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Round 15

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Round 15 v Richmond at home 4th Aug


Marek 'Mav' Matuszek - 150 Games 

Mav plays his 150th game for the Rainbows this weekend against Richmond.

Mav commenced playing with the club in 2009 and would have reached his 150 milestone sooner if he hadn't suffered injuries along the way. As well as playing it wasn’t long before Mav stepped up and became involved in coaching as well as assisting to run the club as Secretary 2012, 2015-2018 and President 2013,2014. He was Coach of the Reserves 2013-2015 and has been assistant coach for the last three years. During this time he has become a two  time premiership coach and player. Mav was awarded the prestigious Knucka Rundle award in 2011 and 2012 and has been Reserve Leading Goal Kicker and Reserve Runner Up in the B & F for 2016, 2017. Mav's passion for the game is exemplified by his attack on the football and his willingness to be a major player in any negotiations with the University administration.


Richmond                                1.6,  4.6,  7.9,   11.15  (81)

University                                2.1,  4.5,  10.7, 11.10  (76)


GOALS, Richmond  : B. Morrison 5, L. Adams 2, D. Cragg 1, J. Woolley 1, A. Daft 1, A. Gilmour 1

University  : A. Woodhead 2, N. Hardy 2, E. Brock 2, J. Higginbotham 2, J. Tammens 1, T. Stevens 1, G. King 1

BEST, Richmond  : A. Daft, B. Morrison, J. Woolley, L. Adams, K. Baker, L. Polanowski

University  : N. Bien, C. Howard, M. Booth, M. Gardner, T. Stevens, J. Higginbotham




Richmond                                4.1,  6.5,  8.7,  9.9  (63)

University                              2.2,  4.7,  4.9,  7.13  (55)

GOALS, Richmond  : J. Dawes 3, H. Pfeiffer 3, D. Wall 1, M. Van Engen 1, R. Brumby 1

University  : B. Waight 3, N. Huizing 3, M. Matuszek 1

BEST, Richmond  : S. Boxall, J. Adams, D. Hoppitt, J. Dawes, J. White, S. Clark

University  :Z. Fidler, D. Cappelli, J. O'Meara, A. Pointon, B. Waight, H. McLean



R18 Women :02.03 (15) db NH Demons 05.09 (039)






New scoreboard tells a happy tale!