Old Scholars Football Association

Results for Season 2011 thanks to Michael Munday and Bruce Clark

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Round 1 16 April

Preview Round 1

The Old Scholars Football Association commences this Saturday with a tight and entertaining season forecast due to the recruitment by all clubs of many name players. 

Last season’s premiers Hutchins who meet Richmond at Queenborough are aiming to achieve more success and while losing stars Jamie Harriss and Adam Palfreyman to retirement have recruited a number of reputable players led by Matthew Creese and James Faulkner giving them similar flexibility of last year .

Richmond have covered the loss of three key players with the return of ruckman Darren McGuinness and the signing of a number of ex TSL and SFL players while the consistent Ben Cato, Adam Daft, Julian Sturzaker and Kurt Baker will provide their usual on ball drive. 

St.Virgils with Jason Britten again in charge host OHA have lost several prominent players but have covered their losses with the return of Marcus Parker, Scott Quinn and Kent Millington while high expectations are forecast for recruits Byron Dalliston, Calvin Philp and Brad Weston. OHA have recruited well and appointed ex Clarence star Trent Whitelaw as coach and could be the surprise packet with Nick Skeggs, Brodie Langford, Daniel Archer and Mat Zukauskas at the forefront of their challenge.

In the final game University meet Channel and have lost a number of players but with Ben Beams returning to coach in his third year an appointment which provides continuity, a commodity that is usually in short supply while their rucking stocks have been bolstered with the signings of Will McCadam and Jake Stride plus defender Tom Hiscutt.

Channel have appointed Michael (Spud) Darcy and have covered the loss of a third of last year’s team with the recruitment of several promising players namely Ian Coulson, Marcus Smith, Grant Clark, Sam Dean and Ryan Smith and they are looking for a marked improvement this season.

DOSA have the bye. 

Results Round 1


                                                     University d Channel
University        8.3    15.7    19.12    25.20.170
Channel          0.2      3.5       7.7        8. 9. 57 
Goals - University - F Reeves 6, M Riseley 5, M Matuszek 4, J Stride 2, N Fenton 2 
C Bugress, J Nelson, N Whittle, A Fitzpatrick, T Stewart, A Gilmour 
Channel - C Stockfield 2, M Turnbull 2, R Whittaker, N Hanson, F Clark, M McGuire
Best - University - N Marson, J Stride, A Gilmore, M Riseley, F Reeves, M Gowans
Channel - N Butler, G Clark, B Vatstraa, N Hanson, M McGuire, M Turnball
                                                    OHA d St Virgils
OHA                4.6    9.8    11.13    17.20.122
St Virgils          3.0    4.5      7.7      10. 8. 68
Goals - OHA - S Jury 5, S Bowering 4, T Whitelaw 2, M McPherson 2, M Bannister 2
S McCallum, A Banks St Virgils - A Burdon 5, M Collis 2, J Britton, S Groves, J Rogers
Best - OHA - B Langford, M Thompson, M Oakford, S Jury, N Skeggs, B Langford
St Virgils - J Ackerley, Matthew Parker, L Post, J Rogers, A Burdon
                                                    Hutchins d Richmond
Hutchins        2.5    4.9    10.13    14.19.103
Richmond      3.3    5.4      6.12      8.15. 63
Goals - Hutchins - B Van Krannan 7, M Wilson 2, N Leitch, J Archer, E Perry, M Lister, S Nichols
Richmond - J Woolley 2, K Baker, A Daft, J Dunn, B Cato, N Terry,C Hutchinson
Best - Hutchins - M Walsh, N Cleary, A Deane, B Van Krannan, L Franks, J Faulkner
Richmond - A Baines, G Splann, D McGuiness, J DeWinter


University           1     1    -    -     170      57    298.24    4 
OHA                  1     1    -    -     122      68    179.41    4
Hutchins            1     1    -    -     103      63    163.49    4
Richmond          1    -     1    -      63      103     61.16    - 
St Virgils           1    -     1    -      68      122     55.74    -
Channel             1    -     1    -      57     170     33.53    -
Leading Goalkickers - B Van Krannan Hutchins 7, F Reeves University 5, M Riseley University 5,
A Burdon St Virgils 5, S Jury OHA 5 
Channel         9.9.63
University       6.8.44
Goals - Channel - T Riseley 3, D Warn, A Patrick, S Turnball, D Shriver, J McQueen, C Coventry
University - J Abell 2, R Hill, M Martin, J Hoult, A McKenzie   
Best - Channel - J McKay, D Millhouse, T Riseley, J Beadle, L Bartolovic, A Sharp
University - J Hoult, N Dazley, P McIver, J Abell, J Saner, M Martin
OHA            16.11.107
St Virgils      10.17. 77
Goals - OHA - N Worledge  4, P Stanley 4, C Hevey 3, S Brown 3, S Ryan, B Rogers
St Virgils - J Parker 3, N Clark 2, Hills 2, M Cracknell, S Donaghue, S Riley 
Best - OHA -  A Riseley, P Stanley, R Hunt, B Rogers, S Gillies, B Bateman
St Virgils - M Ferguson, G Burke, M Cracknell, S Donaghue, J Slade, T Pilkington
Hutchins        12.7.79
Richmond      7.11.53
Goals - Hutchins - D Creak 3, B Garth 3, S Martin 2, C Jones, T Graver, J Bishop, M Graver
Richmond - B Joseph 2, A Oakley, S Bradford, J Henley, T Lee, P Rollands
Best - Hutchins - T Graver, G Wright, R Hallam, J Swain, O Robinson, D Creak
Richmond - D Lyden, I DeWinter, J Henley, P Rollands, J Jones, J Hodge    

Hutchins 149.05% 4pts, Channel 143.18% 4 pts, OHA 138.96% 4pts,

St Virgils 71.96% - pts, University 69.84% - pts, Richmond 67.08% - pts


Leading Goalkickers - N Worledge OHA 4, P Stanley OHA 4,  

Review Round 1

Last years’ premiers Hutchins kicked off their title defence with a 40 point win over Richmond courtesy of  better finishing in front of goal in the second half. Richmond held a 1 point lead at half time but both teams knuckled down to the task in the third quarter with Hutchins accuracy allowing them to open up a 25 point break entering the final quarter but Richmond did themselves no favours by kicking 1 goal from 9 scoring shots in that crucial third quarter and Hutchins drew away in the final quarter. Michael Walsh, Nick Cleary, Andrew Deane, Ben Van Kraanen with 7 goals, Lewis Franks and James Faulkner stood out for Hutchins while Adam Baines, Garry Splann. Darren McGuinness and Jake De Winter were best for Richmond. 

OHA started their season in style with a comprehensive win over St.Virgils. OHA were dominant throughout with the final score telling the story with OHA having 37 shots on goal to 18 by St.Virgils and this inaccuracy kept St.Virgils chances alive early on as they were only 5 goals down at half time and kept plugging away in the third quarter but OHA dominated the final quarter winning by 54 points. Ben Langford, Marc Thompson, Michael Oakford, Scott Jury with 5 goals, Nick Skeggs and Brodie Langford were best for OHA with Jeremy Ackerley, Matthew Parker, Leigh Post, Jacob Rogers and Adrian Burdon with 5 goals played well for St.Virgils. 

University had all the answers against Channel recording a 113 point win. University jumped out of the blocks in the first quarter kicking 8 goals to nil increasing the lead to 74 points at half time and while Channel fought the game out University were too powerful around the ground led by Nick Marson, Jake Stride, Alex Gilmore, Matthew Riseley, Field Reeves with 6 goals and Michael Gowans while  Nic Butler, Grant Clark, Ben Vaatstra, Neil Hansonn, Morgan Maguire and Matthew Turnbull were best for Channel.

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Round 2 22-23 April

Preview Round 2

OHA and University clash on Good Friday at Geilston Bay in the Old Scholars Football Association.

In the games on Saturday DOSA host Hutchins and Richmond meet St.Virgils.

The game at Geilston Bay could be decided on performances by the onballers led by  Paul Stanley, Brodie Langford, Scott McCallum and Mat Zukauskas against University’s Jake Stride, Alex Gilmour, Cameron Burgess and Mav Matuszek. OHA looked very impressive first up but will miss the suspended Scott Jury while University have a group of promising young players to compliment their experienced senior list.

The Reserves games commences at 4.30 followed by the Senior game at 7pm. 

A four quarter effort will be needed by DOSA in their quest for victory against a confident Hutchins. With Daniel Lamont in charge DOSA will showcase Tim Bracken, Tom Doyle, Jeff Fisher and Matthew McCulloch backed up by a team that is hungry for success. Ben Van Kraanen  starred for Hutchins last week supported by James Faulkner, Nick Cleary and Michael Walsh.

The Richmond versus St.Virgils game should be a close affair centred around Richmond’s Darren McGuinness, Garry Splann, Jake De Winter, Ben Cato and Kurt Baker opposed to St.Virgils’ Kent Millington, Matthew Parker, Jason Britten and Michael Collis but Saints need to keep the pressure on throughout and give star forward Adrian Burdon ample supply of opportunities.  

Channel have the bye. 

Results Round 2

                                                  OHA d University
OHA            1.3    5.6    11.11    17.12.114
University     7.3  10.6    12.8      15.12.102
Goals - OHA - Brodie Langford 3, N Auksorius 3, S Bowering 3, S McCallum 2
A Banks 2, M McPherson, Ben Langford, H Thorpe, D Archer
University - F Reeves 3, M Matuszek 2, J Stride 2, N Whittle 2, A Gilmour 2
A Fitzpatrick, T Stewart, A Saunders
Best - M Thompson, Brodie Langford, D Archer, H Thorpe, S McCallum, N Auksorius
University - M Matuszek, T Hiscut, R Oakley, T Stewart, M Gill, J Stride
                                                Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins    3.2    5.5    7.8    10.13.73
DOSA       0.3    2.9    5.16    6.17.53
Goals - Hutchins - B Van Kraanen 3, N Leitch 2, N Wilson 2, E Perry, M Creese, C Hensby
DOSA - M McCulloch 2, J O'Brien, K Dooley, J Harvey, J Fisher
Best - Hutchins - M Creese, M Windsor, C Hensby, N Cleary, A Deane, M Wilson
DOSA - J O'Brien, M McCulloch, J Harvey, D Hall, M Pace, S Peacock
                                                Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond    9.2    14.7    17.11    23.16.154
St Virgils      2.2     7.6       9.7     12. 7 . 79
Goals - Richmond - K Baker 3, J Sturzaker 3, Jordon Dunn 2, N Terry 2, C Hutchinson 2
D Splann, J DeWinter, J Woolley, Nathan Woolley, B Rogers, D Bailey, J Baker, N Braslin
A Daft, A Baines, Nick Woolley St Virgils - A Burdon 5, M Collis 4, J Britton, Marcus Parker, M Beck

Hutchins                2    2    -    -    175    116    150.86    8
OHA                      2    2    -    -    236    170    138.82    8
University               2    1    1   -    272    171    159 06    4
Richmond              2    1    1    -    217    182    119.23    4
St Virgils                2   1    1    -    147    276      53.26    4
DOSA                    1    -    1   -      53      73      72.60    -
Channel                 1    -    1    -      57    170      33.53   -        
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (5) 10, F Reeves University (3) 9, B Van Kraanen Hutchins (3) 8
S Bowering OHA (3) 7, M Collis St Virgils (4) 6, M Matuzek University (2) 6    
OHA            16.18.114
University        5  6. 36 
Goals - OHA - S Brown 4, C Hevey 4, T Austin 2, P Taylor 2, B Rogers, S Bryan
B Bateman, R Hunt  University - J Abell 3, M Rippon, M Martin
Best - OHA - J Tierney, D Ryan, S Gillies, B Rogers, G Vincent, D Walton
University - P McIver, J Murfett, M Goddard, S Hamilton, M Rippon, D Kinsella
DOSA        13.13.91
Hutchins     12.17.89
Goals - DOSA - M Honey 5, M Robinson 4, K Harvey, P Hyatt, M Brockman, R Plunkett
Hutchins - B Garth 3, G Friend 2, J Parker 2, A Smith 2, J Deal, R Hallam, S Martin 
Best - DOSA - M Brockman, R Plunkett, S Drew, Michael Carr, L Calvert, M McCallum
Hutchins - R Hallam, G Friend, O Robinson, B Gibson, B Garth, P Graver 
Richmond     16.25.121
St Virgils        3.  5.  23
Goals - Richmond - J Henley 3,, L Fogarty 2, P Roland 2, N Grant 2, A Newnham, B Joseph
A Oakley, C Fogerty, D Burnie, D Williams, A Sweet  St Virgils - M Ferguson, N Clarke, T Howell
Best - Richmond - D Burnie, J Henley, J Dunn, D Williams, C Fogarty, J Haines
St Virgils - J Hooker, M Ferguson, D Hill, T Pilkington, R Jacobs, J Hills
OHA 195.57% 8pts, Richmond 170.59% 4pts, Channel 143.18 4pts, Hutchins 118.31% 4pts
DOSA 102.25% 4 pts, University 45.20% - pts, St Virgils 43.86% - pts

Leading Goalkickers - S Brown OHA (4) 7, B Garth Hutchins (3) 6, C Hevey OHA (4) 6
J Abell University (3) 5, J Parker St Virgils (2) 5, M Honey DOSA (5) 5

Review Round 2


OHA again showed why they will be a genuine finals contender with a courageous second half comeback to pip University by 12 points on Good Friday. University commenced the game full of running kicking 7 first quarter goals to 1 by OHA and establish a 36 point lead at the break and although OHA lifted their work rate in the second quarter still trailed the visitors by 30 points at half time but the second half belonged to the home team who kicked 12 goals to University’s 5 and record a valuable victory. Marc Thompson , Brodie Langford, Daniel Archer and Hayden Thorpe starred for OHA while Mav Matuszek, Tom Hiscutt, Rob Oakley and Troy Stewart  stood out for University. 

Hutchins were made to work hard for their win over a much improved DOSA combination. Hutchins jumped out of the blocks with their forward press causing problems for DOSA but the second quarter DOSA started to gain control around the packs and stoppages and but for inaccuracy on goal would have been much closer but they kept up the pressure only for Hutchins to grab 3 last quarter goals to win by 20 points. Best for Hutchins were midfielder Matthew Creese, defenders Marcus Windsor and Andrew Deane and Nick Cleary in the ruck while DOSA had winners in onballers Justin O’Brien, Matthew McCulloch, Justin Harvey and Daniel Hall.     

A switched on Richmond had all the answers in their clash with St.Virgils breaking the game open with a 9 goal first quarter although Saints kept pace for the next two quarters but Richmond kicked away in the last term to register 75 point win. Jordan Baker, Adam Daft, Jayden Baker and Dane Bailey led from the front for Richmond while Leigh Post, Michael Collis, Adrian Burdon and Marcus Parker were best for St.Virgils.     

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Round 3 30 April

Preview Round 3               

Both St.Virgils and DOSA hope to join the winners circle when they clash at New Town but St.Virgils’ inability to concentrate for four quarters lately has proved costly and improvement in this area is required but Adrian Burdon, Marcus Parker, Michael Collis and newcomer Byron Dalliston are showing good form. After last week’s performance DOSA could be the surprise packet with recruits Matthew McCulloch, Tim Bracken and Justin Harvey bolstering their ranks while Justin O’Brien is a proven midfielder.  

The University versus Richmond game is tipped to go either way but University need to apply more pressure as they went missing after half time last week and will flirt with danger if this continues but have the players led by Alex Gilmore, Mav Matuszek, Tom Hiscutt and Cameron Burgess to remedy the problem. Richmond were impressive against Saints with Adam Daft and Adam Baines at their usual best while Jordan Dunn and Dane Bailey have had solid starts. 

Channel face a tough task when they host the more fancied OHA. Channel have a youthful group blended with experience led by captain Matthew Turnbull, Morgan Maguire, Nic Butler and Michael Darcy but meet a confident OHA who have started confidently with newcomers Nick Auksorious and Hayden Thorpe impressive and Brodie Langford and Daniel Archer continue to play well.  

Hutchins have the bye.

