tap work in the centre clearances, if he wasn't putting it down Trent Stevens throat, he was roving his own work and getting the ball forward. Skipper Grant King was providing a leading target at full forward and it looked like we had the game on our terms. Until a couple of interesting decisions and a 50m penalty resulting in a two late goals allowed the Blues to peg the margin back to 16 points.
In the last term Richmond showed why they are premiership favourites by dominating the clearances and applying enourmous pressure to run out 5 point winners. Chris Howard was voted the players MVP (Ginger Brown Cafe) with another outstanding performance.

Next week against DOSA will be our last Home Game for the year with our Round 18 clash against Hutchins having to be relocated to Snug due to a University Rugby Tournament. We know the Roosters we be a formidable opponent as always with plenty of star players in their line up, Wilson, Fisher, Peacock, Briggs and Jake Sharp all of which we need to respect but ultimatley if we can play our brand of running and attacking footy we can come out on top once again.


University                              6.3,  7.7,  10.11,  15.13  (103)

DOSA                                              3.2,  4.4,  5.4,  6.4  (40)


GOALS, University  : G. Shaw 6, C. Ritchie 4, M. Palmer 2, T. Pointon 2, C. Barling 1

DOSA: C. Golding 3, A. Davey 1, K. Salter 1, L. Wakefield 1

BEST, University  : G. Shaw, T. Pointon, C. Ritchie, M. Alberry, C. Alexander, B. Shaw

DOSA : L. Wakefield, K. Salter, B. Tuffin, A. Davey, M. Pace, T. Allcock


MATCH REPORT:This was the game our boys were looking forward to, testing our selfs against the completion best team in Richmond
The first quarter was very physical with both sides making errors due to the constant pressure , and in the end Richmond had a slight two goal lead
The second was the same as the first with both sides applying enormous pressure , our backline led by with James Omera and Daniel cappelli were holding firm , but our forwards miss some easy opportunities that could of put us in front at half time
The third was much the same as the first half, but Richmond with all there experience took the margin out to 20 pts
The last quarter came and we played our best footy for the game with our runners starting to take control , and again if we had of kicked straight , we might have pinched the game , but in the end going down by 8 pts. So besides not taking the 4 pts we did learn a lot from this game and gave the young blokes believe that we can match it with the competition best
Better players for uni were backman Daniel cappelli and James Omera , Zac Fidler on the wing was in everything , And young guys Alex pointon, Blake waight and Hamish McLean we doing everything they could to get us over the line.


R19 Women :00.00 (00)Claremont 00.00 (00)






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