Pictures from the 2018 Season 

Round 14

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Round 14 v Hutchins away 28th July

New electronic scoreboard officially used for the women's match on 22nd July 2018


Hutchins                                 4.1,  6.3,  8.5,  12.8  (80)

University                              0.2,  3.6,  5.10,  8.14  (62)


GOALS, Hutchins  : L. Murfitt-Cowen 4, D. McShane 3, T. Triffitt 2, M. Williamson 2, J. Hudson 1

University  : A. Woodhead 1, R. Douglas 1, Z. Mastrocola 1, C. Barling 1, N. Huizing 1, M. Palmer 1, E. Brock 1, T. Stevens 1

BEST, Hutchins  : J. McMahon, L. Owen, M. Lister, T. Triffitt, J. Hudson

University  :

Pictures below


University                             11.14  (80)
Hutchins                                 07.09 (51)

R16 Women :03.03 (21)Port 02.02 (14)

R17 Women :20.20 (140)New Norfolk 00.00 (00) 

A terrific result, however it must be said that our opposition New Norfolk have struggled this season to have an impact and as such we should take this into consideration when assessing the merits of this win. Importantly, this win gives us confidence to take into the final 2 games of the season against teams that will play finals.

The Rainbows would like nothing better that to take a scalp or two before the season finishes, and will be aiming to do this in the next fortnight. We try to measure ourselves against the top teams, and for this reason, we want to beat a side above us on the ladder.

We have a number of players who are in great form at the moment too. Ruby Campbell, Eli Fornells Vernet, Sarah Ikin and Liv Richardson are on fire in the midfield; Georgie Patrikopolous and Ellie Kierath are strong, capable forwards and in defence, Nat Gulliver, Hannah Steele, Erin Chivers, Eve Taylor and Mimi Refai are super solid. If we can put together a complete team performance we will be very competitive.

Many thanks to our support staff this season Meg Jacobs, Kirsty Hay, Kylee Chivers, Sam Chivers have been a great help to all the players this season and we appreciate all their efforts.

PLAYERS PLAYER Georgie Patrikopoulos

Seniors 2nd and third quarters

Hutchins jumped out of the blocks and kicked 4 goals to none in the first quarter


 The Uni Womens team baking in the sun and glory os a big win earlier in the day

Made up a bit of ground in the second quarter.













Costly misses.



Finally, a couple of goals



Last break and still in it but Hutchins won the day

Ladies v Port 22/July 2018



New scoreboard tells a happy tale!