Results Round 3

                                                OHA d Channel
OHA            5.2    10.8    18.8    25.15.165
Channel   3.3      6.6      9.6    11. 7.   73
Goals - OHA - S McCallum 9, S Bowering 7, M Zukauskas 3, Brodie Langford 2
B McMurray, T Whitelaw, T Fenton, M Thompson
Channel - M Darcy 6, M Smith 2, N Hanson, M McGuire, R Drysdale
Best - OHA - Ben Langford, S McCallum, Brodie Langford, B McMurray, J King, S Bowering
Channel - M Smith, N Butler, M Darcy, N Hanson, M McGuire
                                                University d Richmond
University    5.3    10.5    17.6    21.7.133
Richmond    3.2     8.6     10.8   14.13.97
Goals - University - A Gilmour 6, F Reeves 5, M Riseley 4, T Stewart, J Stride, M McCarthy
C Burgess, A Fitzpatrick, M Matuszek Richmond - B Roger 3, J Dunn 3, N Terry 2, M Baker
Nick Wolley, A Boucher, C Hutchinson, B Cato, D McGuinness
Best - University - A Fitzpatrick, W MacAdam, M Riseley, M Gill, A Gilmour, M Gowans
Richmond - B Roger, D Lyden, J Baker, D McGuinness, N Braslin, N Terry
                                            St Virgils d DOSA
St Virgils         5.3    10.8    16.12    19.17.131
DOSA             0.3      2.4       5.5      9.  6. 60
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 7, M Collis 5, J Rogers 2, B Hastie 2, B Davis 2, M Grandin
DOSA - T Gibbons 2, C Golding 2, K Dooley 2, M McCulloch, M Fielding, J O'Brien
Best - St Virgils - M Collis, Z Batchelor, M Grandin, A Burdon, Mathew Parker, J Parker
DOSA - J Harvey, J Fisher, T Gibbins, J Cerentilli, C Golding, A Davey

OHA                  3    3    -    -    401    243    165.02   12

University           3   2    1    -    405    268    151.12    8
Hutchins            2    2    -    -    175    116    150.86    8
Richmond          3    1    2    -    314    314    100.00    4
St Virgils            3    1    2    -    278    336     82.73    4
DOSA                2    -    2    -    113     204     55.39    -
CHANNEL          2    -    2    -    130     335     38.81    -      
Leading Goalkickers  A Burdon St VIrgils (7) 17, F Reeves University (5) 14, S Bowering OHA (7) 14
S McCallum OHA (9) 13, M Collis St Virgils (5) 11
OHA            9.18.72
Channel       6.  4.40
Goals - OHA - C Hevey 2, C Grace 2, T Austin 2, M Hinchen, R Limbrick, P Taylor
Channel - L Yeo 2, D Warn 2, T Risley, J Douglas
Best - OHA - A Limbrick, D Ryan, J Tierney, T Balcombe, S Hollick, G Vincent
Channel - N Swards, L Bartulovic, M Burleigh, A Warn, L Yeo, D Millhouse 
Richmond    11.19.85
University      7.13.55
Goals - Richmond - D Smith 2, N Grant 2, R Brumby 2, J Haines, J Henley, A Fleming
A Dillon, B Joseph University - B Johnson 2, R Hill 2, D Burgess, N Dazeley, M Rippon
Best - Richmond - K Rodgers, A Fleming, J Hodge, R Rowlands, J Needham, N Grant
University - P McIver, M Rippon, J Gibbs, J Murfett, J Saner, B Johnson   
DOSA        19.16.130
St Virgils    15.  9.  99
Goals - DOSA - L Calvert, B Daley, M Robinson, M Carr, J Claridge, J Everard
St Virgils - S Grove 4, R Hooker 4, T Howels 3, S Gray, S Riley, A Rhodes, J Hooker 
Best - DOSA - L Calvert, B Daley, M Robinson, M Carr, J Claridge, J Everard
St Virgils - S Gray, M Ferguson, S Groves, T Howels, J Hills, S Donaghue


OHA 151.50% 12pts, Richmond 164.97% 8pts, DOSA 117.55% 8pts,Hutchins 116.67% 4pts 
Channel 88.79% 4pts, St Virgils 55.59% - pts, University 51.53% - pts

Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (7) 12, M Robinson DOSA (6) 10, C Hevey OHA (2) 8, S Brown OHA (-) 7


Review Round 3

University reaped the benefits of applying pressure for four quarters in defeating Richmond in a hard fought game by 36 points. After an even first half University took control with a 7 goal third quarter to hold a commanding 40 point lead entering the final quarter which Richmond could not make up. Newcomers Aaron Fitzpatrick and William McAdam along with Matt Riseley and Matthew Gill stood out for University while best for Richmond were newcomers Ben Rogers, Daniel Lyden and Jayden Baker plus Darren McGuinness. 

OHA winning ways continued scoring a comfortable win over Channel but were made to work hard by a spirited opponent who kept pace with the unbeaten visitors to half time but with forwards Scott McCallum and Sam Bowering capitalising on the opportunities set up by Ben and Brodie Langford and Ben MacMurray OHA took control in the second half to win by 92 points. Michael Darcy, Marcus Smith, Nic Butler, Neil Hansonn and Morgan Maguire played well for Channel. 

St.Virgils opened their account with a 71 point thrashing of DOSA. From the outset St.Virgils were in control with the game virtually over at half time with DOSA trailing by 52 points. DOSA improved their game in the second half but the damage had been done. Michael Collis, Michael Grandin, Matthew Parker and Zac Batchelor while Justin Harvey, Jeff Fisher, Tim Gibbons and James Cerentilli

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Round 4 7 May

Preview Round 4

 Three rounds into the Old Scholars season and OHA and Hutchins are looking ominous at this stage but there are plenty of games remaining for the other clubs to realize their dream. The Hutchins St.Virgils game could go either way as both teams set themselves for these clashes but the home teams’ evenness around the ground plus the form of Nick Cleary, Nick Leitch, Matthew Creese and Andrew Deane should give them the edge but St.Virgils have a dangerous forward in Adrian Burdon who is on course to kick 100 season goals while Matthew Parker, Michael Grandin and Brendan Davis link up well.    

Richmond host Channel in a night game at Richmond and while their line up is impressive need to perform although Jayden Baker, Darren McGuinness, Nathan Terry and Ben Rogers are providing plenty of opportunities. An improved Channel have a young squad coupled with the experienced Michael Darcy, Morgan Maguire, Neil Hansson and Chris Joyce and looking for their first win but form suggests Richmond should prevail. 

DOSA will need an improved effort and Justin Harvey, Cameron Golding, Jeff Fisher and Aaron Davey to continue their good work to overcome University who put it together last week through the likes of Alex Gilmour, Michael Gowans, Matt Riseley and Aaron Fitzpatrick in their quest for consistency. 

OHA have the bye.

Results Round 4

                                          DOSA d University
DOSA            3.1    7.6    12.11    16.16.112
University       4.4    6.7      9.10    13.11.  89
Goals - DOSA - J Davie 5, L Manser 2, C Golding 2, M McCulloch 2,
T Bracken 2, B Daley, T Gibbins, J Fisher, M Robinson
University - M Riseley 5, A Gilmour 5, F Reeves 2, M Gill
Best - DOSA - J Davie, L Manser, J Fisher, B Daley, T Gibbins, M McCulloch
University - A Fitzpatrick, M Riseley, N Marson, M Gowans, A Gilmour, F Ackroyd
                                        Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins        1.1    7.4    12.10    17.11.113
St Virgils        3.5    6.8     8.11     14.15. 99
Goals - Hutchins - M Lister 4, M Hall 3, B Van Krannan 3, A Triffett 2, C Hensby 2
T Friend 2, N Leitch
St Virgils - A Burdon 8, J Britten 2, Marcus Parker 2, M Collis, T Nicholas
Best - Hutchins - C Hensby, N Cleary, E Perry, M Lister, M Creese, L Franks
St Virgils - S Quinn, A Burdon, L Post, Z Batchelor, B Parremore, M Beck
                                      Richmond d Channel
Richmond    4.2    10.7    15.12    16.18.114
Channel       2.1     7.2       9.3     13. 7. 85
Goals - Richmond - Nick Woolley 4, N Grubb 3, B Rogers 2, Jordon Dunn 2,
B Cato 2, A Baines, S Campbell, N Terry
Channel - C Joyce 6, M Darcy 4, M Smith, J Webster, R Drysdale
Best - Richmond - G Splann, Nick Woolley, A Baines, M Baker, Jordon Dunn, S Campbell
Channel - W Dean, I Coulson, G Clark, W Smith, N Hanson, C Joyce 


OHA                3    3    -    -      401    243    165.02    12
Hutchins          3    3    -    -      288    215    133.95    12 
University        4    2    2    -      494    380    130.00     8
Richmond        4    2    2    -      428    399    107.27     8
St Virgils         4    1    3     -     377    449      83.96     4
DOSA             3    1    2     -     225    293      76.79     4
Channel           3     -    3    -     215    449      47.88     -
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (8) 25, F Reeves University (2) 16, S Bowering OHA (-) 14
M Riseley University (5) 14. A Gilmour University (5) 14, B Van Krannen Hutchins (3) 13
                                       DOSA d University
DOSA            10.11.71
University         8. 2.50
Goals - DOSA - M Honey 5, S Byrne, B Cantrell, M Brockman, N Cassidy, M Carr
University - N Dazeley 6, S Ball-Smith, D Burgess
Best - DOSA - J Carroll, L Golding, S Byrne, M McCallum, M Scott, C Burdon
University - N Dazeley, M Rippon, J Gibb, S Ball-Smith, J Murfett, M Burkin
                                        Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins            12.10.82
St Virgils             9.  5.59
Goals - Hutchins - B Garth 4, D Readett 3, A Hazell 2,J Deal, J Fyshe, J Nichols
St Virgils - J Rainbird 2, S Riley 2, D Jones, R Hooker, S Reid, J McLean, M Cracknell
Best - Hutchins - B Garth, G Wright, L Doyle, J Nichols, J Burns
St Virgils - S Dickson, S Hughes, J Hooker, M Cracknell, S Donaghue, N Jones       
                                          Richmond d Channel
Richmond        17.18.120
Channel             5. 8. 38
Goals - Richmond - J Haines 4, R Brumby 4, A Newnham 2, J Hodge 2, J Henley,
H Joseph, N Howard, C Hutchinson, C Fogarty
Channel - N Townsend 2, C Stockfield 2, M Gates
Best - Richmond - J Needham, J Mackey,  H Joseph, A Sweet, C Fogarty, J Jones
Channel - A Patrick, J Beadle, C Stockfield, M Gates


Richmond 194.36% 12pts, OHA 191.50% 12pts, DOSA 112.69% 12pts, Hutchins 123.75% 8pts
Channel 59.75% 4pts, St Virgils 58.64% - pts, University 55.55% - pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (5) 17, B Garth Hutchins (4) 10 M Robinson DOSA 10, C Hevey OHA (-) 8      

Review Round 4

Bold coaching moves paid dividends for DOSA who scored a stunning win over University. University started best but DOSA fought back with DOSA coach Daniel Lamont making positional changes in the second quarter with Cameron Golding to full forward and his bulk and height caused University to swap their defence around which enabled the home team’s other tall forward space and they lead by 5 points at half time. DOSA’s Tim Gibbons and Ben Clark continued their good work in the second half and DOSA increased their lead to 19 points at three quarter time although University were kept in the game by Nick Marson, Michael Gowans, Aaron Fitzpatrick and Fabian Ackroyd  but DOSA held firm to win by 23 points. 

Hutchins overcame a first quarter deficit to outplay St.Virgils for the next two quarters and break even in a titanic final quarter to win a hard fought game by 14 points. With Adrian Burdon on song at full forward and Scott Quinn, Leigh Post And Zac Batchelor in form St.Virgils looked good but with Chris Hensby, Nick Cleary, Matthew Creese and Ellis Perry firing Hutchins fought back to wrest the initiative away. 

In the night game Richmond led by Gary Splann, Nick Woolley, Adam Baines and Nickolas Grubb had to work hard to overcome Channel by 29 points although they had more chances. Channel were best served by Will Dean, Ian Coulson, Grant Clark and Marcus Smith.


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Round 5  14 May

Preview Round 5

University and Hutchins clashes are usually unpredictable as is selecting the winner but University need to address their forwards wasting chances in blazing away at goal when there are better options and a set up similar to Pagan’s paddock with Alex Gilmour given more room could be worth a try while defenders Nick Marson and Michael Gowans with onballers Cameron Burgess and Aaron Fitzpatrick are in form. Hutchins’ are approaching their best through the hard work from Ellis Perry, Chris Hensby, Matthew Lister, Nick Cleary and Michael Hall which will cause problems for opposing teams.  

Led by Justin O’Brien, Tim Gibbons, Brodie Daley and Tim Bracknell DOSA should hold all the aces against Channel. Quick ball movement to their tall forwards is DOSA’s trump card but they need to keep the momentum going while Channel’s display against Richmond was encouraging with forwards Chris Joyce and Michael Darcy plus Grant Clark and Will Dean prominent. 

 OHA host Richmond and OHA are the form team at this stage with everyone contributing led by evergreen Scott McCallum with Brodie Langford, Daniel Archer and Ben MacMurray while Richmond are missing a number of players but have Adam Baines, Ben Rogers, Nick Woolley and Garry Splann playing good football and this game could go either way as previous clashes have shown

St Virgils have the bye

Results Round 5

Congratulations to Channel for their first senior win since joining the OSFA!


                                                Channel d DOSA
Channel        3.2    8.7    10.9    13.11.89
DOSA           4.4    5.6      7.7    10.11.71
Goals - Channel - M Darcy 3, C Stockfield 3, C Joyce 2, B Schulthorpe,
M McGuire, R Whitaker, I Coulson, L Bartulovic
DOSA - M McCulloch 4, T Bracken 2, J Harvey, M Carr, J O'Brien, J Fisher
Best - Channel - B Vastraa, G Clark, I Coulson, S Dean, C Stockfield, N Butler
DOSA - N Carr, J Harvey, M Carr, M Pace, C Golding, B Loveless
                                                OHA d Richmond 
OHA            6.6    10.8    18.10    19.19.133
Richmond    2.2      3.4      5.4        7.  7. 49
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 6, S Jury 4, A Banks 4, L Walker 2, M Zukauskas 2, S McCallum
Richmond - A Reeve 2, N Terry 2, D McGuiness, K Rodgers, A Baines
Best - OHA - M Zukauskas, T Fenton, A Banks, J Watkins, N Skeggs, S Jury
Richmond - J Dunn, B Cato, N Terry, K Rodgers, A Baines, J Baker
                                            Hutchins d University
Hutchins      4.6    5.9    8.18    11.22.88
University    3.4    5.10   6.13     8.21.69
Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 3, M Creese 2, B Van Krannan 2, T Friend, M Walsh, J Faulkner, M Lister
University - M Riseley 5, C Burgess 2, P McCarthy
Best - Hutchins - N Leitch, C Hensby, N Cleary, J Faulkner, M Walsh, A Sayers
University - J Stride, C Burgess, T Hiscutt, T Stewart, M Riseley, P McCarthy


OHA            4    4    -    -    534    292    182.88    16
Hutchins      4    4    -    -    376    284    132.39    16
University    5    2    3    -    563    468    120.30      8
Richmond    5    2    3    -    477    532      89.66     8
St Virgils     4    1    3    -    377    449      83.96     4
DOSA         4    1    3    -    296    382      77.49     4
Channel      4    1    3    -    304    520      58.46     4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (-) 25, S Bowering OHA (6) 20, M Riseley University (3) 17
F Reeves University (-) 16, B Van Krannan Hutchins (2) 15, A Gilmour University (-) 14
                                         DOSA d Channel
DOSA        9.12.66
Channel      8. 8.56
Goals - DOSA - M Honey 3, T Golding 2, R Plunkett, J Cerritelli, B Johnson, L Golding
Channel - A Warn 2, T Risley 2, J Bradley 2, C Swan, M Gates
Best - DOSA - M Harrison, T Doyle, S Byrne, T Curtain, C Burdon, M Scott
Channel - J Bailey, D Millhouse, J Beadle, R Schuth, S Turnball, D Warn
                                          Richmond d OHA
Richmond     14. 6. 90
OHA             10.10.70
Goals - Richmond - R Brumby 5, C Hutchinson 2, D Smith 2, W Dowling, J Mackey
Jarrod Jones, S Bradford, J Dunn
OHA - P Taylor 4, A Chilcott 3, D Saunders, C Hevey, D Ryan
Best - Richmond - C Hutchinson, R Brumby, W Dowling, A Sweet, D Lyden, A Dillon
OHA - J Freeman, D Ryan, L Taylor, S Bryan, B Bateman, J Tierney
                                        Hutchins d University
Hutchins        23.16.154
University        6.  2.  38
Goals - Hutchins - B Garth 4, T Windsor 3, J Fyshe 3, C Jones 2, L Doyle 2, A Hazell 2
R Hallam, A Smith, J Parker, J Bishop, A Quinn 
University - N Dazley 2, C Spencer, J Brand, M Rippon, M Martin
Best - Hutchins - C Jones, J Burns, T Windsor, B Garth, J Bishop, J McMahon, R Hallam
University - B Curtis, M Hourigan, M Durkin, M Rippon, M Goddard, R Hill
Ladder - Richmond 176.98% 16 pts, DOSA 120.07% 16 pts, Hutchins 167.63% 12 pts
OHA 149.38% 16 pts, Channel 65.23% 4 pts, St Virgils 58.64% - pts, University 45.79% - pts


Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (3) 20, B Garth Hutchins (4) 14, R Brumby (5) 11, M Robinson DOSA (-) 10  

Review Round 5

The community of Channel was celebrating Channel’s first Senior win last night in their third season in the Old Scholars. Channel’s policy of persevering with youth finally paid dividends as they staked their claim to the game in the middle quarters and hold a 20 point lead entering the final quarter in which both teams were desperate for victory but Channel prevailed by 18 points. Ben Vaatstra with support from Grant Clark, Ian Coulson and Sam Dean were best for Channel while Mike Carr, Justin Harvey, Matthew Carr and Michael Pace stood out for DOSA. 

OHA have moulded in to a formidable foe and they showed their class in dismantling Richmond for an easy 84 point. OHA virtually had the game in their keeping at half time but blew Richmond away with an 8 goal third quarter led by the brilliant Matthew Zukauskas, Trent Fenton, Ashley Banks and Jared Watkins. Richmond was best served by Ben Cato, Jordan Dunn, Nathan Terry and Ben Rogers. 

Hutchins was too strong for University winning by 19 points with inaccuracy on goal by both teams a feature. University through the hard work of Cameron Burgess, Jacob Stride, Tom Hiscutt and Troy Stewart led at half time but Hutchins second half proved the difference with Nick Leitch, Chris Hensby, Nick Cleary and James Faulkner winners on the day.         

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Round 6  21 May

Preview Round 6 

The undefeated OHA and Hutchins clash should see a classic display of football from both teams. OHA is favoured to win as their victories have been more decisive and have strong forwards, attacking midfielders and onballers and a tight knit defence led by Sam Bowering, Matthew Zukauskas, Jared Watkins, Ashley Banks and Nick Skeggs while Hutchins have struggled in a couple of games but are still winning through the energetic Chris Hensby, Nick Cleary, Nick Leitch, Matthew Creese and James Faulkner.

 Fresh from victory Channel will be out to make it two in a row when they host St.Virgils. Channel’s policy on team building with young players led by co captains Matthew Turnbull and Jamey Webster is finally paying dividends with support from Ian Coulson, Grant Clark and Morgan Maguire. St.Virgils surprisingly have won only one game but have a solid squad led by Adrian Burdon, Leigh Post, Zac Batchelor, Marcus Parker and Ben Parremore.

 An undermanned Richmond host DOSA with both teams keen on victory. Richmond are missing several key players but have strong reserves and are receiving steady contributions from Adam Baines, Darren McGuinness, Jordan Dunn, Nathan Terry and Jayden Baker while DOSA will be out to atone for last week’s loss with Cameron Golding, Matthew Carr, Brendan Loveless, Justin Harvey and Matthew McCulloch leading the way.

University have the bye.                

