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Round 3  

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Round 3 v St Virgils at Uni



University                              3.3,  12.11,  16.17,  26.23  (179)

St Virgils                                  1.4,    2.7,    2.12,    2.16    (28)


 GOALS, University  :A. Woodhead 5, J. Tammens 3, B. Livingston 3, B. Waight 3, M. Gardner 3, S. Chivers  3, E. Brock 2, M. Palmer 1, M. Alberry 1, G. King 1, T. Pointon 1

 St Virgils  :M. Collis 1, J. Tyrrell 1

 BEST, University  :B. Waight, M. Gardner, J. Broadbent, M. Palmer, M. Booth, A. Woodhead

 St Virgils  :L. Menzie, R. Wakefield, T. Gillies, M. Collis, D. Davie, B. Weston

Another successful weekend with both teams collecting the points. The message before the game was all about being disciplined in sticking to our structures and putting the team first, bar a couple of pot shots from the boundary we did this pretty well.

Our tackling was first class and we never allowed the Saints to get any real consistency in their ball movement and this also allowed us to deliver the ball into our forwards with a bit more ease. Youngster Blake Waight again showed exceptional poise for a 3 game player taking down a classic one handed mark on the wing against two bigger opponents and always making the correct decision with his disposal, he was well supported by Ruckman Marcus Gardner, Michael Plamer and Joe Broadbent who tagged Ashley Bennett out of the game after quarter time.

Our backline was again very disiplined in the way they set up behind the footy allowing the Saints only two goals for the day. Michael Booth led the way with his attacking run and elite foot skills off halfback.

Up the other end we had 11 different goal kickers with many players rotating up forward , Ash Woodhead kicked 5 and looked dangerous with Waight, Tammens, Gardner and Livingston all chiming in with 3 each.

We have Hutchins at Queenborough next Saturday in what will be a big test, as we know it doesn't matter where we are on the ladder both teams always like to get the Sandy Bay bragging rights early in the season. We should only have a couple of changes to the side with Jed Dunstan available after missing Saturday playing in Adelaide with the Australian emergency services team and Brad Green is expected to return to the side after a weeks rest.


University                              6.3,  8.5,  13.6,  18.9  (117)

 St Virgils                                 1.1,  3.2,  4.5,     4.5  (29)


GOALS, University  :M. Matuszek 5, J. Huizing 2, C. Barling 2, B. Balsley-Polley 2, C. Foster 1, A. Pointon 1, D. Charlton 1, L. Bartulovic 1, H. McLean 1, J. O'Meara 1, Z. Fidler 1

St Virgils  :K. Gill 3, A. Briggs 1

BEST, University  :C. Alexander, L. Bartulovic, D. Cappelli, D. Charlton, Z. Fidler, J. Kinch  

St Virgils  :J. Berry, K. Tomkinson, J. Brooks, K. Gill, J. Atkins

We knew after St Virgils beat Dosa last week that this was going to be a hard game and despite the end result showing a 90 point win to the rainbows we got what we expected. The first quarter was a physical affair with both sides throwing there bodies around and it wasn't until our runners in Charlton , Alexander and co got on top that we started to get on top. The second started the same way with the Saints winning a lot of the ball but our defence led by Mathews , Cappelli, Luke Bartulovic, Zac Fidler and co repelled many attacks and in the end we only won the quarter by a point.

The second half started the same as the first half did , a hard physical contest , but as we started to win more ball our key forwards started to kick more goals Matuszek 5 , Connor Barling 2, and Jason Huizing 2. In the end a nice 90 point win.
So a 3/0 start to the season is a good way to set up the year, but still a lot of hard work ahead .
Selection again will be hard this week as up to 15 players are available that missed out last week.

Women had the bye