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Round 10

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Round 10 v Richmond away 23rd June

A double loss is always hard to swallow but both teams are still very much in the mix for end of season glory. A strong breeze led to the seniors getting jumped in the first quarter and they couldn't completely recover.


Richmond                                7.3,  7.3,  10.13,  10.15  (75)

University                                0.1,  3.6,    3.6,      8.8    (56)


GOALS, Richmond  : J. Wylie 3, A. Gilmour 3, B. Palmer 1, J. Sturzaker 1, D. Bailey 1, C. Hutchison 1

University  : E. Brock 3, C. Barling 2, A. Woodhead 1, T. Stevens 1, B. Livingston 1

BEST, Richmond  : J. Wylie, A. Daft, L. Adams, A. Cook, D. Cragg, S. Dick

University  : S. Chivers , C. Barling, M. Gardner, C. Howard, J. Fogarty, A. Woodhead


  Another slow start on Saturday ended up costing us dearly. With top spot on the line Richmond showed why they have been a dominant side over the past 3-4 seasons. Richmond kicked with a 6 goal breeze and made the most of their opportunities kicking 7 goals to nil. Our intesity around the contest wasnt up to scratch in the 2nd term and we could only manage 3.6 to trail by 21 at half time.
During the break we spoke about lifting our workrate and seeing if we could keep the blues to only 2-3 goals and this would give us a chance to come home with the breeze, they managed 3.10. 
We started the last in fine fashion with rookie Connor 'Bubba' Barling kicking 2 crucial goals to give us 4 goals in 10 minutes but it was about all we could muster with Richmond pulling together and stopping our run on with some desperate team defence.
It certainly wasnt a great spectacle but it again showed we can compete when we give 100%. We will look to the two's this week and reward guys that are willing to put their head over the pill and compete for 4 quarters.


Richmond                                0.1,  3.4,  3.5,  10.8  (68)

University                                5.3,   6.3,  6.9,  7.9   (51)


GOALS, Richmond  : R. Brumby 3, A. Kaye 2, H. Pfeiffer 2, J. Spaulding 1, D. Wall 1, J. Adams 1

University  : J. Webster 1, M. Bromfield 1, C. Ritchie 1, D. Clark 1, M. Matuszek 1, J. Grubb 1, T. Pointon 1

BEST, Richmond  : A. Kaye, L. Thompson, J. Spaulding, T. Boucher, J. Adams

University  : D. Cappelli, D. Clark, J. O'Meara, C. Ritchie, A. Pointon, C. Foster



This was a massive game for us, taking on last year premiers for top spot on the ladder. The first quarter started well for us , kicking with a strong wind , we kicked the first 5 goals of the game , with our tackling pressure a feature. 
Knowing how strong the wind was , we knew the second quarter was going to be hard , but for the first 10 min we had all the play and were unlucky to only score one goal ,the next ten minutes belonged to Richmond as our pressure around the ball dropped and Richmond scored the next three goals
With a 3 goal lead at half time we new Richmond would come out firing , the blues didn't score but kept us goalless as well as we could only manage 7 straight pts.

The last was always going to be hard to hold Richmond out and with better use of the wind run out winners by 3 goals
With losing the game , we learnt a few lessons with maintaining the pressure for the whole game not for 40 min
Better players were our two big targets Clay Richie and Bradleigh shaw who showed after a few more games together are going to give a few opposition backs nightmares 
Our backman Cappelli , Clark and Omeara also had good games

R11 Women :03.03 (21) db Lauderdale Bombers 04.07 (31)

Players player – Eli Fornells Vernet

We have now commenced the second round of fixtures and played Lauderdale on Sunday for the second time. Both sides have improved since the season opener, in particular with their tackling skills. Fair to say that Sunday was a tough day for footy with constant rain, surface water and a slippery surface. I was pleased with how the Rainbows adapted to these conditions, and as always, put in a strong effort.This was a seesaw game with scores locked at three-quarter time.  Lauderdale love to flood back in numbers and in the last quarter our forward 50 resembled the Boxing Day sales. It made it a lottery to score and after some 6/7 minutes, Lauderdale broke through for a goal and that’s all she wrote.

This was a tough loss for the Uni players who were spent after the game. I cannot complain about a team that constantly gives their all on the park, and it was a solemn group that trudged from the park. We are now two games and percentage out of the top 5, but we will re-group and try to unsettle a few teams in the run home.

Best players were: Eli Fornells Vernet who was revelation in the ruck, also Ruby Campbell continued her great form alongside Sam Rose, Sarah Ikin and Liv Richardson. Hannah Steele and Issy Ermacora continue to grow in confidence down back and Jimmy Hutchins and Eve Taylor also create havoc with their clever run and speed. Big shout out to Ellie Kierath who was clearly injured but put the team first in a cameo performance.