Results Round 6

                                                    St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils        3.4    9.8    11.10    15.16.106
Channel         2.5    6.6      7.8      11.10. 76
Goalkickers - St Virgils - A Burdon 6, M Collis 3, J Parker 2, M Parker 2, B Davis, L Post
Channel - N Hanson 2, J McQueen 2, M Darcy 2, M McGuire, S Sculthorpe, C Stockfeld
M Smith, A Patrick
Best - St Virgils - J Cole, M Parker, M Grandin, A Mann, J Parker, B Dalliston
Channel - N Butler, R Drysdale, McGuire, W Armstrong, G Clark, J McKay
                                                     Richmond d DOSA
Richmond    7.5    12.12    18.18    26.22.178
DOSA         4.1      5.2        6.2        9. 2.  56
Goalkickers - Richmond - A Reeve 6, B Rogers 4, Jordon Dunn 3, N Grant 3, Nick Woolley 2
J Baker 2, Jacob Dunn, R Brumby, N Braslin, N Grubb
DOSA - J Fisher 2, T Gibbins 2, L Manser, T Bracken, S Peacock, B Clark, B Daley
Best - Richmond - Jacob Dunn, M Baker, N Braslin, N Grant, R Brumby, A Boucher, Nathan Woolley
DOSA - A Davey, S Beattie, C Golding, J Harvey, B Loveless, J O'Brien
                                                        OHA d Hutchins
OHA            3.0    6.6    12.12    16.14.110
Hutchins      3.2    5.3        7.5      9.11. 65
Goalkickers - OHA - S Jury 4, S McCallum 4, M Zukauskas 2, Brodie Langford,
T Whitelaw, A Banks, D Archer, L Walker, B MacMurray
Hutchins - B VanKraanan 5, M Lister, M Creese, J Faulkner, N Leitch
Best - OHA - D Archer, N Skeggs, Brodie Langford, H Thorp, J Watkins, S Jury
Hutchins - A Sayers, C Hensby, L Franks, J Faulkner, N Cleary, M Creese 
OHA                    5    5    -    -    644    357    180.39    20
Hutchins              5    4    1    -    441    394    111.93    16
Richmond            6    3    3    -    655    588    111.39    12
University            5    2    3    -    563    468     120.30     8
St Virgils             5    2    3    -    483    525       92.00     8
DOSA                 5    1    4    -    352    560       62.86     4
Channel              5    1    4    -    380    626       60.70     4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (6) 31, B Van Kraanen Hutchins (5) 20, S Bowering OHA (-) 20
                                                  Richmond d DOSA 
Richmond    23.21.159
DOSA           3.  7.  25
Goalkickers - Richmond - J Haines 6, A Newham 3, B Jospeh 3, S Free 3,
S Bradford 2,  A Sweet 2, H Joseph, A Oakley, A Dillon, T Lee 
DOSA - T Golding, M Honey, T Ingles
Best - Richmond - B Joseph, D Lyden, C Hutchinson, S Bradford, J Haines, J Mackey
DOSA - M Scott, M McCallum, B Johnson, T Golding, B Jones, S Byrne
                                                    St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils     10.9.69
Channel        3.16.34
Goalkickers - St Virgils - T Howells 3, T Nicholas 2, S Groves 2, J Hooker, C Webb, S Gray
Channel - S Turnbull, N Sward, D Smith
Best - St Virgils - S Hughes, J Hooker, T Nicholas, R Jacobs, C Webb, J McLean
Channel - R Schuth, C Swan, M Ringin, S Turnbull, A Warn, N Sward
                                                        OHA d Hutchins
OHA         11.13.79
Hutchins    10. 6.66
Goalkickers - OHA - P Taylor 3, N Butterworth 3, C Hevey 2, A Chilcott, S Brown, B Rogers
Hutchins - B Garth 4, R Hallam 2, J McMahon, A lovibond, C Jackson, K Jubb
Best - OHA - R Hunt, C Hevey, N Butterworth, S Brown, B Bateman, B Rogers
Hutchins - A Deane, R Hallam, C Jackosn, C Jones, A quinn, J McMahon, B Garth                  
Ladder  Richmond 216.55% 20 pts, OHA 143.04% 16 pts, DOSA 84.55% 16 pts, Hutchins 111.90% 12 pts
St Virgils 68.99% 4 pts, Channel 62.26% 4 pts, University 45.79% - pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (1) 21, B Garth Hutchins (4) 18, J Haines Richmond (6) 11,
C Hevey (-) 11, R Brumby (-) 11, M Robinson (-) 11

Review Round 6

OHA remains unbeaten after defeating Hutchins by 45 points. A six goal third quarter set up the win after a tight first half with both teams setting up scoring chances but were repelled by strong defences especially OHA ‘s after half time led by Jared Watkins, Daniel Archer and Nick Skeggs while key forwards Scott Jury and Scott McCalloum capitalised on the skills of midfielders Brodie Langford and Hayden Thorp. Through Alistair Sayers, Chris Hensby and Nick Cleary Hutchins created plenty of chances and Ben Van Kraanen managed 5 goals while Luke Franks was strong in defence.

St.Virgils shook off a persistent Channel to score a much needed win. It was even early but St.Virgils were able to create that little bit extra when needed easing to a 26 point lead at three quarter time while both teams shared the goals in the final stanza with St.Virgils winning by 30 points. Jacob Cole, Matthew Parker, Michael Grandin and Andrew Mann were best for St.Virgils while Nic Butler, Robbie Drysdale, Morgan Maguire and Wayde Armstrong beat for Channel. 

Richmond hit back to thrash DOSA by 122 points. Aaron Reeves’ return has boosted Richmond’s attack and with Jacob Dunn, Mitchell Baker, Nick Braslin and Andrew Boucher leading the way they set up a host of chances. DOSA were best served by Aaron Davey, Scott Beattie, Cameron Golding and Justin Harvey.    

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Round 7  28 May

Preview Round 7 

St.Virgils host University and both teams will be desperate for victory in the race for spots in the final four. Both teams form has been inconsistent but St.Virgils boast a strong forward line led by Adrian Burdon and Marcus Parker, onballers Matthew Parker, Michael Grandin and Byron Dalliston while Jacob Cole leads a tight defence. University also have strong forwards in Alex Gilmore and Matthew Riseley with onballers Cameron Burgess and Jake Stride whileTom Hiscutt and Nick Marson defend well. 

Hutchins won’t have it all their way in their clash with Channel but they should have enough in reserve to hold the visitors through the skills of Matthew Creese, Alex Sayers and Chris Hensby while Ben Van Kraanen is a focal point up forward and Luke Franks is a dour defender. Channel continue to pressure teams but lapses at crucial times prove costly but defenders Nic Butler and Grant Clark, forward Chris Stockfield and Jake McKay with Morgan Maguire are leading lights.

 DOSA face a tough challenge when they meet OHA. DOSA’s form has lapsed recently but on their day are a capable unit led by Cameron Golding, Scott Beattie, Tim Gibbons and Aaron Davey. OHA are displaying great team football and it is hard to individualise players but Brodie Langford, Jared Watkins, Daniel Archer and Hayden Thorp stand out.   

Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 7

                                                          OHA d DOSA
OHA                    6.3    11.6    18.9    24.12.156
DOSA                  2.2     6.4      8.6    10.  7. 67
Goals - OHA - S Jury 11, T Whitelaw 4, A Banks 2, D Archer 2, T Moore
M Zukauskas, S McCallum, M Thompson, Brodie Langford
DOSA - T Gibbons 3, J Fisher 2, J O'Brien 2, A Davey, C Golding, L Manser
Best - OHA - S Jury, T Whitelaw, Ben Langford, T Fenton, D Ryan, T Moore
DOSA - J Carroll, N Carr, J Harvey, B Clark, S Beattie, M McCallum
                                                    St Virgils d University
St Virgils            6.3    10.4    19.  7    25.13.163
University           1.4     6.8     10.11    15.13.103
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 7, M Collis 5, J Britton 3, B Davis 3, J Parker 2
Marcus Parker 2, S Quinn, A Mann, B Weston
University - F Ackroyd 4, F Reeves 4, M Riseley, S Ball-Smith, R Hill,
C Burgess, N Whittle, A Fitzpatrick, P McCarthy
Best - St Virgils - L Post, Marcus Parker, C Noye, A Burdon, J Gill, M Collis
University - A Gilmour, J Stride, F Ackroyd, N Fenton, S Ball-Smith, J Saner
                                                     Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins            5.3    11.7    15.9    19.11.125
Channel            4.3      6.6      7.9     12.12. 84
Goals - Hutchins - B VanKrannen 5, B Garth 4, A Triffett 3, C Hensby 2
M Hall 2, S Nichols, M Creese, J Fish
Channel - C Joyce 8, M Darcy 2, M Smith, B Vastraa
Best - Hutchins - T Friend, C Hensby, M Creese, A Sayers, J Faulkner, B Garth
Channel - M Smith, G Clarice, C Joyce, N Hanson, R Witikar, B Vastraa
OHA                6    6    -    -    800    424    188.68    24
Hutchins          6    5    1    -    566    478    118.41    20
Richmond        6    3    3    -    655    588    111.39    12
St Virgils          6    3    3    -    646    628    102.87    12
University         6    2    4    -    666    631    105.55     8
Channel           6    1    5    -    464    751      61.78     4
DOSA              6    1    5    -    419    716      58.52     4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (7) 38, B VanKrannen Hutchins (5) 25, S Jury OHA (11) 24
                                                    OHA d DOSA
OHA        14.13.97
DOSA      12. 7.79
Goals - OHA - D Saunders 3, T Austen 2, J Teirney 2, S Brown 2, C Williams,
M Williams, C Hevey, R Hunt, N Balcombe
DOSA - M Robinson 6, K Dooley 3, M Honey 3
Best - OHA - A Riseley, G Vincent, R Hunt, N Balcombe, J Freeman, C Hevey
DOSA - M Scott, J Neilson, N Cassidy, J Claridge, M Harrison, P Lennox
                                               University d St Virgils
University    16.10.106
St Virgils      13. 5.  83
Goals - University - N Dazeley 5, W Quarrell 3, D Burgess 3, A Saunders 2, M Rippon
B Roberts, B Johnson
St Virgils - J Rigby 6, S Groves 2, R Hooker, S Reid, J McLean, T Howells, S Riley
Best - University - A Saunders, B Johnson, M Rippon, D McCivor, N Dazeley, W Quarrell
St Virgils - N Clarke, J Rigby, J Hooker
                                                Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins         17.6.108
Channel          10.6. 76
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 4, J Deal 2, A Quinn 2, C Jones 2, O Robinson 2
M Clarke 2, B Gibson, M Graver, A Lovibond, C Jackson
Channel  - C Swan 2, A Warn, C Wheatley, L Yeo, R Duggan, M Turnbull
Best - Hutchins - C Jackson, A Deane, G McMann, J Bishop, O Robinson, A Lovibond
Channel - R Schuth, B Bowerman, B Shuttler, J Beadle, A Kelly, A Sharp

Richmond 216.55% 20pts, OHA 138.92% 20pts, Hutchins 149.74% 16pts
DOSA 84.00% 16pts, St Virgils 70.69% 4pts, Channel 62.00% 4pts, University 57.72% 4pts

Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (3) 24, B Garth Hutchins (-) 18, M Robinson DOSA (6) 16

N Dazeley University (5) 14


Review Round 7

OHA continued on their merry way but it took the last two and a bit quarters to shake off DOSA to win by 89 points. DOSA have changed their culture with the emphasis on youth and this was evident early as they created chances but were found wanting up forward. OHA decided enough was enough and with all players contributing set up countless chances for their forwards where Scott Jury dominated with 11 goals. Other standout players for OHA were Trent Whitelaw, Ben Langford and Trent Fenton while Justin Carroll, Nick Carr, Justin Harvey and Ben Clark were good for DOSA. 

St.Virgils made it two from two and enter the final four for the first time with a resounding 60 point win over University. St.Virgils meant business from the start led by forwards Adrian Burdon and Michael Collis and put the game beyond doubt with a 9 goal third quarter to wrest the game from University who competitive after quarter time. Leigh Post, Marcus Parker and Scott Quinn were also good for St.Virgils with Alex Gilmore, Jake Stride, Fabian Ackroyd and Nick Fenton best for University. 

Hutchins had to work hard to shake off a persistent Channel with the middle quarters proving the difference as Hutchins applied the pressure and win by 41 points led by Tom Friend, Chris Hensby, Matthew Creese and Alex Sayers while Channel’s best were Marcus Smith, Grant Clark, Chris Joyce and Neil Hansonn.


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Round 8  4 June

Preview Round 8

Can Richmond upset Hutchins and lessen the gap between second and third ladder positions when they clash on Saturday. Richmond are gradually returning to full strength and have prime movers Mitchell Baker, Jacob and Jordan Dunn, Ben Rogers and Andrew Boucher in form while Aaron Reeves’s return has strengthened their forward structure. Hutchins have handled all teams except OHA reasonably comfortably but this assignment may be different although they had a good win over Richmond in round one and Chris Hensby, Matthew Creese, Tom Friend, Alistair Sayers, Ben Van Kraanen and Nick Cleary are in good form.

The Channel University game should be close with both teams desperate for a win. University won their round one clash but Channel have improved dramatically led by Grant Clark, Marcus Smith, Chris Joyce, Neil Hansonn and Ben Vaatstra while University’s form has dropped away but Alex Gilmore, Jake Stride, Nick Fenton, Aaron Fitzpatrick and Fabian Ackroyd are in form.      

OHA should hold all the aces against St.Virgils with all eyes focused on each team’s star forward with Dan Ryan probably given the task of keeping Adrian Burdon in check and St.Virgils’ Zac Batchelor may go to Scott Jury while OHA have many contributors led by Paul Stanley and Ben and Brodie Langford and St.Virgils have Michael Collis, Marcus Parker and Chris Noye in form.

DOSA have the bye.           

Results Round 8


                                                    University d Channel
University        1.2    6.10    12.11    23.17.155
Channel          1.2     3.4       9.7     12.10.  83
Goals - University - F Reeves 10, W Dazley 3, C Burgess, D McCarthy, N Whittle
Channel - C Joyce 4, M Smith, A Kelly, R Drysdale, M Darcy, B Vaatstra, N Sward, R Whitaker, W Dean
Best - University - F Reeves, A Gilmour, J Stride, J Nelson, H Griggs, N Fenton
Channel - B Vaatstra, M Smith, G Clark, C Joyce, R Smith, N Hansson
                                                      OHA d St Virgils
OHA                3.2    9.6    16.9    22.13.145
St Virgils          3.5    5.6    6.10      9.11. 65
Goals - OHA - S Jury 6, M Zukauskas 5, T Whitelaw 3, L Walker 2,
B Rogers 2, M Thompson, Brodie Langford, T Orchard, Ben Langford
St Virgils - A Burdon 4, B Weston, J Ackerley, B Davis, J Parker, J Britten
Best - OHA - Brodie Langford, M Zukauskas, N Skeggs, T Moore, L Walker, S Jury
St Virgils - A Mann, J Gill, J Britten, M Beck, Z Batchelor, C Noye
                                                  Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond     6.1    7.4    11.6    14.  8.92
Hutchins       1.2    5.6    8.13    10.15.75
Goals - Richmond - J Dunn 3, A Reeves 3, A Baines 2, B Rogers 2,
R Brumby, N Grubb, Nathan Woolley, K Baker 
Hutchins - B Van Kraanen 2, M Wright 2, N Leitch 2, B Garth, E Perry, M Hall, J Chaplin
Best - Richmond - G Splann, I DeWinter, M Baker, Josh Woolley, N Grubb, J Dunn
Hutchins - M Windsor, E Perry, J Faulkner, C Hensby, A Sayers, M Lister


OHA                7    7    -    -    945    489    193.25    28
Hutchins          7    5   2    -     641   571     112.26    20
Richmond        7    4    3   -     747   663     112.67    16
University        7    3    4   -     821   713     115.15    12 
St Virgils         7    3    4    -    711    773      91.98    12
Channel          7    1    6    -    547    906      60.38      4
DOSA             7    1    6    -    419    716      58.52      4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (4) 42, S Jury OHA (6) 30, F Reeves University (10) 30
B VanKraanen Hutchins (2) 27, M Riseley Hutchins (3) 27, C Joyce Channel (3) 23    
Channel      11.5.71
University    10.6.66
Goals - Channel - A Warn 4, D Smith 2, S Sinnitt 2, T Riseley, S Turnbull, B Sculthorpe
University - D Burgess 2, J Martin 2, W Quarrell 2, A Winston, W Sherrin, T Roberts, B Curtis
Best - Channel - S Sculthorpe, J McKay, S Turnbull, M Dingjan, A Warn, J Coleman
University - M Rippon, R McIvor, S Hamilton, M Durkin, D Burgess, B Curtis
St Virgils     10.13.73
OHA             5.15.45
Goals - St Virgils - S Riley 3, T Howells 3, J Hooker, S Donaghue, S Harris
OHA - M Bannister 2, J Kean, S Brown, T Austin
Best - St Virgils - S Riley, G Burke, J Payne, S Gray, N Jones, S Hughes
OHA - Z Burnett, T Scott, P Taylor, C Hevey, J Kean, N Balcombe
Hutchins        13.  9.87
Richmond      11.14.80
Goals - Hutchins - J Coad 3, F Dorney 3, J Swain 2, H Nichols, J Deal, K Jubb, D Burns, D Readett
Richmond - A Oakley 2, T Lee 2, W Dowling, A Dillon, J Sturzaker, J Haines, A Bradford, B Joseph, H Joseph
Best - Hutchins - J Coad, L Noye, G McMahon, G Friend, H Nichols, J Creak
Richmond - D Lyden, D Burnie, M Allie, H Joseph, J Sturzaker


Richmond 187.80% 20pts, Hutchins 142.70% 20pts, OHA 126.68% 16pts, DOSA 84.00% 16pts
St Virgils 77.28% 8pts, Channel 67.52% 8pts, University 61.62% 4 pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA 24, B Garth Hutchins 18, M Robinson 16 

Review Round 8

An eleven goal final quarter and a ten goal haul from Field Reeves turned University’s fortunes around in their stunning 73 point win over a battling Channel outfit. Channel matched the visitors for three quarters but the home team could not counter the final onslaught. Other stand out players for University were Alex Gilmour, Jake Stride and Josh Nelson while Ben Vaatstra, Marcus Smith, Grant Clark and Chris Joyce were the pick for Channel. 

Richmond held off an inaccurate Hutchins with a hard fought 17 point win. Richmond’s six goal first quarter proved the difference although Hutchins’ second quarter saw them bridge the gap but they kicked themselves out of creating a lead with missed shots on goal in the third quarter while Richmond’s consistency throughout paid dividends. Izaak De Winter who has settled in at full back, Gary Splann, Mitchell Baker and Josh Woolley were best for Richmond and Marcus Windsor, Ellis Perry, James Faulkner and Chris Hensby were good for Hutchins. 

