Pictures from the 2017 Season 

Round 16 

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Round 16  12th August v DOSA at home

DOSA                                  2.1,  4.2,  6.3,  8.5  (53)

University                         4.1,  6.2,  7.2,  8.2  (50)


GOALS, Dosa : J. Briggs 3, S. Peacock 2, B. Midson 1, J. Veitch 1, D. Curtain 1

University  : B. Beams 3, S. Whitney 1, J. McCullum-Ring 1, T. Stevens 1, K. Denby 1, C. Howard 1

BEST, Dosa : S. Beattie, A. Parker, B. Midson, M. Reeve, J. Cerritelli, D. Hall

University  : N. Bien, T. Arnold, R. Gilligan, J. Hamilton, R. Douglas, B. Adams


University                            2.1,  5.2,  6.4,  8.4  (52)

DOSA                                    1.1,  5.3,  5.4,  8.4  (52)


GOALS, University : L. Bartulovic 5, M. Matuszek 3

DOSA : C. Golding 3, G. Wakefield 1, M. Robinson 1, P. Carroll 1, D. Cragg 1, A. Triffitt 1

BEST, University : S. Terhell, S. Kenny, C. Foster, L. Bartulovic, J. O'Meara, K. Dedini

DOSA : P. Carroll, M. Harrison, L. Wakefield, B. Griffin, T. Cockshutt, L. Henderson

This was an important game for both sides in terms of making the finals and unfortunately a close loss and a draw might not be enough. The second half of the game was enjoyed by members of the 1977 senior premiership side and other players and supporters of that year.



Second quarter


Coach, Ben Beams, pulled on the boots and kicked three goals.


Excellent skills on display despite the damp conditions.


Guess who?



The game was generally played in fine spirit but a couple of spot fires entertained the crowd.


Last quarter.





Chances in the last moments but a very disappointing loss.