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Round 12

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Round 12 v OHA away 7th July

A wet and cold winter's day but a close win to the Seniors and a close loss to the Reserves.


University                              2.1,  3.3,  4.4,   5.7  (37)

 OHA                                      2.2,  3.3,  4.7,  4.10  (34)


GOALS, University : T. Stevens 3, J. Collis 1, E. Brock 1

Oha : J. Hall 1, S. Bradford 1, M. McCulloch 1, A. Rae 1

BEST, University  : J. Grubb, B. Livingston, N. Hardy, C. Howard, M. Rippon, T. Stevens

OHA : S. Dudgeon, C. Baker, J. Martinovich, S. Cook, C. Garvey, M. Thompson



Another nail biter in extremely tough conditions. OHA have been the form team of the competition over the past month and we had built this game up as season defining for us. It was either slip back in the pack 2 games behind the Ships on the ladder or be on top by percentage and sure up our position as a top 4 side and 2 games clear of the Beans in 5th spot. The ships were missing a couple of key players in Callinan, Setchell and Allanby and we had our own share of injury and illness pregame so it was going to be an arm wrestle and so it proved.
Our reliable backline again did a wonderful job, whilst it looked like Mick Thompson was going to turn back the clock early on, we were able to make sure most of his marks were up on the wing and Sam Chivers tightened up after halftime to draw that match up. Nathan Hardy again did a blanket job on leading goal kicker Josh Hall keeping him to 1 goal in two games. Chris Howard continually repelled attacks and took plenty of intercept marks and Ryan Rinaldi was equally effective on the dangerous Shaun Long.

Up forward Trent Stevens again showed his versatility kicking 3 opportunist goals and Jarrod Collis got better as the game went on in his first game for the year. Jackson Grubb was given the job of tagging Bung Langford and did a terrific job and was a big reason we were able to break even in the middle of the ground. Dudgeon was unbelievable in racking up possessions around the contest for the Ships and something our midfielders will work on for next time we play in round 17. With the competition bye next week we are very happy to be sitting on top of the ladder with St Virgils our next opponent on July 21st. The selection panel will have a few headaches with Grant King, Nick Bien, Michael Palmer, Brad Green, Michael Booth, Josh Huizing and Jack Tammens all looking to return to the side.


OHA                                   2.2,  5.2,  6.4,  7.5     (47)

University                        2.1,  2.7,  3.11,  5.13  (43)


GOALS, OHA : S. Bowering 4, G. Bentley 2, N. Padman 1

University  : G. Shaw 3, M. Matuszek 1, M. Bromfield 1

BEST, OHA : S. Bowering, N. Wardle, G. Bentley, S. Williams, W. Garvey, B. Morrisby

University  : J. Tammens, D. Clark, B. Waight, J. O'Meara, J. Rundle, M. Matuszek



Taking on third placed OHA was always going to be a tough affair especially in trying conditions.
The game was generally close, with the lead changing a few times and in the end OHA winning by 4pts
Better players for uni were Jack Tammens when he went into the midfield, backline players Dion Clark and 
James O'Meara who kept repelling many of OHA's forward entries 
1st gamer and 2016 premiership player 
Jacob Rundle showed his class and veteran Marek Matuszek was in everything .
o heading into the last bye before the final 7 games we find ourselves in a handy 2nd spot (two games and percentage) away from third, but after losing our last three games to other final contenders it shows we still have a lot of work to do!

 8th July R14 Women :06.13 (49) v Tigers 00.00 (00)

Players Player – Alice Thomson

Match report –

Despite the fact that we had beaten Hobart previously, this was an excellent win, full of merit and character. We had half our squad away and were playing 3 debutants in the side. It was also cold, wet and very muddy. It took a lot of hard work and self-belief to get the job done but by the final siren we had 20 scoring shots and kept Hobart scoreless.

Our game plan worked a treat. We tagged Hobarts best 2 players, and felt that if we could reduce their influence, we would get over the line, and so it turned out that way. Well done to Brinna and Celeste for tagging Hogarth, and we also kept McDonald quiet through the combined work of Eli and Sarah. Thommo won every tap and gave Ruby, Eve and Liv first use of the ball to push it forward where Emm had an excellent first game with 3 goals and lots of hard work. Gabby also played her role in the forward line with her creative play and footy smarts.

When the ball went down back, Nat, Ez, Hannah, Chloe and Mimi kept Hobart at bay with their determined efforts. Mel had her best game, playing it very close at half-back while Winger and Alice played excellent roles across half-forward as well. George was a livewire at CHF, getting to plenty of contests and kicking a good goal. All in all, this was a pleasing team effort after 4 consecutive losses.

The ball was slippery but we kept our attack up and soccered cleverly when we needed to. After half-time we only kicked 2.11 as a result of Hobart flooding back. Our forward 50 was far too crowded after half time meaning we couldn’t get a clear shot. In this instance, I would have liked to see our leaders try to initiate a wider spread so that we had more room, but to be fair – the conditions were nasty so we’ll take the win and move on.

If I have a quibble, it is that once again, we have a tendency to hang on to the ball too long instead of moving it on quickly. My instruction was to kick the ball asap and move it on, but a few players are too indecisive and get caught holding the ball. We need to address this as training.

We have Lindisfarne this week, and last time they cranked us. It was a one-sided train-wreck – so we need to settle in really quickly and play a far stronger style of footy this Sunday. I want us to show Lindisfarne that we are a far better side than the one they played last time. I think we owe them that