Pictures from the 2017 Season 

Round 1  

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Round 1 v DOSA at TCA Ground

Seniors   :12.10 (082) db  DOSA 14.13 (97)

Goals: Collis 5, Howard 2, Denby, Fogarty, Omeara, Woodhead, Stevens
Best: Fogarty, Collis, Douglas, N Huizing, Lonergan, Palmer, Howard
Goals: D. Cragg 5, G. Delaney 2, M. Reeve, J. Veitch, A. Parker, J. Glancy, M. Fielding, B. Midson, J. Carroll
Best: B. Midson, T. Males, S. Peacock, B. Loveless, D. Cragg, M. Reeve

Reserves :04.04 (028) db  DOSA 20.15 (035)

Goals: J. Abbott, C. Burgess, K. Takayama, J. McCullum-Ring
Best: S. Whitney, C. Foster, J. Abbott, M. Matuszek, D. Jones, C. Burgess
Goals: J. Howard 6, M. Robinson 3, D. Curtain 3, A. Wilson 3, K. Salter 2, B. Glancy, K. Manser, A. Grubb
Best: B. Glancy, K. Salter, D. Curtain, A. Wilson, L. Henderson, A. Grubb