Ladder leaders OHA demolished St.Virgils to the tune of 80 points. After an even opening quarter OHA piled on the goals kicking 19 to Saints 6 with Scott Jury (6 goals) and Matthew Zukauskas (5 goals) the main contributors while Brodie Langford and Nick Skeggs dominated. St.Virgils best were Andrew Mann, John Gill, Jason Britten and Mark Beck.

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Round 9  11 June

Preview Round 9

Hutchins host DOSA and having lost two of their last three games need to lift and Nick Leitch will demand more of his team but James Faulkner, skipper Chris Hensby and Alistair Sayers are consistent each week. DOSA have been inconsistent but seem to lift when these teams meet and although losing a couple of key players are a determined outfit led by Justin Harvey, Tim Gibbons, Cameron Golding and Scott Beattie.

A repeat of last week’s final quarter display will be required by University if they want to keep pace with trend setters OHA. University had been in a mini slump up to last week but have the capacity to play well led by the in form Alex Gilmour, Jake Stride and Nick Fenton while Field Reeves is a dangerous forward. OHA are playing a top brand of football with all players contributing led by Brodie Langford and Matthew Zukauskas.

St.Virgils Richmond games are usually high class encounters but St.Virgils will need to lift a gear through Andrew Mann, Zac Batchelor and Mark Beck if they are to challenge the visitors who are improving each week with Mitchell Baker, Nickolas Grubb and Josh Woolley leading lights and Isaak De Winter has staked his claim at full back.

Channel have the bye.

Results Round 9


                                                  OHA d University
OHA            5.3    10.13    15.14    21.18.144
University    3.1        4.4       5.4      8.   4. 52
Goals - OHA - S Jury 11, T Whitelaw 3, B MacMurray 2, Brodie Langford
T Moore, L Walker, H Thorp, Ben Langford
University - F Reeves 5, M Riseley 3
Best - OHA - Brodie Langford, S Jury, T Moore, M Oakford, B Rogers, B MacMurray
University - A Fitzpatrick, A Gilmour, J Stride, F Reeves, J Nelson, A Hanson
                                                Hutchins d DOSA 
Hutchins        6.4    9.9    12.14    17.20.122
DOSA           2.1    2.4      6.6        9.12. 66
Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 6, B VanKrannen 3, M Wright 2, M Lister 2, M Hall 2, B Garth, C Hensby
DOSA - B Daley, M McCulloch, J Fisher, T Gibbins, S Peacock, J Claridge, M Scott, M Carr
Best - Hutchins - A Sayers, N Leitch, T Graver, M Lister, M Hall, S Nichols
DOSA - B Clark, M Carr, J Harvey, C Golding, M Scott, B Loveless
                                            St Virgils d Richmond
St Virgils        3.1    7.1    15.3    21.5.131
Richmond      2.1    6.5    10.6    14.6.  90 
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 9, J Parker 5, J Britten 3, C Noye, M Collis, A Mann
Richmond - J Sturzaker 3, K Baker 3, R Brumby 2, N Terry, D Bailey, A Baines, B Cato, M Baker, N Grubb
Best - St Virgils - S Dickson, A Burdon, J Parker, B Weston, B Davis, A Mann
Richmond - K Rogers, J Sturzaker, J Wooley, A Baines, J Dunn 


OHA                8    8    -    -    1089    541    201.29    32
Hutchins          8    6    2    -     763    637    119.78    24
Richmond        8    4    4    -     837    794    105.42    16
St Virgils          8    4    4    -    842    863      97.57    16
University         8    3    5    -    873    857    101.87    12
Channel           7    1    6    -    547    906      60.38      4
DOSA              7    1    6    -    485    838      57.88      4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (9) 51, S Jury OHA (11) 41, F Reeves University (5) 35
B VanKrannen Hutchins (3) 30
OHA                20.17.137
University          4. 8 . 32
Goals - OHA - C Hevey 5, S Cox 3, S Brown 3, M Hichen 2, P Taylor 2, D Walton, J Tierney, N Worledge, A Riseley
University - C Jordon, T Roberts, W Sherrin, M Rippon
Best - OHA - C White, C Hevey, M Hinchen, S Cox, D Walton, S Hollick
University - M Rippon, G Wallace, T Roberts, P McIvor, C Jordon, B Curtis             
Hutchins        14.8.92
DOSA            11.7.73
Goals - Hutchins - M Herd 5, M Abey 2, J Swain 2, A Hazel, D Readett, G Friend, C Jackson, H Nichols
DOSA - M Honey 3, T Curtain 2, L Golding 2, K Dooley 2, A Plunkett, N Abrahams
Best - Hutchins - G Friend, M Herd, C Jackson, F Dorney, J Burns, L Noye
DOSA - N Abrahams, T Doyle, S Barford, K Dooley, B McMillan, T Curtain
Richmond        30.31.211
St Virgils            4. 5. 29
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 8, H Joseph 5, J Hawes 3, J DeWinter 2, C Fogarty 2, S Free 2
J Jones 2, M Allie 2, N Figg 2, J Henley, B Joseph
St Virgils - D Smith 2, B Dodge, C Kelly
Best - Richmond - J Jones, D Lyden, C Crossin, H Joseph, J DeWinter, A Oakley
St Virgils - S Hughes, J Payne, L White, S Debnam, M Rhodes, S Gray    


Richmond 226.35% 24 pts, OHA 146.25% 24 pts, Hutchins 140.45% 24 pts
DOSA - 83.33% 16 pts, St Virgils 61.24% 8 pts, Channel 67.52% 8 pts, University 52.31 % 4 pts

Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (3) 27, B Garth Hutchins (-) 18, C Hevey OHA (5) 17, M Robinson DOSA (-) 16


Review Round 9

St.Virgils found their way on Saturday scoring an important win over Richmond. St.Virgils hit back in a game that was anyone’s at half time to control the second half stamping their authority with an 8 goal third quarter to give them a 27 point lead which they increased to 41 points at the final siren. Scott Dickson, Adrian Burdon (9 goals), Jeremy Parker and Brad Weston were best for St.Virgils while Kieran Rogers, Julian Sturzaker, Josh Woolley and Adam Baines stood out for Richmond.

A wateful Hutchins were too strong for DOSA winning their clash by 56 points. Hutchins were in control from the outset and although DOSA kept pace in the second half the damage had been done with Hutchins’ Alistair Sayers, Nick Leitch, Tim Graver and Matthew Lister dominant while DOSA had good games from Ben Clark, Justin Harvey, Cameron Golding and Jacob Claridge.

Another 11 goal haul from Scott Jury set up OHA’s dominant 92 point win over University. University were down by 14 points at quarter time but OHA hit their straps kicking 16 goals to 5 in the next three quarters to once again exert their authority with Brodie Langford who is enjoying a stellar season, Trent Moore, Michael Oakford and Brendan Rogers the stars while University had busy players in Aaron Fitzpatrick, Alex Gilmore, Jake Stride and Field Reeves.       


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Round 10  18 June

Preview Round 10

At North Hobart DOSA will need to produce a form turnaround if they are to upset St.Virgils. DOSA have not tasted victory since round four and will not get any respite with the visitors keen to repeat their round three triumph. DOSA must pressure St.Virgils through their core of promising and experienced players led by Justin Harvey, Cameron Golding, Tim Gibbons and Brendan Loveless but the visitors courtesy of Adrian Burdon, Brendan Davis, Brad Weston and ruckman Scott Dickson should hold all the aces.    

Both Richmond and University will be desperate to return to the winners list in their clash at Richmond. Both teams boast solid line ups but inconsistency is the problem although link players in Richmond’s Josh Woolley, Adam Baines, Julian Sturzaker and Kurt Baker are in form while University’s have the reliable Alex Gilmour, Jake Stride, Aaron Fitzpatrick and Field Reeves playing well.

OHA should continue on their winning way when they host Channel. OHA is the benchmark of the roster playing great football and although tested at times seem to find that bit extra through the dynamic Brodie Langford, Trent Moore, Scott Jury and Ben MacMurray while Channel are extending teams with Chris Joyce, Grant Clark, Neil Hansonn and Ben Vaatstra leading from the front.

Hutchins have the bye.  

Results Round 10

                                           OHA d Channel
OHA                3.7    6.9    8.15    12.21.93
Channel           0.3    3.4    5.10     7.10.52
Goals - OHA - S Jury 3, T Moore 2, B Bateman 2, T Whitelaw 2, M Zukauskas 2, Ben Langford
Channel - M McGuire 2, C Joyce 2, B Vastraa, R Whitaker, M Darcy
Best - OHA - M McPherson, S Jury, Ben Langford, T Moore, J King, N Skeggs
Channel - M McGuire, T Clarke, R Whitaker, W Armstrong, N Butler, B Vastraa
                                       Richmond d University
Richmond        4.7    4.9    11.16    14.22.106
University        3.3    5.9      8.10    10.12.  72
Goals - Richmond - N Figg 2, R Brumby 2, A Reeve 2, N Grubb 2, M Baker
J Dunn, K Baker, J Baker, B Rogers, Nathan Woolley
University - F Reeves 5, M Matuszek 2, N Whittle, M Riseley, A Gilmour
Best - Richmond - N Figg, K Rogers, M Baker, D Burnie, G Splann, N Braslin
University - M Rippon, A Gilmour, F Reeves, N Fenton, J Stride, R Hill
                                        DOSA d St Virgils
DOSA            1.3    6.8    13.11    18.13.121
St Virgils        3.3    5.4      8.9        9.10. 64
Goals - DOSA - C Golding 9, M Carr 2, J Davie 2, J O'Brien, L Manser, J Claridge, T Gibbons, N Carr
St Virgils - Marcus Parker 3, J Parker 3, B Davis, A Burdon, J Ackerley
Best - DOSA - C Golding, N Carr, S Beattie, J O'Brien, S Peacock, B Loveless
St Virgils - L Post, S Dickson


OHA                9    9    -    -    1182    593    199.33    36
Hutchins          8    6    2    -     763    637    119.78    24
Richmond        9    5    4    -     943    866    108.89    20
St Virgils         9    4    5    -      906    984     92.07    16
University        9    3    6    -      945    963     98.13    12
DOSA             8    2    6    -      606    902     68.18      8
Channel          8    1    7    -      599    999     59.96      4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (1) 52, S Jury OHA (3) 44, F Reeves University (5) 40
OHA            21.15.141
Channel        6.  4.  40
Goals - OHA - T Austen 6, D Saunders 5, S Beechey 4, P Taylor 3, C Unsworth, P Stanley, J Crapper
Channel - T Riseley 3, C Swan, D Warn, B Sculthorpe
Best - OHA - P Stanley, S Hollick, S Beechey, J Teirney, J Kean, T Austen
Channel - A Sharp, B Schulthorpe, L Bartulovic, D Smith, D Warn, J McKay
Richmond    29.21.195
University      4.  7.  31
Goals - Richmond - N Grant 5, S Free 4, S Boxall 4, C Crossin 3, S Bradford 3,
J DeWinter 3, H Joseph 3, Nick Woolley 2, M Allie, C Day
University - M Martin, C Jordon, J Rubinstein, K Takayama
Best - Richmond - C Day, J Haines, T Lee, N Grant, A Dillon, S Boxall
University - Z Durkin, R Bellchambers, M Durkin, K Takayama, J Gordon, T Roberts
St Virgils        11.9.75
DOSA            8.12.60  
Goals -  St Virgils - T Howells 5, D Morgan 3, M Cracknell 2, T Nicholas
DOSA - M Honey 3, M Robinson 2, C Burdon, T Ingles, M Brockman
Best - St Virgils - J Payne, M Cracknell, T Nicholas, T Pilkington, S Hughes, B Dalliston
DOSA - M Carr, S Barford, J Rogers, M Brockman, J Carroll, K Dooley 


Richmond 254.92% 28pts, OHA 161.73% 28pts, Hutchins 140.45% 24pts
DOSA 82.98% 16pts, St Virgils 65.51% 12pts, Channel 59.48% 8pts, University 47.07% 4 pts
Leading Goalickers - M Honey DOSA (3) 30, B Garth Hutchins (-) 18, M Robinson DOSA (2) 18    

Review Round 10

DOSA defied expectations in scoring an easy 57 point win over a disappointing St.Virgils. DOSA’s game plan worked blanketing star forward Adrian Burdon through the defensive skills of Aaron Davey, Tim Erends, Scott Beattie, Brendan Loveless and Justin Harvey until injured while Cameron Golding moved to full forward and he out muscled St.Virgils defence on his way to kicking 9 goals. St.Virgils began brightly and were still in the game at half time but were outplayed in the second half although Scott Dickson, Leigh Post and Marcus and Jeremy Parker battled gamely. 

Richmond turned on the power in the second half of their game with University to score a vital 34 point win. After a first half struggle Richmond dominated through Nick Figg in the ruck supported by Nick Braslin and Kieran Rogers while key defenders Gary Splann and Dillon Burnie kept University’s forwards in check but Field Reeves fought on kicking 5 goals and Mark Rippon, Alex Gilmore, Nick Fenton and Jake Stride played well. 

OHA made it 9 from 9 with a 41 point win over Channel but were made to work hard even though they controlled the game through Mitch McPherson, Scott Jury, Trent Moore and Ben Langford while Channel worked hard with Morgan Maguire, Wayde Armstrong, Ryan Whittaker and Ben Vaatstra the best.    

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Round 11 25 June

Preview Round 11

At the half way mark of the Old Scholars season the composition of the final four is far from settled apart from OHA with the other three spots up for grabs. St.Virgils host Hutchins and need to shake off their inconsistency and produce the form they are capable of through Scott Dickson, Leigh Post and Adrian Burdon, Jeremy Parker while Hutchins will be keen to carry on their good form led by Alistair Sayers, Chris Hensby, Matthew Lister and Nick Leitch.

 The University DOSA clash is vital for both teams with the home team suiting up better than their results show needing more consistency in their play but Alex Gilmore, Rob Hill, Jake Stride and Field Reeves are having a fine season. DOSA are persevering with youth led by Ben Clark and coupled with the experienced Cameron Golding, Brendan Loveless and Justin O’Brien hope to improve their position.

 Home ground advantage may not be enough for Channel as their youthful combination and the in form Grant Clark, Nick Butler and Ben Vaatstra take on Richmond who are determined to improve their ladder position led by Kieran Rogers, Mitchell Baker and Nick Braslin although all Senior players would be on notice due to strong performances from their Reserves team.

OHA have the bye.  


Results Round 11

                                                Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins            4.3    7.4    11.9    17.12.114
St Virgils            5.1    6.2     8.6     12. 9.  81
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 7, B VanKrannen 4, N Leitch 2, M Lister 2, J McMahon, M Hall
St Virgils - A Burdon 10, M Grandin, Marcus Parker
Best - Hutchins - E Perry, C Hensby, M Hall, M Wright, A Sayers, M Wilson
St Virgils - A Burdon, M Grandin, L Post, M Beck, Marcus Parker, S Gray
                                                DOSA d University
DOSA            4.4    6.8    11.10    16.15.111
University       1.7    5.11    9.12    14.13.  97
Goals - DOSA - C Golding 8, T Gibbons 2, D Lamont, L Manser, J Claridge, K Dooley, J Rogers, J O'Brien
University - F Reeves 5, C Burgess 4, T Stewart 3, A Winston, N Whittle
Best - DOSA - L Manser, M Brockman, B Loveless, S Peacock, B Daley, C Golding
University - A Hanson, D Ackroyd, T Stewart, N Fenton, C Burgess, F Reeves
                                              Richmond d Channel
Richmond    5.4    10.6    12.11    16.15.111
Channel       3.1     6.4     13.5      14.9.93
Goals - Richmond - K Baker 4, A Reeve 3, N Grubb 3, N Terry 2, N Woolley 2, M Baker 2
Channel - M Darcy 6, C Joyce 4, B Vaatstra 2, W Dean, C Stockfeld
Best - Richmond - M Baker, K Baker, B Cato, K Rogers, N Braslin, J Woolley
Channel - G Clark, B Vaatstra, S Dean, W Armstrong, R Smith, R Whitaker  
OHA                9    9    -    -    1182    594    198.99     36
Hutchins          9    7    2    -     877    718     122.14    28
Richmond       10   6    4    -    1054    959     109.91    24
St Virgils        10    5    5    -     987    1098     89.89    20        
University       10    3    7    -    1042   1074     97.02    12
DOSA              9    2    7    -      717   1110     62.43     4
Leading Goalkickers -

A Burdon St Virgils (10) 62, F Reeves University (5) 45, S Jury OHA (-) 44

St Virgils      14. 8.92
Hutchins      11.15.81
Goals - St Virgils - T Howells 7, B Hastie 2, A Mansfield 2, S Riley, S Groves, S Donaghue
Hutchins - M Herd 3, A Smith 2, G Wertheimer, D Creak, A Hazell, J Swain, G Friend, J Bishop
Best - St Virgils - T Howells, B Hastie, N Clark, C Gill, T Pilkington, S Debnam
Hutchins - J Nichols, G Friend, N Clark, R Hallam, B Gibson, S Heron
DOSA        31.20.206
University     7.  4.  46
Goals - DOSA - M Honey 9, R Plunkett 5, T Ingles 5, M Robinson 4, N Evans 2, D Hall 2, M Fielding 2, T Curtain, M Carr
University - F Reeves 5, C Bradley, D Brazendale
Best - DOSA - J Carroll, M Honey, M Robinson, M Fielding, N Evans, D Hall
University - M Rippon, L Koleits, K Tayanama, S Williams, F Reeves, C Bradley 
Richmond    21.14.140
Channel        6. 5. 41
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 7, N Grant 4, M Allie 3, J Haines 3, H Joseph 2, B Joseph, L Fogarty
Channel - B Sculthorpe 2, N Mansfield 2, A Kelly, L Bartulovic
Best - Richmond - N Grant, D McGuiness, B Joseph, J Haines, S Dick, M Allie
Channel - B Sculthorpe, B Bowerman, J Bailey, J McKay, C Swann, L Yeo
Ladder - Richmond 262.34% 32pts, OHA 161.73% 28pts, Hutchins 132.80% 24pts,
DOSA 101.00% 20pts, St Virgils 69.50% 16pts, Channel 54.36% 8pts, University 42.75% 4pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (9) 39, M Robinson DOSA (4) 22, T Howells (7) 20


Review Round 11  2 Games Only

Hutchins kept their winning momentum up with a hard fought 33point win over St.Virgils. Coming off a bye Hutchins went about their business even though St.Virgils kept pace with the visitors in the first half. The second half saw Hutchins apply more pressure through their runners led by Chris Hensby, Ellis Perry, Alistair Sayers, Michael Hall and Matthew Wilson and Matthew Wright kicked 7 goals. St.Virgils had their chances showing good signs in the first half but could not sustain the pressure in the second and third quarters however Adrian Burdon was a star kicking 10 of his team’s 12 goals and Michael Grandin, Leigh Post, Mark Beck and Marcus Parker lent solid support.

