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Round 13

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Round 13 v St Virgils away 21st July

Seniors and Reserves got the job done while the ladies were humbled by the top team.


University                             5.6,  10.11,  12.17,  22.20  (152)

 St Virgils                               6.1,    7.2,     8.2,      9.4      (58)


GOALS, University  : N. Huizing 5, E. Brock 4, J. Fogarty 3, B. Livingston 2, R. Rinaldi 1, C. Barling 1, G. King 1, T. Stevens 1, M. Palmer 1, N. Hardy 1, J. Tammens 1, Z. Mastrocola 1

St Virgils  : D. Davie 3, K. Gill 2, A. Bennett 1, S. Bennett 1, J. Morgan 1, M. Collis 1

BEST, University  : R. Rinaldi, C. Howard, J. Fogarty, N. Huizing, T. Stevens, C. Barling

St Virgils  : T. Arnold, A. Bennett, T. Maksimovic, M. Collis, M. Brezinscak, B. Weston




University                              3.4,  9.7,  13.10,  17.13  (115)

 St Virgils                              3.3,  4.5,  6.7,  7.7  (49)


GOALS, University  : M. Matuszek 5, B. Waight 4, C. Foster 1, B. Balsley-Polley 1, L. Bartulovic 1, G. Shaw 1, M. Bromfield 1, R. Hill 1, M. Alberry 1, N. Fenton 1

St Virgils  : J. Latham 1, C. Whitbread 1, B. Mahony 1, K. Tomkinson 1, T. Ramritu 1, M. Robertson 1, N. Walker 1

BEST, University  : B. Waight, J. Huizing, L. Bartulovic, C. Foster, H. McLean, N. Fenton

St Virgils  : D. Meredith, M. Robertson, B. Mahony, A. Kershaw, B. Purtell, B. Banks




R15 Women :00.00 (00) db Lindisfarne 18.06 (114)



The less said the better about this game. For the second time this year, Lindisfarne have got hold of us and dealt out a football lesson. This is what happens when an experienced, hardened, aggressive group of footballers take on an enthusiastic but raw group of players. Unfortunately, it was a lop-sided game, highlighting the gulf between the experienced and not so experienced sides in this competition.

In this instance, all we can do is try to get to as many contests as possible, run hard and play 1:1 footy and shut down their run. Easier said than done but the Uni girls kept on plugging on and never stopped trying. We unfortunately donít have the skill level to compete with the better teams Ė we just have to keep working hard at training and these skills will develop over time.

The usual University curse has also hit us, with a number of players going away for the Uni break, and hence our numbers were well down. We have 4 games to go and are a good chance of winning a couple so we will persevere and keep our heads up.