Pictures from 2013 including results and other information

                                                                         TUFC Seniors 2013

Back : J Harrison, M Corbett, H Anderson, N Fenton, M Whittle, M Gill, W Bellchambers, J Saner, T Stevens

Middle :  K Dedini, M Gowans, S Hamilton, S Fisher, J Cracknell, R Hill, J Nelson, M Rippon, B Cave, W McAdam, M Brereton,
              J Hamilton, N Hill, G Glass  (Trainer), W Trethewie (Runner)

Front : M Jones, F Reeves, P McEvoy Captain), C Burgess (Coach),  F Ackroyd ( Ass Coach). M Matuszek (President)

      Max, S Ackroyd (Mascots)         Absent: S Cooper, T Stewart, C Joyce, P Brooks

All Home and Away Senior Players - to come


     TUFC Reserves 2013

Back : T Little, B Cave, L Bartulovic, K Takayama, N Fenton, K Donohoe, D Young, S Bellchambers, L McCarthy, G Livingston

Middle :  Z Lieutier, C Jordan, B Curtis, R Bellchambers, B Stanborough, J Copplemen, S Locke, C McConnon, J Rubinstein, K Dedini
               J Hamilton

 Front :  G Glass (Trainer), J Nelson, S Fisher, M Jones, M Matuszek (Coach), B Hayes, M Gates N Whittle           


All Home and Away Reserves Players - to come