 DOSA made it two wins in a row with a tight 14 point win over University to keep their finals hopes alive. In a see sawing affair University’s inaccuracy on goal early proved costly but they kept pace with DOSA when their accuracy improved but the consistency of the visitors throughout was the difference. Luke Manser, Mark Brockman, Brendan Loveless, Sam Peacock and Brodie Daley were best for DOSA with Cameron Golding amongst the goals again kicking 8. Best for University were Fabian Ackroyd, Nick Hanson, Troy Stewart, Cameron Burgess and Field Reeves.

Report on the Channel v Richmond game to come


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Round 12 2 July

Preview Round 12

Richmond could have their work cut out when they host ladder leaders OHA. Richmond are experiencing inconsistency and a lapse in form but have shown good signs lately through the sound form of Mitchell and Kurt Baker, Nick Braslin and Kieran Rogers while swinging Nick Figg into the ruck has paid dividends. OHA continue their dominance even without players missing but their replacements have filled the gaps admirably while Brodie Langford, Scott Jury, Trent Moore and Trent Whitelaw lead a talented group.   

Hutchins will start favourites in their clash with University . Hutchins onballers should have too much pace for their University counterparts and will miss Alex Gilmore who transferred to Clarence. Hutchins also have key forwards Ben Van Kraanen and Matthew Wright to finish off the good work of Chris Hensby, Alistair Sayers and Ellis Perry while for University Field Reeves is a smart forward supported by Nick Fenton, Nick Marson and Fabian Ackroyd. 

Channel will be confident of victory against DOSA at Snug after a bold showing last week with Chris Joyce, Ryan Whittaker, Grant Clark and Wade Armstrong leading the way. DOSA have looked the goods lately and revenge will be sweet while Cameron Golding, Luke Manser, Tim Gibbons and Mark Brockman in form.

St Virgils have the bye.

Results Round 12

                                                        DOSA d Channel
DOSA            5.4    8.6    12.9    14.13.97
Channel         6.0    9.2    11.8    14.10.94
Goals - DOSA - J Davie 7, J Gibbons 2, J Claridge 2, N Carr, C Golding, B Daley
Channel - C Joyce 7, M Darcy 2, K Shaw, M McGuire, B Vaatstra, C Stockfeld, S Dean
Best - DOSA - B Loveless, M Pace, T Erends, S Beattie, S Peacock, T Gibbons
Channel - C Joyce, R Drysdale, R Whitaker, K Shaw, B Bowerman, N Hansson
                                                     Hutchins d University
Hutchins        8.4    13.6    18.11    20.13.133
University      2.2      6.5      8.6      11. 7. 73
Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 6, A Finch 5, M Wright 2, M Lister 2, A Triffett 2, A Sayers, M Hall, E Perry
University - T Stewart 4, M Gowans 2, F Ackroyd, F Reeves, J Stride, C Burgess, N Whittle
Best - Hutchins - M Wilson, M Lister, J Faulkner, E Perry, N Leitch, A Sayers
University - C Burgess, A Hanson, S Hamilton, J Stride, N Fenton, T Stewart
                                                        OHA d Richmond
OHA            2.4    6.5    8.8    12.13.85
Richmond    2.1    6.1    7.4      9.  7.61
Goals - OHA - S Jury 4, T Whitelaw 3, T Moore 2, A Banks, S McCallum, M Zukauskas
Richmond - A Reeve 3, J Sturzaker, A Baines, B Rogers, M Baker, J Dunn, R Brumby
Best - OHA - N Skeggs, J King, D Ryan, J Watkins, S McCallum, M Oakford
Richmond - J Sturzaker, C Hutchinson, J Woolley, D McGuiness, B Cato, K Rogers


OHA                10    10    -    -    1267    655    193.44    40
Hutchins          10     8    2    -    1010    791    127.69    32 
Richmond        11     6    5    -    1115   1044   106.80    24
St Virgils          10     4    6    -     987    1098    89.89    16
DOSA              10     4    6    -     814    1093    74.47    16
University         11     3    7    -    1115   1207    92.38    12
Channel            10    1    9    -     787    1207    65.20     4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (-) 62, S Jury OHA (4) 48, F Reeves University (1) 46
DOSA        13.12.90
Channel      11. 9.75
Goals - DOSA - J Fisher 3, M Honey 2, B Williams 2, J Claridge 2, J Carroll 2, D Hall 2
Channel - D Warn 4, L O'Toole 2, B Schuttler, J McKay, Z Loveluck, D Smith, M Gates, C Swan
Best - DOSA - T Golding, J Carroll, M McCallum, J Claridge, B Williams, J Rogers
Channel - C Swan, D Smith, D Warn, J McKay, M Dingjan, M Turner
Hutchins    19.12.126
University     3.4.32
Goals - Hutchins - B Garth 3, R Hallam 3, S Dorney 2, J Archer 2, A Smith 2, A Hazell, H Nichols
G Wertheimer, J McMahon, M Herd, D Creak, J Swain
University - W Quarrell 2, W Sherrin
Best - Hutchins - N Clark, B Gibson, H Nichols, Z McMahon, G Friend, D Creak
University - T Hiscutt, H Griggs, D Burgess, W Quarrell, C Jorden, N McNair
Richmond    25.19.169
OHA              7. 6.  48
Goals - Richmond - C Crossin 6, D Williams 4, J DeWinter 4, H Joseph 3, B Joseph 2
J Haines, J Jones, N Grant, Nick Woolley, A Dillon, J Hodge
OHA - N Butterworth, P Stanley, D Saunders, Z Burnett, A Chilcott, R Hunt, T Austin
Best - Richmond - S Boxall, B Joseph, C Crossin, H Joseph, I DeWinter, A Dillon
OHA - G Vincent, J Freeman, N Butterworth, Z Burnett, A Limbrick, C White  


Richmond 270.53% 36pts, Hutchins 145.40% 28pts, OHA 129.63% 28pts,
DOSA 106.32% 24 pts, St Virgils 69.50% 16pts, Channel 57.20% 8pts, University 41.07% 4pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (2) 41, C Crossin Richmond (6) 24, M Robinson DOSA (-) 22
B Garth Hutchins (3) 21, T Howells St Virgils (-) 20                        

Review Round 12

OHA coach Trent Whitelaw’s comment that “his squad worked hard in the pre season and have made a solid start to the season” rang true again when his team held off Richmond in a close encounter. The game was up for grabs by either team with 10 points the biggest margin held by OHA up to three quarter time but OHA kicked away in the final quarter to win by 24 points with Nick Skeggs, Scott McCallum, James King and Dan Ryan their best players while Julian Sturzaker, Chris Hutchinson, Darren McGuinness and Josh Woolley provided drive for Richmond.

 DOSA defeated Channel in a cliffhanger at Snug Park. Both teams went goal for goal with defences under pressure throughout with Joel Davie booting 7 goals for DOSA while Chris Joyce was dangerous with 7 goals for Channel which nearly got them over the line but DOSA held on to win by 3 points with Brendan Loveless, Scott Beattie and Tim Erends stars while Robbie Drysdale, Ryan Whittaker and Kyle Shaw stood out for Channel 

Hutchins proved too strong for University in registering a 60 point win. Hutchins had control of the game throughout with their runners Michael Wilson, Matthew Lister, Ellis Perry and James Faulkner dominant while University struggled early but were better later on through Cameron Burgess, Sean Hamilton, Jake Stride and Anthony Hanson.  

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Round 13 9 July

Preview Round 13

 A great spectacle should be witnessed when second placed Hutchins clash with ladder leader OHA in the game of the round. When these teams met in round six OHA were victors by 45 points with the third quarter deciding the game but Hutchins will need their kicking boots on if they hope to stop OHA’s unbeaten run. The battle for supremacy around the packs and across midfield between Hutchins’ Matthew Lister, Ellis Perry, Alistair Sayers and Michael Wilson pitted against Scott McCallum, Brodie Langford, Nick Skeggs and Matthew Zukauskas will be vital while both teams boast strong forwards led by Hutchins’ Nick Leitch and former Launceston star Adrian Finch and OHA’s Scott Jury and Trent Whitelaw.

 The St.Virgils and Channel clash could go either way with the home team keen to cement their spot in the four and will need Adrian Burdon, Jason Britten, Leigh Post and Michael Collis to dominate while the vastly improved Channel have Ryan Whittaker, Neil Hansonn, Chris Joyce and Robbie Drysdale in form.

 Another tight contest is forecast when DOSA host Richmond. DOSA are the big improvers sitting just outside the four with Cameron Golding, Tim Erends and Joel Davie in form while Richmond can bounce back through Julian Sturzaker, Darren McGuinness and Josh Woolley.

  University have the bye


Results Round 13


                                              St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils            2.0    5.5    9.7     13.9.87
Channel             1.4    1.7    5.10    9.11.65  
Goals - St Virgils - M Collis 3, A Burdon 2, B Davis 2, S Gray,
T Manning, J Ackerley, J Britten, T Nichols, M Grandin  
Channel - C Joyce 6, M Darcy 2, J Beaddle
Best - St Virgils - R Jacobs, M Beck, J Britten, B Dalliston, J Gill, S Gray
Channel - S Dean, B Vaatstra, C Joyce, W Armstrong, M Turnbull, D Smith
                                                OHA d Hutchins
OHA                5.2    6.3    9.6    9.6.60
Hutchins          1.0    1.4    3.4    6.5.41
Goals - OHA - T Whitelaw 4, S Jury 2, T Moore, T Orchard, C Hevey
Hutchins - A Sayers 3, M Creese, N Leitch, N Cleary
Best - OHA - T Fenton, N Skeggs, Brodie Langford, M Bannister, D Ryan, T Orchard
Hutchins - S Nichols, K Jubb, N Cleary, T Friend, C Jackson, A Sayers
                                           Richmond d DOSA
Richmond        1.1    7.6    9.8    9.10.64
DOSA              4.0    5.1    6.5    8. 6.54
Goals - Richmond - K Baker 4, M Baker 2, A Baines, Nathan Woolley, B Rogers
DOSA - C Golding 3, T Gibbons 2, J O'Brien, K Dooley, S Peacock
Best - Richmond - G Splann, D Lyden, K Baker, K Rogers, N Braslin, B Joseph
DOSA - T Doyle, J Carroll, L Manser, T Gibbons, M Pace, S Peacock 


OHA                    11    11    -    -    1331    696    191.24     44
Hutchins              11     8     3    -    1051    851    123.50    36
Richmond            12     7     5    -    1179   1102   106.99    28
St Virgils              11     5    6     -    1074   1163     92.35    20
DOSA                  11     4    7    -      868    1157     75.02    16
University             11     3    8    -    1115    1207     92.38    12
Channel                11    1    10    -    852    1294      65.84     4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (2) 64, S Jury OHA (2) 50, F Reeves University (-) 46
St Virgils        10.20.80
Channel           4.  3.27
Goalkickers - St Virgils - S Donaghue 2, M Ferguson 2, A Rhodes 2, J Viney, J McLean, S Riley, C Gill
Channel - A Warn, D Warn, B Shuttler, G Facey
Best - St Virgils - L White, S Donaghue, A Rhodes, S Riley, C Gill, J Viney
Channel - B Schulthorp, C Swann, J Bailey, N Sward, L Yeo, C Coventry
Hutchins        6.7.43
OHA              3.4.22
Goals - Hutchins - J Fyshe 3, A Hazell, J Bishop, D Creak
OHA - P Stanley, R Hunt, S Brown
Best - Hutchins - J Fyshe, F Dorney, L Nichols, R Hallam, J Bishop, M Graver
OHA - Z Burnett, G Vincent, S Gillies, T Scott, P Taylor, R Hunt
Richmond    12.16.88
DOSA           3.  3.21
Goals - Richmond - S Free 3, R Brumby 3, Nick Wolley 2, H Joseph, J Haines, A Dillon, S Bradford
DOSA - J Fisher 2, T Ingles
Best - Richmond - J De Winter, Nick Woolley, J Jones, S Bradford, D Williams, A Sweet
DOSA - B Ploughman, T Golding, L Calvert, M McCallum, M Carr, D Harrison   
Ladder - Richmond 276.23% 40pts, Hutchins 147.00% 32pts, OHA 125.10% 28pts
DOSA 98.49% 24pts, St Virgils 75.60% 20pts, Channel 55.32% 8pts, University 41.07% 4pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (-) 41, C Crossin Richmond (-) 24, M Robinson DOSA (-) 22
B Garth Hutchins (-) 21, T Howells St Virgils (-) 20

Review Round 13

In trying conditions while the football was dry OHA kicked 5 goals to Hutchins’1 in the first quarter then kept the home team at bay to win by 19 points and keep their unbeaten record intact. Goals were golden due to the inclement weather but Hutchins worked their way back in the second half to outscore the visitors but the damage was done through the efforts of Trent Fenton, Nick Skeggs, Brodie Langford and Michael Bannister in while Hutchins were kept in the game via Scott Nichols, Kevin Jubb, Nick Cleary and Tom Friend. 

St.Virgils kept their finals hopes alive with a hard fought 22 point win over Channel. St.Virgils accuracy enabled them to pinch a handy half time lead with Channel’s inaccuracy robbed them of being closer and with both teams scoring the same each in the second half St.Virgils early advantage proved the difference with Jacob Rogers, Mark Beck, Jason Britten and Byron Dalliston  their best while Sam Dean, Ben Vaatstra, Chris Joyce and Wayde Armstrong were best for Channel.

 A 6 goal second quarter saw Richmond through against DOSA and win by 10 points. DOSA held sway early but Richmond fought back through Gary Splann, Daniel Lyden, Kurt Baker and Kieran Rogers while Tom Doyle, Justin Carroll, Luke Manser and Tim Gibbins stood out for DOSA.     

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Round 14 16 July

Preview Round 14

With eight rounds to go the University St.Virgils clash is vital with their finals aspirations on the line. University have only won one game since round eight and are two games from fourth spot so a win is a must requiring a team effort while Field Reeves, Cameron Burgess, Anthony Hanson and Jake Stride are in fine form. Fourth placed St.Virgils have been hit and miss with their form and with DOSA breathing down their neck they have to perform led by Mark Beck, Jacob Rogers, Michael Grandin and Byron Dalliston. 

Provided Chris Joyce continues to dominate up forward with support from Michael Darcy, Sam Dean and Ben Vaatstra putting Hutchins defence under pressure Channel could upset the visitors but they will meet stiff opposition from Alistair Sayers, Kevin Jubb, Nick Cleary and Charlie Jackson as Hutchins look to redeem themselves after last week. 

Ladder leaders OHA should be too strong for DOSA at Geilston Bay and while still not at full strength have plenty of options available through Brodie Langford, Trent Fenton, Nick Skeggs Tim Orchard. DOSA have enjoyed a successful month apart from last week and on their day are an impressive unit led by Tim Gibbons, Tom Doyle, Cameron Golding and Sam Peacock.    

Richmond have the bye

Results Round 14

                                                      OHA d DOSA
OHA            5.3    10.4    15.8    22.11.143
DOSA          1.1     3.5      3.7      6.  7.  43
Goals - OHA - B Rogers 10, S McCallum 4, D Archer 2, N Skeggs 2,
M Bannister, Brodie Langford, T Orchard, D Ryan
DOSA - L Manser, T Doyle, A Davey, J Claridge, T Golding, N Carr
Best - OHA - M Bannister, B Rogers, S McCallum, D Ryan, M Oakford, C Unsworth
DOSA - S Peacock, M Fielding, L Manser, T Doyle, M Carr, J O'Brien
                                                  St Virgils d University
St Virgils        11.3    14.8    18.11    24.12.  156
University         3.1     6.3        9.6    11.  8.   74
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 7, M Collis 5, B Davis 3, T Nichols, J Britten 3
S Hughes, Marcus Parker, N Clark
University - M Gowans 5, F Reeves 2, C Burgess 2, B Johnson, M Riseley
Best = St Virgils - R Jacobs, Marcus Parker, M Beck, B Dalliston, J McCulloch, Z Batchelor
University - J Stride, M Rippon, H Griggs, F Reeves, N Whittle, B Johnson
                                               Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins        7.0    12.1    16.7    22.11.143
Channel         0.1     3.2      5.3    11.  4.  70
Goals - Hutchins - N Leach 9, J Coad 2, C Hensby 2, M Wright 2, M Hall 2, M Walsh 2,
M Lister, S Nichols, J Chaplin
Channel - C Joyce 8, M Darcy, C Stockfeld, R Whitaker
Best - Hutchins - N Leitch, A Sayers, T Friend, M Wilson, K Jubb, C Hensby
Channel - M Turnbull, C Joyce, M Smith, R Drysdale, N Hansson


OHA                    12    12    -    -   1474    739     199.46    48
Hutchins              12      9    3   -   1194    921     129.64    36
Richmond            12      7    5    -   1179    1102    106.99   28
St Virgils              12     6    6    -   1230    1237     99.43    24
DOSA                  12     4    8    -    911    1300     70.08    16
University             12     3    9    -    1189    1363     87.23    12
Channel               12      1    11  -    922     1437     64.16     4 
Leading Goalickers - A Burdon St Virgils (7) 71, S Jury OHA (-) 50, F Reeves University (2) 48, C Joyce Channel (8) 47
DOSA    11.8.74
OHA       10.9.69
Goals - DOSA - M Honey 6, M Robinson 2, B Cantrell, A Plunkett, J Fisher
OHA - S Brown 5, S Bowering 4, P Taylor 
Best - DOSA - N Cassidy, M Scott, D Harrison, J Fisher, J Cerritelli, D Johnson
OHA - Z Burnett, G Vincent, J Freeman, A Risley, S Brown, M Hinchen
St Virgils    25.16.166
University    7.  7.  49
Goals - St Virgils - T Howells 4, A Ferguson 4, K Millington 4, J Viney 3, S Groves 2
T Ferguson 2, S Debnam 2, J Hadfield, S Donaghue, S Riley, J McLean
University - W Quarrell 4, T Roberts, J Martin, D Burgess
Best - St Virgils - J Viney, T Smith, S Donaghue, T Howells, J Hills, T Pilkington
M Durkin, W Quarrell, D Burgess, J Brand, B Curtis, R Oakley
Hutchins        20.11.131
Channel          3.  7.  25
Goals - Hutchins - A Palfreyman 7, M Abey 3, B Garth 3, M Herd 2, J Archer 2, M Graver 2, D Creak
Channel - M Turner, N Swards, J Legg
Best -  Hutchins - J Archer, G Abey, D Creak, A McMahon, L Doyle, J Fyshe
Channel - N Swards, B Sculthorpe, A Warn, C Swan, Z Loveluck, D Warn 

Richmond 276.23% 40pts, Hutchins 160.28% 36pts, OHA 122.22% 28pts

DOSA - 98.60% 28pts, St Virgils 87.84% 24pts, Channel 51.11% 8pts, University 39.77% 4pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (6) 47, C Crossin Richmond (-) 24, M Robinson DOSA (2) 24
B Garth Hutchins (3) 24, T Howells St Virgils (4) 24

Review Round 14

Percentage boosting wins were the order of the day in the Old Scholars. OHA continued on their winning way with a 100 point mauling of DOSA. OHA’s consistency proved too much for DOSA with Brendan Rogers at full forward a focal point capitalising on his teammates further afield kicking ten goals. Other fine contributors for OHA were Michael Bannister, Scott McCallum and Dan Ryan while Sam Peacock, Matthew Fielding, Luke Manser and Tom Doyle battled on for DOSA. 

