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Round 1  

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Round 1 v St Virgils at New Town Oval   07/04/2018



University                          4.5,  13.9,  24.14,  30.24  (204)

St Virgils                              0.2,  2.2,     2.3,      7.5      (47)


 GOALS, University  :C. Howard 7, A. Woodhead 4, J. Tammens 4, M. Alberry 4, E. Brock 3, B. Livingston 2, R. Douglas 2, S. Chivers  2, T. Lonergan 1, N. Huizing 1

 St Virgils  :C. Sutcliffe 2, L. Menzie 2, B. Mahony 1, D. Davie 1, J. Morgan 1

 BEST, University  :N. Hardy, M. Gardner, C. Howard, G. King, R. Douglas, E. Brock

 St Virgils  :


University                              0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  13.16  (94)

 St Virgils                                    0.0,  0.0,  0.0,  7.9  (51)


 GOALS, University  :M. Matuszek 5, J. Huizing 4, J. Higginbotham 2, H. Willis 1, D. Cappelli 1

 St Virgils  :S. Willoughby 2, D. Arnold 2, A. Bennett 1, C. Parker 1, B. Britton 1

 BEST, University  :J. Higginbotham, J. O'Meara, J. Grubb, L. Kendell, C. Alexander, C. Barling

 St Virgils  :T. Gillies, B. Purtell, S. Bennett, D. Meredith, C. Parker, S. Percy

Women :02.02 (014) db  Lauderdale 04.03 (027) Go to Special Events on the Main Menu for a full report of the girls first game.

Match Reports

Round 1 has been a long time coming after a solid preseason but our boy's were ready and started the year with two terrific wins at the Bike Track. 
Our two leaders Grant King and Rhys Douglas stamped themselves on the game at the first centre bounce with crunching team tackle that let the Saints know we meant business. Marcus Gardner was one of 9 players to play their first game for the club and was outstanding with his tap work in the ruck, he consistently gave our mids first use and they took full toll by continually giving our forwards quick delivery. Our forward line worked well together and looked to lower their eyes and find a better option if it was there which was pleasing to see. Chris Howard kicked 7 Goals and was well supported by Woodhead, Alberry and Tammens with 4 a piece and youngster Ethan Brock 3. With 10 individual goal kickers it shows in 2018 we wont be relient on one or two guys to kick a bag. Backline Playing Coach Nathan Hardy was brilliant in his first game, by not only marking the ball at will but organising our defensive set up which stopped many StVirgils forward thrusts, during the preseason our backline has been very settled and all of the guy's showed that with their composure and constant counter attack. All in all we did what we needed to do and know that this week will be much tougher against an exciting OHA outfit that dealt with reigning premiers Richmond by a comfortable 26 points. With players like ex Adelaide player Ian Callinan, Josh Hall, Mick Thompson and the exciting Salpietro we will need to come with our A game if we want the 4 points.

This Saturday will be our first home game so we would love to see all of our supporters come out and support the boys, selection will be tough this week with several players away and unavailable against St Virgils and looking to break into a winning side. Our 2016 Premiership Hero and ex Melbourne 254 gamer Brad Green will be playing his first game also which will be a great boost for the side, Brads experience in coaching at AFL level is a wonderful asset for our club and younger players and it's terrific he still gives up his time to pull on the Bow's gurnsey when he can.


We were expecting a tough game against St Virgils and it was exactly what we got

Our first half was a close physical game with both sides not giving an inch. The saints went in at half time with a slight lead . After half time our runners took over Higgybottom,
Charlton and Rippon, we were also starting to get on top in the middle of the ground where big Foster, Kinch, Alexander,Grubb and Liam Kendell were starting to dominate, and in the end had a good 50 pt win
With 10 new players coming into the side it was very pleasing how quickly we started to gel as a team, our next mission is a rematch of last year semi final against the Ships this Saturday.

Saturday 14th April v OHA at University Oval
Seniors 2pm
Reserves 11.30pm

Get along and support the Bows and the OSFA...