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Round 4  

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Round 4 Hutchins at Queenborough

Congratulations to the ladies who won their first game and the reserves who remain undefeated while the seniors suffered their first loss for the year. Nick Fenton will play his 150th game with the Rainbows this week. Trolley has been a loyal servant and selfless clubman over the years and the 150 game milestone is a reward for his persistence and dedication. He is always one of the first on the track and last off it. We hope he continues his form playing as a key back in the Seniors and we can help him celebrate in style with a win over the Blues. Congratulations Trolley.


Hutchins                                4.2,  9.3,  9.8,  10.11  (71)

University                             5.1,  6.3,  9.7,  10.10  (70)

GOALS, Hutchins  :T. Triffitt 3, N. Leitch 2, M. Williamson 2, J. Glover 1, H. Johnstone 1, C. Alcorso 1

University  :B. Livingston 3, A. Woodhead 1, J. Tammens 1, M. Alberry 1, S. Chivers  1, C. Howard 1, M. Gardner 1, T. Stevens 1

BEST, Hutchins  :N. Leitch, T. Triffitt, H. Briant, T. Gogolin, C. Alcorso

University  :M. Gardner, M. Booth, J. Dunstan, B. Livingston, S. Chivers , J. Tammens

A tough pill to swallow on Saturday for our Senior team, both teams were missing key players but that didnt take away from the contest both teams provided. Hutchins jumped away to a fast start leading by 3 goals, but we were able to grab a 5 point lead at quarter time with 3 goals in time on. Marcus Gardner was dominant in the ruck for us all game but our mids had an off day and Nichols, Lister, and Alcorso kept taking the ball away from the centre at their leisure. Our backline held strong for most of the day with Nathan Hardy keeping big Willo to 2 goals and Michael Booth repelling plenty of ball from our defensive 50. Braden Livingston finished with 3 opportunist goals to be our main contributor up forward. In the end we had our chances to win the game but couldnt finish the job and to Hutchins credit they stuck to their guns and held on for a 1 point victory and bragging rights in the first battle of the Bay. We will regroup this week at training and look to bounce back against Richmond at Home. The Blues have had their own injury worries so with us getting a few guys back in we should hopefully put up a strong showing.


University                              3.1,  5.4,  7.4,  10.9  (69)

Hutchins                                 2.1,  3.1,  3.2,  3.4  (22)


GOALS, University  :M. Matuszek 4, C. Barling 2, C. Foster 1, C. Ritchie 1, J. Grubb 1, A. Pointon 1

Hutchins  :T. Parsons 2, L. Blue 1

BEST, University  :L. Bartulovic, D. Cappelli, H. McLean, D. Charlton, J. Grubb, J. Suridge

Hutchins  :J. Hudson, B. Adams, D. Bignell, L. Blue, T. Cottier, J. Gugger

Another great performance from the twos on the weekend to put us 4/0 to start the season. The game was always going to be a physical contest and Hutchins threw everything at us early on but after the first quarter we had a handy 2 goal lead. The last three quarters was just a hard slog as Hutchins kept putting players behind the ball to try and stop our scoring , but it didn't work and we recorded a good 50 point win. Better players for us were Luke Bartuloviuc and Cappelli across half back, Midfielders Charlton , Suridge and Foster
and up forward veteran goal machine Marek 'Mav' Matuszek (4goals)

Next week is the real test and it will interested to see how our young side goes up against last years Premiers the Richmond Blues.

Women :03.08 (026)The Port 02.05 (017)

On Saturday TUFC Women’s team took on Port Cygnet at Kermandie and have come away with their first win of the year! With both teams coming into the match with no wins on the board yet for 2018 this was always bound to be a hard fort game, and not a win that Cygnet would give up easily. Hungry for their first win of the year the girls came out hard but unfortunately were unable to make use of their opportunities at goal as we had hoped with the half time score coming in at 1.4.10 Uni – 1.1.7 Cygnet. The 3rd quarter for the girls was one that Cygnet did not give up lightly with Uni being down by 1 point going into the final term. This is where the girls really came together to and put their bodies on the line as they battled out the last quarter and came away with the win beating Port Cygnet: 2.5.17 - 3.8.26.

The girls performance in the final term made it difficult for the coaching staff to pick their best for the day as all the girls pulled together to bring Uni successfully over the line. Best on ground for the game went to Ruby Campbell who, for a first year player is really showing some true potential and as her skills and game awareness continues to grow she will be even more of a force to be reckoned with. Second best went to Ellie Kierath who again was able to find herself a lot of the footy and also was able to get the girls on the board with 2 excellent goals.

This takes the girls into their away game clash against last year’s premiers Lindisfarne this Sunday. No doubt the girls as they have shown previously in their last 3 games will be looking to cause Lindisfarne a bit of a headache with their persistent and relentless team efforts.