An eleven goal first quarter set up St.Virgils comfortable 82 point win over University. With Raymon Jacobs, Marcus Parker and Byron Dalliston dominating St.Virgils went on a goal scoring spree led by Adrian Burdon with 7 goals while Mark Beck marshalled a strong defence but University fought back through Jake Stride, Mark Rippon, Heath Griggs and Field Reeves decreasing the deficit but St.Virgils stormed home to win easily. 

With Nick Leitch leading from the front with nine goals Hutchins were too strong for Channel recording a 73 point victory. Hutchins took control from the outset but Channel refused to give in lifting their work rate with an improved second half performance. Other stars for Hutchins were Alistair Sayers, Tom Friend and Michael Wilson while Channel’s best were Matt Turnbull, Chris Joyce with 8 goals, Marcus Smith and Robbie Drysdale.      

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Round 15 23 July

Preview Round 15       

The heat is still on for finals spots although it appears OHA, Hutchins and Richmond look set to participate given their run home with fourth spot likely to stay with St.Virgils. At New Town St.Virgils can make it harder for DOSA to make the four if they can overcome OHA and have improved since the recruitment of Raymon Jacobs and Joe McCulloch to assist Adrian Burdon, Michael Collis and Zac Batchelor. OHA are a model of consistency led by Brodie Langford, Michael Bannister, Scott McCallum, Michael Oakford and Brendan Rogers.

The clash at Queenborough between Hutchins and Richmond should be a beauty as the battle for second spot continues although Hutchins have a two game buffer. Richmond were successful last time they met but Hutchins performances since then have been more beneficial with Alistair Sayers, Michael Wilson, Nick Leitch and Tom Friend in form but Richmond will be on a mission through the efforts of Kurt Baker, Kieran Rogers, Gary Splann and Darren McGuinness.

 At University a close game is expected between University and Channel with both teams struggling for wins. University are receiving drive from Jake Stride, Field Reeves, Cameron Burgee and Mark Rippon while for Channel forward Chris Joyce has been a prolific goalkicker of late and Neil Hansson, Robbie Drysdale and Ryan Whittaker are in form.

 Dosa have the bye.

Results Round 15 

                                                Hutchins d Richmond
Hutchins        4.1    12.3    15.3    17.  5.107
Richmond      3.2      5.3     9.8     15.11.101
Goals - Hutchins - M Hall 4, N Leitch 3, C Hensby 2, J Chaplin 2, M Walsh 2, M Wright, M Lister, A Triffett, A Sayers
Richmond - J Dunn 3, D Burnie 3, M Baker 3, K Rogers 2, Nathan Woolley, N Terry, K Rogers, B Rogers
Best - Hutchins - M Windsor, N Cleary, K Jubb, M Hall, J Chaplin, C Hensby
Richmond - G Splann, K Rogers, D Lyden, D Burnie, M Baker, S Dick 
                                                 University d Channel
University        9.1    12.3    14.7    16.15.111
Channel          5.3      9.7    13.10  14.16 100
Goals - University - F Reeves 4, T Stewart 3, M Gowans 3, C Burgess 3, W Quarrell 2, J Stride
Channel - M Darcy 3, C Joyce 3, C Stockfeld 3, W Dean, N Hansson, R Smith, J McQueen, B Vaatstra
Best - University - J Stride, M Rippon, C Burgess, T Stewart, W Quarrell, S Hamilton
Channel - M Darcy, N Hansson, W Armstrong, S Dean, B Vaatstra, B Bowerman
                                                     OHA d St Virgils
OHA            2.4    7.9    12.12    15.14.104
St Virgils      4.0    6.4      9.7      11. 9.  75
Goals - OHA - S Jury 7, T Whitelaw 3, S McCallum 2, B Rogers, T Orchard, M Zukauskas
St Virgils - A Burdon 4, M Collis 3, Z Batchelor, T Nicholas, Marcus Parker, S Quinn
Best - OHA - D Ryan, M Oakford, S Jury, S McCallum, Ben Langford, Brodie Langford
St Virgils - B Dalliston, S Quinn, R Jacobs, C Noye, M Collis


OHA                13    13    -    -    1578      814   193.86    52
Hutchins          13    10    3    -    1301    1022   127.30    40
Richmond        13      7    6    -    1280    1209   105.87   28
St Virgils          13     6    7    -    1305    1341    97.32     24
University         13     4    9    -    1300    1463    88.86    16
DOSA              12     4    8    -      911    1300    70.08    16
Channel            13    1   12    -    1022    1548    66.02     4 
Leading Goalkickers 

A Burdon St Virgils (4) 75, S Jury OHA (7) 57, F Reeves University (4) 52, C Joyce Channel (3) 50

Richmond        10.8.68
Hutchins            8.4.52
Goals - Richmond - R Brumby 3, L Fogarty 3, N Grant, A Newnham, A Dillon, A Oakley
Hutchins - A Smith 3, J Archer, J Parker, J McMahon, J Bishop, G Wertheimer
Best - Richmond - N Grant, T Lee, A Sweet, D Grubb, S Bradford
Hutchins - J McGoofe, J Archer, A Smith, L Doyle, F Dorney, G Wertheimer
Channel        9.16.70    
University      5.10.40
Goals - Channel - D Warn 6, N Swards, C Swan, M Dingjan
University - D Burgess, J Saner, M Martin, D Brazendale, J Round
Best - Channel - D Warn, M Dingjan, A Warn, B Sculthorpe, L Yeo, P Verrell
University - K Takayama, T Hiscutt, N McNair, A Welch, M Martin, L Koleits
St Virgils      14.18.102
OHA            14.  8.  92
Goals - St Virgils - T Howells 6, S Youd 3, J Foster 3, S Debnam, S Groves
OHA - S Bowering 5, S Brown 3, T Austen 2, C Grace, A Limbrick, M Hinchen, R Duval - Smith
Best - St Virgils - T Howells, J Slade, T Pilkington, S Riley, S Debnam, J Barcza
OHA - J Tierney, J Freeman, N Balcombe, R Hunt, A Limbrick, M Hinchen      

Richmond 263.61% 44pts, Hutchins 152.96% 36pts, OHA 118.68% 28pts

DOSA 99.10% 28pts, St Virgils 89.69% 28pts, Channel 55.35% 12pts, University 40.56% 4 pts

Leading Goalkickers

M Honey DOSA (-) 47, T Howells St Virgils (6) 30, C Crossin Richmond (-) 24

M Robinson DOSA (-) 24, B Garth Hutchins (-) 24, S Brown OHA (-) 23

Review Round 15

Hutchins stalled Richmond’s bid for second spot with a hard fought win at Queenborough. Little separated the teams at quarter times but Hutchins ran amok in the second quarter to establish a 42 point lead but Richmond hit their straps and dominated the second half gradually pegging back Hutchins but their efforts were in vain as they fell short by 6 points. Marcus Windsor, Nick Cleary, Kevin Jubb and Michael Hall were best for Hutchins while Gary Splann, Kieran Rogers, Daniel, Lyden and Dillon Burnie stood out for Richmond. 

In a sparkling first quarter fourteen goals were shared between University and Channel with University’s contribution of nine goals proving the difference in their winning by 11 points as Channel clawed their way back into the game but wayward kicking for goal in the final quarter let them down. Best for University were Jake Stride, Mark Rippon, Cameron Burgess and Troy Stewart while Michael Darcy, Neil Hansson, Wayde Armstrong and Sam Dean were the pick for Channel.  

With Dan Ryan, Michael Oakford, Scott Jury and Scott McCallum leading the way OHA swung into gear after a slow start to hold off a St.Virgils outfit full of running early but they could not maintain the pressure going down to the ladder leaders by 29 points. St.Virgils Byron Dalliston, Scott Quinn, Raymon Jacobs and Chris Noye had good games.

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Round 16 30 July

Preview Round 16

 DOSA have a task ahead of themselves when they meet Hutchins at North Hobart. DOSA were looking good in the middle rounds with Cameron Golding dominating at full forward, Sam Peacock, Tim Gibbons and Justin O’Brien providing drive through midfield and Daniel Lamont controlling his defence and a repeat of this form is necessary to combat Hutchins’ strong defence, creative onballers and versatile forwards led by Marcus Windsor, Matthew Wilson, Chris Hensby, Michael Hall and Nick Leitch. 

OHA should have all the answers at Geilston Bay when they host University. Unbeaten to date and with players returning from injury to strengthen them further OHA look formidable but are not looking further than each game with Brodie Langford, Michael Oakford, Scott McCallum, Scott Jury and Dan Ryan in form. University are struggling but they are a determined group led by Cameron Burgess, Jake Stride, Mark Rippon, Troy Stewart and Field Reeves.

 The clash at Richmond features the home team and St.Virgils in what should be a classic encounter and tipped to be a close contest with Richmond hoping to spread their form over the full game through Gary Splann, Mitchell Baker, Jordan Dunn and Steven Dick while St.Virgils finals future is in their own hands with Chris Noye, Bryon Dalliston, Raymon Jacobs and Scott Quinn in form.

 Channel have the bye.  

Results Round 16

                                                  OHA d University
OHA            6.5    12.9    18.14    32.19.211
University     1.4     2.5      3.11      5.11.  41 
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 6, M Zukauskas 5, S McCallum 5, S Jury 5,
Brodie Langord 4, A Banks 3, T Whitelaw 1, T Fenton, Ben Langford, C Hevey 
University - T Hiscutt 2, W Quarrell, F Reeves, M Rippon
Best - OHA - C Unsworth, M Zukauskas, Ben Langford, T Orchard, B Bateman, M McPherson
University - R Hill, A Hanson, M Rippon, M Gowans, A Saunders, H Griggs
                                                 Hutchins d DOSA
Hutchins    3.3    5.8    9.12    12.13.85
DOSA        6.2    8.4   10.5     12. 8.80
Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 9, M Hall 2, M Wright
DOSA - C Golding 4, J O'Brien 2, J Davie 2, M Carr, S Beattie, M Fielding, T Gibbons
Best - Hutchins - N Leitch, J Chaplin, K Jubb, M Wilson, L Noye, J Faulkner
DOSA - T Doyle, N Carr, C Golding, S Peacock, J Harvey, M Fielding
                                                St Virgils d Richmond
St Virgils        3.2    8.5    12.6    16.8.104
Richmond      3.3    7.5      9.7     13.9. 87
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 5, Marcus Parker 4, J Ackerley 2, M Collis 2, J Britten, A Mann, T Nicholas
Richmond - A Reeve 5, Jordon Dunn 3, K Rogers, N Terry, C Hutchinson, B Cato, G Splann
Best - St Virgils - J Britten, Marcus Parker, R Jacobs, L Post, B Dalliston, J McCulloch
Richmond - M Allie, A Reeve, A Boucher, K Rogers, A Baines 


OHA                14    14    -    -    1789     855    209.24    56
Hutchins          14    11    3    -    1386   1102    125.77    44
Richmond        14      7    7    -    1367   1313    104.11    28
St Virgils          14     7     7   -     1409   1428      98.67   28
University         14     4    10  -     1341   1674      80.11   16
DOSA              13     4     9   -       991   1385      71.55   16
Channel            13    1    12   -     1022   1548      66.02    4
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (5) 80, S Jury OHA (5) 62, F Reeves University (1) 53, C Joyce Channel (-) 50
OHA            38.20.248
University     2.4.16
Goals - OHA - S Brown 10, T Austin 5, N Butterworth 4, B MacMurray 3, P Stanley 3, P Reason 3
Z Burnett 2, R Duval-Hunt 2, P Taylor, A Risely, J Tierney, N Balcombe, G Vincent, M Hinchen
University - N Dazely 2
Best - OHA - B MacMurray, N Butterworth, S Brown, P Stanley, Z Burnett, C Williams
University - W McAdam, C Jordon, M Durkin, A Welch, N Emery, J Round
Hutchins        21.17.143
DOSA             8.  5.  53
Goals - Hutchins - H Nichols 4, B Garth 3, J Fyshe 3, A Smith 2, R Hallam 2, M Herd 2, F Dorney 2
J Deal, J Swain, M Graver DOSA - J Fisher 2, M Carr, B Johnson, T Ingles, B Cantrell, D Harrison, K Farrow
Best - Hutchins - J Fyshe, F Dorney, J Bishop, H Nichols, J Deal, R Hallam
DOSA - L Calvert, D Harrison, J Fisher, B Johnson, N Evans, M McCallum
Richmond        18.15.123
St Virgils            5.6.36
Goals - Richmond - B Rogers 4, S Bradford 3, P Roland 2, J Haines 2, H Joseph 2, W Eddington
R Brumby, J DeWinter, T Lee, C Fogarty 
St Virgils - D Morgan 2, T Howells, T Martin, M Rhodes
Best - Richmond -  S Bradford, A Dillon, D Bailey, B Rogers, B Joseph, J Dunn
St Virgils - T Pilkington, J Payne, J Hills, J Slade, S Debnam, T Howells
Ladder - Richmond 268.03% 48pts, Hutchins 160.41% 40pts, OHA 143.11% 32pts
DOSA 91.30% 28pts, St Virgils 84.16% 28pts, Channel 55.36% 12pts, University 35.83% 4pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (-) 47, S Brown OHA (10) 33,T Howells St Virgils (1) 31 

Review Round 16 

Hutchins had to scrape and scrounge for four quarters to shake off a desperate DOSA emerging victors by 5 points and ending DOSA’s finals aspirations. DOSA were the better team in the first half and led by 14 points at half time but Hutchins clawed their way back and hit the front entering the final quarter to hold off DOSA. Nick Leitch with 9 goals, Josh Chaplin, Kevin Jubb and Matthew Wilson were best form Hutchins while Tom Doyle, Nick Carr, Cameron Golding and Sam Peacock stood out for DOSA. 

St.Virgils locked in a finals spot after a hard fought win over Richmond. The first half ended with Saints leading by a goal but they outscored Richmond in the third quarter and established a 17 point lead which they maintained for the remainder of the game through Jason Britten, Marcus Parker, Raymon Jacobs and Joe McCulloch while Richmond’s best were Matthew Allie, Aaron Reeve, Andrew Boucher and Kieran Rogers. 

OHA scored a percentage boosting win in thrashing University to the tune of 170 points. OHA’s forward structure worked a treat with goals shared aplenty courtesy of an endless supply from their hard running defenders and midfielders led by Craig Unsworth and Brendan Bateman. University battled on gamely against the odds through Rob Hill and Anthony Hanson.       

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Round 17 6 August

Preview Round 17

St.Virgils will be out for revenge when they host DOSA at New Town. DOSA outplayed St.Virgils when they last met in round ten and were in a purple patch of form but that form has deserted them while St.Virgils are in reasonable form through Zac Batchelor, Byron Dalliston and recruits Raymon Jacobs and Joe McCulloch. DOSA will trouble St.Virgils throughout with Nick Carr, Joel Davie and Cameron Golding in good form. 

An improved performance by University at home is required if they hope to defeat Richmond. University were outplayed last week but are capable of better displays led by Mark Rippon, Anthony Hanson, Michael Gowans and Heath Griggs. Richmond need to show more consistency as we approach finals action and have the opportunity in this game to showcase their skills led by Kieran Rogers, Jordan Dunn, Gary Splann and Andrew Boucher. 

Channel will need a team effort to combat OHA in their clash at Snug Park. Although they are vastly improved with Wayde Armstrong, Sam Dean, Ben Vaatstra and Chris Joyce leading the way Channel meet a team in awesome form. OHA coach Trent Whitelaw spoke earlier in the season about continued improvement as the season progressed and his team is certainly carrying that out to the order with all players contributing week in week out.  

Hutchins have the bye.  

Results Round 17

                                                    OHA d Channel 
OHA        2.2    4.3    7.4    10.8.68
Channel   0.1    0.3    0.4       0.6.6
Goals - OHA - M Zukauskas 2, S Bowering 2, T Moore 2, S Jury
A Banks, Brodie Langford, S McCallum
Best - OHA - T Moore, N Skeggs, M Oakford, T Orchard, S McCallum, D Ryan
Channel - S Dean, M Turnbull, W Dean, T Wierengo, B Vaatstra, B Bowerman
                                                   Richmond d University
Richmond    1.7    3.11    5.16    10.20.80
University     0.1     1.2     4.3       4.5.29
Goals - Richmond - G Splann 2, J Baker 2, D Burnie, Nick Woolley, J Dunn, A Boucher, A Daft, A Baines
University - F Reeves 2, C Burgess, A Hanson
Best - Richmond - N Braslin, N Terry, G Splann, D Grubb, A Boucher, A Baines
University - M Rippon, M Gowans, H Griggs, N Whittle, J Stride, C Burgess
                                                  St Virgils d DOSA 
St Virgils     3.0    8.5    9.8    12.12.84
DOSA         3.5    4.5    6.5     6.  5.41
Goals - St Virgils - Marcus Parker 4, A Burdon 3, M Collis 2, M Grandin, T Nicholas, L Post
DOSA - S Peacock 2, K Dooley, J Harvey, M Carr, J Cerritelli
Best - St Virgils - J Britten, Marcus Parker, L Post, T Nicholas, M Collis,M Beck
DOSA - M Carr, A Davey, K Dooley, J O'Brien, S Peacock, M Fielding


OHA            15    15    -    -    1857    861    215.68    60
Hutchins      14    11    3    -    1386   1102   125.77    44
Richmond    15     8     7    -    1447   1342   107.82    32
St Virgils      15     8    7    -     1493   1469   101.63    32
University     15     4   11   -     1370   1754     78.11    16
DOSA          14     4   10   -     1032   1469     70.25    16
Channel       14     1    13  -      1028   1616     63.61     4
Leading Goalkickers

A Burdon St Virgils (3) 83, S Jury OHA (1) 63, F Reeves University (2) 55, C Joyce Channel (-) 50                   

OHA            13.13.91
Channel         4. 2.26
Goals - OHA - S Brown 4, N Butterworth 4, C Grace 2, W Dawson 2, C White
Channel - D Warn 3, Z Loveluck
Best - OHA - Z Burnett, J Tierney, R Duval-Hunt, D Walton, G Vincent, S Brown
Channel - J McKay, Z Loveluck, C Swan, C Coventry, B Pitt, T Newlands
Richmond    26.10.166
University       3. 1. 19
Goals - Richmond - P Roland 5, S Free 4, S Boxall 3, B Rogers 2, D Bailey 2, I DeWinter 2,
B Joseph, H Joseph, J Haines, N Grant, J Hodge, A Dillon, R Brumby, C Fogarty
University - D Brazendale, J Gibb, T Roberts
Best - Richmond - N Grant, S Boxall, P Roland, B Joseph, I DeWinter, W Eddington
University - B Curtis, J Round, W McAdam, N Emery, A Welch, M Durkin
St Virgils    11.8.74
DOSA         5.9.39
Goals - St Virgils - D Morgan 4, J Hadfield 2, T Howells 2, J Rogers, S Groves, M Cracknell
DOSA - M Honey 2, L Golding, M Robinson, B Cantrell
Best - J Viney, J Rogers, J Slade, D Morgan, J Hadfield, T Pilkington
DOSA - L Calvert, T Golding, J Carroll, B Ploughman, M McCallum, D Harrison  

Richmond 285.62% 52pts, Hutchins 160.41% 40pts, OHA 148.70% 36pts

St Virgils 86.99% 32pts, DOSA 88.94% 28pts, Channel 53.42% 12pts, University 33.76% 4pts

Leading Goalkickers  

M Honey DOSA (2) 49, S Brown OHA (4) 37, T Howells St Virgils (2) 33

Review Round 17

In heavy conditions St.Virgils overcame a desperate DOSA who should have had a comfortable lead at quarter time but did not capitalise and St.Virgils took control booting 5 goals in the second quarter that proved the difference with St.Virgils running out 43 point winners thanks to strong performances from Marcus Parker, Jason Britten, Leigh Post and Tim Nicholas while DOSA received steady games from Matthew Carr, Aaron Davey, Kieron Dooley and Justin O’Brien. 

Richmond dominated University restricting the home team to 4 goals while kicking 10 themselves but had many opportunities to bolster their percentage which they failed to take. University fought their way back in the third quarter to reduce the margin to 19 points but Richmond finished full of running led by Nick Braslin, Nathan Terry, Gary Splann and Dylan Grubb to win by 51 points. University were best served by Mark Rippon, Michael Gowans, Heath Griggs and Nick Whittle. 

OHA kept Channel goalless on their way to a 62 point win. Conditions prevented OHA from playing their fast running game but still had all the answers although Channel fought the game out but could not penetrate OHA’s strong defence while Trent Moore, Nick Skeggs, Michael Oakford and Tim Orchard dominated. Channel were far from disgraced led by Sam Dean, Matthew Turnbull, Will Dean and Timothy Wierenga.  

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Round 18 13 August

Preview Round 18

All interest now centres on how the finalists prepare in the remaining roster games in the Old Scholars. At Queenborough Hutchins host St.Virgils and Hutchins coach Nick Leitch’s expectations of his team finishing in the top two has come to fruition and with both teams in form led by Hutchins’ Nick Leitch, Alistair Sayers, Matthew Wilson and Nick Cleary and St.Virgils’ Leigh Post, Mark Beck, Marcus Parker and Jason Britten a close game is predicted. 

Richmond should have all the answers for Channel at Richmond. With their Reserves team dominating Richmond have positive selection headaches with a host of players available for senior selection although their preference would be for a settled team while Kieran Rogers, Nick Braslin, Gary Splann and Andrew Boucher are in form. Although not achieving the success they would have liked Channel have been very impressive this season through Sam Dean, Matt Turnbull, Ben Vaatstra and Tim Wierenga.

 Another close game is anticipated when DOSA play University which will be played at University due to North Hobart being unavailable. Both teams have disappointed especially DOSA who looked good midway through the season while DOSA’s Kieran Dooley, Matthew Carr, Justin O’Brien and Sam Peacock and University’s Cameron Burgess, Field Reeves, Heath Griggs and Mark Rippon are in form.

OHA have the bye.

Results Round 18


ST.VIRGILS            5.2               8.5          13.9        15.10   100  
HUTCHINS             3.1                5.7          7.10        11.13    79

Goals ST.VIRGILS  A.Burdon 4, M.Collis 3, Marcus Parker 2, J.Britten, B.Hastie, M.Grandin, J.Rogers, B. Davis, B. Parremore.
HUTCHINS  B.VanKraanen 4, M.Wright 3, M.Hall 2, N.Leitch, J.Chaplin.
Best ST.VIRGILS L.Post, M.Collis, Z.Batchelor, M.Beck, C.Noye, B.Davis.
HUTCHINS C.Hensby, M.Lister, J.Faulkner, M.Hall, K.Jubb, J.Chaplin.

CHANNEL     8.5    8.8          15.9        16.12  108  .
RICHMOND   5.0    8.3          9.3          15.8    98.

Goals CHANNEL C.Joyce 10, M.Darcy 5, J.Webster.
RICHMOND  A.Reeve 4, S.Boxall 2, K.Baker 2, N.Braslin 2, C.Hutchinson, N.Terry, A.Daft, D.Burnie, B.Cato.
Best  CHANNEL  R.Smith, C.Joyce, R.Whittaker, W.Armstrong, T.Wierenga, B.Vaatstra.
RICHMOND  N.Terry, A.Daft, S.Boxall, N.Braslin. 

UNIVERSITY  4.4        6.7          10.10      14.13    97 
DOSA            0.4       3.8            4.11        6.15    51.

Goals UNIVERSITY F.Reeves 5, N.Whittle 4, M.Riseley 3, J.Stride, A.Winston.
DOSA J O’Brien 2, T.Erends, K.Dooley, N.Abrahams, N.Cassidy.
Best UNIVERSITY C.Burgess, P.McCarthy, M.Gowans, M.Rippon, J.Harrison, F.Reeves
DOSA N.Cassidy, L.Calvert, N.Abrahams, J.O’Brien, A.Davey, J.Harvey. 


HUTCHINS    13.11   89 
ST.VIRGILS    9.6.    60.

Goals HUTCHINS H,Nichols 3, B.Garth 2, M.Graver 2, S.Dorney 2, A.Hazell 2, A.Smith, T.Windsor.
ST.VIRGILS D.Morgan 4, T.Howells 2, S.Groves, J.Hadfield, S.Debnam.
Best HUTCHINS M.Graver, J.Fyshe, F.Dorney, B.Garth, L.Doyle, T.Windsor
ST.VIRGILS D.Morgan, J.Slade, J.Viney, S.Donoghue.  

DOSA             9.12   66
UNIVERSITY   2.15   27

Goals DOSA J.Fisher 2, M.Honey, C.Jones, J.Claridge, M.Scott, D.Price, K.Farrow, S.Martin.
UNIVERSITY T.Hiscutt, P.Brooks.
Best DOSA D.Price, B.Ploughman, B.Cantrell, M.Harrison, J.Rogers, S.Drew.
UNIVERSITY J.Gordon, D.Kinsella, R.Bellchambers, Z.Durkin, T.Stewart, A.Welch. 

RICHMOND 24.17 161 def. CHANNEL 6.7 43.

Goals RICHMOND J.DeWinter 10, C.Ross 5, J.Haines 3, P.Roland 2, B.Rogers, N.Grant, A.Dillon, Nick Woolley.
CHANNEL D.Warn 3, M.Stevenson, C.Coventry, N.Mansfield.
Best RICHMOND I.DeWinter, J.DeWinter, A.Dillon, J.Dunn,C.Ross,B.Rogers.
CHANNEL S.Schutch, K.Shaw, C.Swan, A.Warn, M.Stevenson, D.Millhouse.

Review Round 18

Channel registered their second win in the Old Scholars with a victory over the more fancied Richmond by 10 points. Channel were more committed to their task than Richmond who appeared disinterested allowing the visitors to capitalise through their key forwards Chris Joyce and Michael Darcy who between them kicked fifteen of the sixteen goals while Ryan Smith, Ryan Whittaker and Wayde Armstrong were stars. Richmond fought back in the final quarter after trailing by seven goals but could not quite bridge the gap with Nathan Terry, Adam Daft, Scott Boxall and Nick Braslin their best players. 

Another surprise was St.Virgils comfortable victory over Hutchins by 21 points. St.Virgils led at every change keeping Hutchins forwards in check through their hard working defence led by Leigh Post, Zac Batchelor and Mark Beck while Michael Collis was superb around the ground. Hutchins finished strongly through Chris Hensby, Matthew Lister, James Faulkner and Michael Hall but the damage had been done. 

University inflicted a 46 point win over a lack lustre DOSA in a game they controlled throughout. It was certainly a form reversal by University led by the brilliant Cameron Burgess and Paddy McCarthy, Michael Gowans and Mark Rippon while DOSA had honest performers in Nathan Cassidy, Luke Calvert, Nathan Abrahams and Justin O’Brien.    

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Round 19 20 August

Preview Round 19 

According to the script, games in the Old Scholars this Saturday should go to plan but after last Saturday’s upsets this is certainly not a given although St.Virgils recent winning form courtesy of a strong defence and adaptable midfielders and forwards suggests they should hold all the aces against University at New Town but University should not be taken lightly as previous clashes have been hotly contested affairs plus University have an experienced on ball unit and capable forwards. 

Hutchins will need to be on their game at Queenborough where they host a confident Channel but Channel’s experienced forwards Chris Joyce and Michael Darcy could pose problems for Hutchins defence especially if full back Marcus Windsor is still unavailable but Kevin Jubb and Josh Archer have been consistent while Chris Hensby and Josh Chaplin are busy around midfield while Channel have been well served lately by Ryan Smith, Wayde Armstrong and TimWierenga.

 DOSA face a mammoth task when they take on OHA at North Hobart. DOSA’s good form has lapsed in the latter part of the season but will put up a good showing through Nathan Cassidy, Justin O’Brien and Justin Harvey but the class and consistency of OHA should see them prevail comfortably.

 Richmond have the bye.

Results Round 19


                                                      OHA d DOSA
OHA        7.2    17.5    24.12    33.16.214
DOSA      2.2     3.3      5.4        6.  4. 40
Goals - OHA - S Jury 11, S Bowering 6, S McCallum 3, M Bannister 3
T Whitelaw 3, M Zukauskas 3, D Archer, Brodie Lanford, T Moore, T Fenton
DOSA - M Carr 2, N Carr, J Davie, T Ingles, N Cassidy
Best - OHA - C Hevey, Brodie Langford, M Zukauskas, S Jury, T Fenton, C Unsworth
DOSA - A Davey, J O'Brien, N Carr, J Cerritelli, N Cassidy, B Loveless
                                              St Virgils d University
St Virgils        5.1    12.5    14.6    18.12.120
University       1.7      6.7      9.9    10.11. 71
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 5, M Collis 3, T Nicholas 3, B Davis 2, B Parremore
S Quinn, B Weston, M Grandin, L Post
University - F Reeves 5, T Stewart 3, C Burgess 2
Best - St Virgils - L Post, B Davis, T Nicholas, M Grandin, B Parremore, S Quinn
University - M Rippon, J Stride, F Reeves, S Hamilton, T Stewart, P McCarthy
                                             Hutchins d Channel
Hutchins        6.4    10.5    12.9    19.12.126
Channel         3.1     5.5      7.9      7.12.  54
Goals - Hutchins - M Wright 6, B Van Kraanen 4, M Walsh 2, M Hall 2, C Jackson,
N Leitch, G Wertheimer, M Wilson, S Nichols
Channel - C Joyce 2, M Darcy 2, M Smith, R Scuth, C Stockfield
Best - Hutchins - M Lister, M Wright, M Wilson, C Hensby, M Hall, J Archer
Channel - R Drysdale, S Dean, M Smith, N Hanson, R Scuth, J Webster


OHA            16    16    -    -    2071    901    229.85    64
Hutchins      16    12    4    -    1591   1256   126.67    48
St Virgils      17    10    7    -    1713   1619   105.81    40
Richmond     16     8    8    -    1545   1450   106.55    32
University     17     5    12   -    1538   1925    79.90    20
DOSA          16     4    12   -    1123   1780    63.09    16
Channel        16    2    14   -     1190  1840    64.67      8   
OHA            12.6.78
DOSA           9.5.59
Goals - OHA - S Brown 3, C Grace 2, P Stanley 2, A Limbrick, J Tierney, M Walsh, C Williams, N Balcombe
DOSA - M Honey 5, K Farrow 2, J Fisher, C Jones
Best - OHA - T Scott, D Walton, B McMurray, L Taylor, J Tierney, M Walsh
DOSA - N Abrahams, J Rogers, J Carroll, M Honey, M Scott, D Price
St Virgils    15.20.110
University   10.  7.  67
Goals - St Virgils - T Howells 4, D Morgan 3, J Foster 2, M Ferguson 2, S Riley 2, S Youd, K Youd
University - D Burgess 4, J Nelson 3, G Wallace, M Martin, K Takayama
Best - St Virgils - J Foster, S Donaghue, K Youd, S Riley, S Harris, S Murray
St Virgils - J Foster, S Donaghue, K Youd, S Riley, S Harris, S Murray
University - W McAdam, J Nelson, D Burgess, Z Durkin, D Kinsella, K Takayama
Hutchins     33.17.215
Channel        2.6.18
Goals - Hutchins - A Hazell 5, B Garth 4, H Nichols 4, T Windsor 4, O Robinson 3
R Hallam 2, J Gill 2, G Friend 2, M Herd 2, J Parker 2, T Graver, J Creak, A Triffett
Channel - A Warn, Z Loveluck
Best - Hutchins - T Graver, O Robinson, A Triffett, J Nichols, J Swain, G Wright
Channel - M Turner, A Warn, N Sward, D Warn, C Swann, J Legg



Richmond 292.25% 56pts, Hutchins 180.08% 48 pts, OHA 147.75% 40pts

St Virgils 89.34% 36pts, DOSA 91.34% 32pts, Channel 44.86% 12 pts, University 35.25% 4pts

Review Round 19

A four quarter effort by OHA enabled them to thrash DOSA by 174 points. DOSA were swamped by a ruthless OHA led by ruckman Chris Hevey who continually released his midfielders who cut a swathe through DOSA’s defence who had to contest not only with Scott Jury (11 goals) and Sam Bowering (6) plus a host of link up players running through to score. Other good players for OHA were Brodie Langford and Matthew Zukauskas while none tried harder for DOSA than Aaron Davey, Justin O’Brien, Nick Carr and James Cerentilli. 

St.Virgils recent good form continued proving too strong for University. St.Virgils accuracy in the first half set their win up as the second half was a scrambly, low scoring affair with St.Virgtils winning by 49 points. St.Virgils Leigh Post, Brendan Davis, Tim Nicholas And Michael Grandin stood out throughout the game while for University Mark Rippon, Jake Stride, Field Reeves and Sean Hamilton played well. 

Hutchins cast Channel aside in typical fashion at Queenborough winning by 72 points. Apart from an even third quarter Hutchins looked in control led by Matthew Lister, Matthew Wright, Matthew Wilson and Chris Hensby while Channel were unable to repeat last week’s effort although Robbie Drysdale, Sam Dean, Marcus Smith and Neil Hanson played well.      

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Round 20 27 August

Preview Round 20 

OHA should chalk up their seventeenth straight victory when they host Richmond at Geilston Bay with their teamwork and mobility from all players to prove too much for Richmond whose inconsistency must be a worry approaching finals time and they need a victory to revitalise the team led by Kieran Rogers, Nathan Terry, Nick Braslin and Gary Splann who are producing good form. 

University will have to work hard if they hope to upset Hutchins at University as they have battled all season without much success and will receive no respite from Hutchins who will be gearing up for next week’s top of the table clash with OHA. Mark Rippon, Jake Stride, Field Reeves and Troy Stewart have been fine performers for University throughout while Hutchins have a host of in form players led by Matthew Lister, Chris Hensby, Matthew Wilson and Michael Hall.    

The Channel versus DOSA clash at Snug Park should be a titanic struggle as they both battle for a hard earned victory. Both teams have showcased some good young talent while Sam Dean, Neil Hanson and Chris Joyce lend experience to Channel with Justin O’Brien, Aaron Davey and Brendan Loveless similar for the injury hit DOSA. 

St Virgils have the bye.

Results Round 20

                                               Channel d DOSA
Channel        3.1    5.5    6.6     12. 8.80
DOSA           4.2    6.4    8.11   10.15.75
Goals - Channel - C Joyce 4, M Darcy 3, B Vaatstra, M Stevenson, M McGuire,S Dean, B Bowerman
DOSA - M Honey 4, J Davie 2, T Gibbons, S Beattie, S Peacock, A Davey
Best - Channel - W Armstrong, S Dean, M Smith, N Butler, R Drysdale, N Hannson
DOSA - S Beattie, A Davey, S  Peacock, N Carr, C Golding, J Claridge
                                                OHA d Richmond
OHA            6.2    11.8    13.12    18.15.123
Richmond    4.0      6.2      8.5      13. 8.  86
Goals - OHA - M Zukauskas 3, D Archer 3, S Bowering 2, Brodie Langford 2, S McCallum 2
T Whitelaw, A Banks, S Jury, M Thompson, M McPherson, T Moore
Richmond - N Braslin 3, Jordon Dunn 2, A Reeve 2, K Baker 2, G Splann, N Terry, Nathan Woolley, D Burnie    
Best - OHA -  B Bateman, D Ryan, N Skeggs, T Orchard, S McCallum, J Watkins
Richmond - Josh Woolley, S Dick, Jordon Dunn, G Splann, I DeWinter, Nick Woolley
                                              Hutchins d University
Hutchins    5.0     9.6    13.9    21.11.161
University  4.1    13.3    16.6    18. 7.115
Goals - Hutchins - N Leitch 6, B Van Kraanen 4, M Wilson 4, M Hall 2, G Wertheimer 2
A Triffett, A Sayers, J Archer, J Chaplin, N Cleary, M Lister, J Coad
University - F Reeves 8, T Sewart 5, M Gill 2, C Burgess, J Nelson, P McCarthy
Best - Hutchins - C Hensby, N Leitch, M Wilson, J Coad, J Nicholls, J Faulkner
University - C Burgess, M Gowans, F Reeves, B Johnson, M Rippon, T Stewart 


OHA            17    17    -    -    2194    987    222.29    68
Hutchins      17    13    4    -    1752  1371    127.79    52
St Virgils      17    10    7    -    1713  1619    105.81    40
Richmond     17     8    9    -    1631  1573    103.69    32
University      18    5   13    -    1653  2086      79.24   20
DOSA           17    4    13   -    1198  1860      64.41   16
Channel        17    3    14   -    1270  1915      66.32    12                   
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (-) 87, F Reeves University (8) 68, S Jury OHA (1) 64,
C Joyce Channel (4) 64, N Leitch Hutchins (6) 53 
DOSA        14.16.100
Channel        5.  4. 34
Goals - DOSA - M Robinson 3, T Ingles 3, T Golding 2, A Plunkett 2, B Cantrell, N Evans, J Rogers, B Johnson
Channel - C Coventry, S Vanderkamp, J McQueen, Z Loveluck, M Dingjan
Best - DOSA - L Calvert, M Scott, M McCallum, M Harrison, D Hall, J Rogers
Channel - M Dingjan, J McQueen, B Sculthorpe, A Warn, D Warn, P Verrell
Richmond    21.15.141
OHA            10.  8. 68
Goals - Richmond - J DeWinter 6, R Brumby 5, P Roland 3, J Haines 2, B Rogers, A Dillon, N Grant, H Joseph, T Lee
OHA - S Brown 3, L Taylor 2, C Williams 2, S Gillies, P Taylor, D Saunders
Best - Richmond - A Dillon, D Lyden, J Needham, S Bradford, J DeWinter, J Mackey
OHA - J Freeman, T Scott, Z Burnett, L Taylor, G Vincent, B McMurray    
Hutchins      14.16.100
University       4. 4. 28
Goals - Hutchins - J Parker 5, J Deal 4, J Burns, T Windsor, F Dorney, A Quinn, M Herd
University - W Quarrell 3, D Burgess
Best - Hutchins - T Windsor, J Parker, J Swain, T Graver, F Dorney, J Bishop
University - S Ball-Smith, W McAdam, D Kinsella, Z Dorkin, J Round L Koleits
Ladder - Richmond 284.71% 60pts, Hutchins 185.38% 52pts, OHA 135.68% 40pts
St Virgils 89.34% 36pts, DOSA 96.45% 36pts, Channel 44.23% 12pts, University 34.93% 4pts
Leading Goalkickers - M Honey DOSA (-) 50, S Brown OHA (3) 40, T Howells St Virgils (-) 37
B Garth Hutchins (-) 29, J Haines Richmond (2) 28, M Robinson DOSA (3) 28

Review Round 20

Channel notched their third win of the season by defeating DOSA. Little separated the teams at half time but DOSA had chances galore in the third quarter but poor finishing proved costly and their 17 point lead entering the final quarter was pegged back by Channel to win a thriller by 5 points. Wayde Armstrong, Sam Dean, Marcus Smith and Nic Butler were best for Channel while Scott Beattie, Aaron Davey, Sam Peacock and Nick Carr were best for DOSA. 

OHA continued their unbeaten run with a comfortable win over Richmond. After holding a 14 point lead at quarter time OHA eased away from Richmond in the second quarter to open up a 36 point lead at the main break but Richmond refused to give in and held OHA in the second half but could not bridge the gap failing by 37 points. Brendan Bateman, Dan Ryan, Nick Skeggs and Tim Orchard were best for OHA with Josh Woolley, Steven Dick, Jordan Dunn and Gary Splann best for Richmond. 

Hutchins proved too strong for University in a high scoring encounter. University surprised Hutchins to lead by 21 points at half time but Hutchins through Chris Hensby, Nick Leitch, Matthew Wilson and Jason Coad piled on the pressure and goals to win by 46 points. Best for University were Cameron Burgess, Michael Gowans,, Field Reeves and Ben Johnson.  

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Round 21 3 September

Preview Round 21

The highlight of the final round of games in the Old Scholars will be the clash between the top team OHA and second placed Hutchins at Geilston Bay. OHA have taken all before them this season displaying consistent form throughout and they should continue this trend on Saturday although Hutchins will be no pushover as they are almost back to full strength and showing good form. Midfield dominance will play a key role to deciding this game and both teams are blessed with classy players in OHA’s Trent Moore, Brodie Langford, Trent Fenton and Chris Hevey opposed to Chris Hensby, Matthew Wilson, Josh Chaplin and Nick Cleary.  

Richmond have the bye.          

Results Round 21

                                               St Virgils d Channel
St Virgils        9.6    13.10    20.10    24.14.158
Channel         1.2      4.3        6.8     10.11.  71
Goals - St Virgils - A Burdon 10, B Davis 5, M Collis 2, J Britten 2, B Hastie 2, M Granden, J Viney, T Nicholas
Channel - M Darcy 4, M Smith 2, G Clark 2, W Dean, R Whitaker
Best - St Virgils - T Nicholas, A Burdon, B Davis, B Parremore, S Quinn, R Jacobs
Channel - S Dean, G Clark, M Smith, R Schuth, R Drysdale, B Vaatstra
                                              Richmond d DOSA
Richmond     5.4    9.5    14.14    23.19.157
DOSA          2.2    8.4      8.10    12.10.82
Goals - Richmond - J DeWinter 10, D Burnie 3, C Ross 3, N Braslin 2, S Boxall 2, Jordon Dunn, M Baker, K Baker
DOSA - S Peacock 3, L Manser 2, K Dooley, M Carr, C Golding, D Hall, J O'Brien, M Fielding, J Cerritelli
Best - Richmond - J DeWinter, D Burnie, A Boucher, K Baker, M Baker, N Braslin
DOSA - J O'Brien, L Manser, S Peacock, M Fielding, T Gibbons, N Carr     
                                               OHA d Hutchins

OHA            5.0    10.2    15.5    19.7.121
Hutchins      5.2      9.6      9.7    10.12.72
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 6, M Zukauskas 3, D Archer 3, S Jury 2, A Banks 2, S McCallum, T Orchard, C Hevey
Hutchins - L Franks 4, M Wright 2, B Vankraanen 2, M Lister, J Archer
Best - OHA - T Fenton, C Unsworth, T Moore, S Bowering, D Ryan, B Bateman
Hutchins - M Hall, T Graver, K Jubb, L Franks, C Hensby, M Walsh   


OHA                    18    18    -    -    2315    1059    218.60    72
Hutchins              18    13    5    -    1824    1492    122.25    52
St Virgils              18    11    7    -    1871    1690    110.71    44
Richmond            18      9    9    -    1788    1655    108.04    36
University             18     5   13    -    1653    2086     79.24    20
DOSA                  18     4   14    -    1280    2017     63.46    16            
Channel               18     3    15   -    1341    2073     64.69    12 
Leading Goalkickers - A Burdon St Virgils (10) 97, S Jury OHA (2) 65
C Joyce Channel (-) 60, F Reeves University (-) 60     
                                          St Virgils d Channel 
St Virgils        28.11.179
Channel         10.  9.  69
Goals - St Virgils - J Rigby 7, D Morgan 4, M Ferguson 3, S Groves 2, S Harris 2
S Donaghue 2, J Hooker 2, T Howells 2, J Foster, J McCulloch, P Midson, S Dickson
Channel - D Warn 3, A Warn 2, M Turner, I Coulson, N Mansfield, M Gates, A Kelly
Best - St Virgils - J McCulloch, S Dickson, J Hooker, J Rigby, J Foster, T Howells
Channel - M Gates, A Warn, D Warn, D Millhouse, M Turner, I Coulson 
                                          Richmond d DOSA
Richmond     16.15.111
DOSA             7.4.46
Goals - Richmond - B Rogers 3, N Grubb 2, C Hutchinson 2, P Rolands 2
B Joseph, N Grant, S Bradford, R Brumby, C Fogarty, T Lee
DOSA - M Honey 4, K Farrow, N Abrahams, L Golding
Best - Richmond - C Hutchinson, A Sweet, J Mackey, N Grubb, J Hodge, B Rogers
DOSA - D Price, L Calvert, M Harrison, J Rogers, N Abrahams, N Evans
                                               OHA d Hutchins
OHA            16.10.106
Hutchins      12.16.88
Goals - OHA - P Reason 3, P Stanley 3, S Brown 3, S Beattie 2, M Hinchen, L Taylor, C Williams, J Tierney, C White
Hutchins - J Parker 2, D Rossiter 2, J Deal 2, H Nichols 2, R Hallam, C Garth, A Smith, M Graver
Best - OHA - Z Burnett, L Taylor, J Tierney, P Stanley, S Beattie, C Williams
Hutchins - O Robinson, J Swain, J Bishop, R Hallam, B Garth, J Fyshe


Richmond            18    6    2    -    2289    811    282.24    64
Hutchins              18    13  5    -    1825    1043  174.98    52
OHA                    18    11  7    -    1684    1251  134.61    44
St Virgils              18    10  8    -    1486    1532   96.99     40 
DOSA                  18     9   9    -    1349    1462   92.27     36
Channel               18     3  15   -      836     1913  43.70     12
University             18     1  17   -      782     2239  34.93      4
Leading Goalkickers M Honey DOSA (4) 54, S Brown OHA (3) 40, T Howells St Virgils (2) 39            

Review Round 21

A classy win by OHA over Hutchins saw them maintain their unbeaten record for the season to take out the minor premiership.Hutchins kept pace with OHA in the first half but OHA stepped up a gear kicking 9 goals to 1 after half time to run out 49 point winners. Onballers Trent Fenton, Craig Unsworth and Trent Moore with forward Sam Bowering were standouts for OHA while Michael Hall, Tim Graver, Kevin Jubb and Lewis Franks were best for Hutchins. 

Richmond fine tuned their skills for the semi finals with an easy win over DOSA who kept pace with the home team till half time but were overrun after that . Richmond had winners everywhere notably Jake De Winter who kicked 10 goals, Dylan Burnie, Andrew Boucher and Kurt Baker while DOSA’s best were Justin O’Brien, Luke Manser, Sam Peacock and Matthew Fielding while Matthew Honey celebrated his 250th game with a workman like performance in Dosa Reserves. 

A 9 goal first quarter was too much for Channel as they succumbed to an in form St.Virgils by 87 points led by Adrian Burdon with goals, Tim Nicholas, Ben Parremore and Brad Davis while Sam Dean, Grant Clark, Marcus Smith and Reece Schuth.  

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Semi Finals  10 September

Preview SF

Its semi finals action at Richmond in the Old Scholars Football Association on Saturday. In the Seniors the undefeated OHA play Hutchins in the second semi final and St.Virgils clash with Richmond in the first semi final.

The second semi final looms as a great spectacle as both teams have a host of talented players with their ball movement a feature. OHA have been the benchmark all season and the manner in which they have won their games suggests they will be a difficult foe for Hutchins who have had a steady season led by Chris Hensby, Michael Hall, Nick Leitch and Matthew Lister. 

Led by star goal kicker Adrian Burdon who has 102 goals to his name St.Virgils should have the answers in their clash with Richmond. St.Virgils have been a model of consistency lately led by Brendan Davis, Michael Collis and Marcus Parker while Richmond have the versatile Chris Ross back and Nick Braslin, Kurt Baker and Andrew Boucher in form while task of shutting down Adrian Burdon could go to either Izaak De Winter or Matthew Allie. 

In the Reserves second semi final Richmond meet Hutchins and OHA play St.Virgils in the first semi final.   

The first game (Reserves second semi final) commences at 10.00am.

Results SF

                                                        1st Semi Final

                                                    Richmond d St Virgils
Richmond        1.4     4.6    10.11    18.14.122
St Virgils          1.5   11.9    13.10    15.14.104
Goals - Richmond - G Splann 5, A Reeves 3, K Baker 3,
J DeWinter 2, Jordon Dunn 2, M Baker, A Daft, N Braslin
St Virgils - B Davis 4, T Nicholas 3, Marcus Parker 2,
B Parremore 2, A Burdon 2, M Collis, J Britten
Best - Richmond - G Splann, J DeWinter, A Boucher, A Daft, S Dick, Josh Woolley
St Virgils - R Jacobs, T Nicholas, J McCulloch, L Post, C Noye, B Davis
                                                     2nd Semi Final
                                                    OHA d Hutchins
OHA         1.3    9.8    16.10    20.13.133
Hutchins    5.2    5.2      5.2       6.7.43
Goals - OHA - S Bowering 5, T Moore 2, M Zukauskas 2, A Banks 2, Brodie Langford 2
S McCallum, M Thomson, D Archer, C Hevey, T Fenton, N Skeggs, M Bannister
Hutchins - N Leitch 3, G Wertheimer, M Hall, B VanKraanen
Best - OHA - D Archer, B Rogers, Ben Langford, Brodie Langford, J Watkins, C Hevey
Hutchins - J Archer, J Coad, B Van Kraanen, M Windsor, A Finch, J Chaplin 
                                                      2nd Semi Final    
                                                Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond            3.2    8.4    10.8    14.17.101
Hutchins              1.4    1.7    6.10      9.10.64
Goals - Richmond - R Brumby 6, H Joseph, P Roland, D Bailey, C Fogarty
S Bradford, N Grant, A Sweet, B Joseph
Hutchins - A Hazell 2, B Garth, H Nichols, A Triffet, D Rossiter, J Fyshe, M Herd, J Bishop
Best - Richmond - J Dunn, R Brumby, A Dillon, S Boxall, J Mackey, B Joseph
Hutchins - J Swain, A Triffet, J Fyshe, C Jones, D Creak, G Wright  

Late game Reserves 1st Semi Final results to come

Review SF

OHA stormed into the Grand Final in the Old Scholars Football Association in emphatic style courtesy of a comprehensive thrashing of Hutchins in the second semi final. Hutchins began the game with a Grand Final berth their intention kicking 5 goals to 1 in the first quarter and hold a 23 point lead at the break but OHA clicked into gear through slamming on 19 goals in the next three quarters to 1 to run out 90 point winners. Daniel Archer, Brendan Rogers, Ben and Brodie Langford, Chris Hevey and Jared Watkins stood out for OHA while Josh Archer, Jason Coad, Ben Van Kraanen and Marcus Windsor battled on for Hutchins. 

A second half fight back by Richmond saw them overturn a half time deficit of 45 points to defeat St.Virgils by 18 points in the first semi final. The first half was all St.Virgils as they dominated through Raymon Jacobs, Tim Nicholas, Leigh Post and Brendan Davis but crucial changes at half time by Richmond coach Ben Cato the most notable being Gary Splann to full forward proved too much for St.Virgils defence and Richmond piled on the goals winning a game that looked all but lost by 18 points. Other good players for Richmond were Jake De Winter, Andrew Boucher and Adam Daft.   

In the Reserves Richmond won the second semi final and St. Virgils got home in the first semi final.


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Preliminary Finals  17 September

Preview PF

Can Hutchins rediscover their form when they clash with Richmond this Saturday in the preliminary final of the Old Scholars Football Association at North Hobart. Apart from the first quarter in the second semi final last week Hutchins were totally outplayed by OHA while Richmond are on a high after their come from behind semi final win and a repeat of that effort could spell trouble for Hutchins who will have Matthew Wright and Matthew Creese back to add bight to their forward set up and midfield and while they were ordinary last week writing them off could be a dangerous ploy as coach Nick Leitch will be demanding a better performance while Josh Archer, Jason Coad, Ben Van Kraanen and Marcus Windsor toiled manfully last week. Richmond have nothing to lose in their quest for a grand final berth and coach Ben Cato is quietly confident especially if Gary Splann figures prominently again and Chris Ross, Adam Daft, Andrew Boucher, Josh Woolley, Steven Dick and Mitchell Baker are dangerous players when given space.  

In the reserves game at 11.30am Hutchins play St.Virgils in what should be a close encounter.   

Hutchins’ Chris Hensby won the Seniors Best & Fairest award while Richmond’s Anthony Dillon won the Reserves award.

Results PF


                                                    Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond        3.5    7.11    12.13    19.14.128
Hutchins          3.1    6.8      12.10    13.12.  90
Goals - Richmond - A Reeve 5, K Baker 3, J Dunn 2, J De Winter 2
G Splann 2, J Sturzaker, M Baker, N Terry, A Daft, D Burnie
Hutchins - M Creese 2, M Hall 2, M Wright 2, M Lister, N Leitch
T Friend, S Nichols, C Hensby, J Coad, B VanKraanen
Best - Richmond - J Baker, D Burnie, M Baker, J De Winter
A Boucher, K Rogers, K Baker, A Reeve
Hutchins - C Hensby, M Lister, M Walsh, M Creese, M Hall, J Faulkner
                                               Hutchins d St Virgils
Hutchins         12.12.84
St Virgils         12. 8.80
Goals - Hutchins - M Graver 4, A Triffett, D Creak, M Herd, J Deal, J Fyshe, J Parker, B Garth, T Graver
St Virgils - J Rigby 6, D Morgan 4, J Viney 1, T Howells
Best - Hutchins - J Fyshe, D Creak, G Wright, R Hallam, M Graver, A Triffett, T Graver
St Virgils - J Slade, J Hooker, J Viney, J Rigby, D Morgan, G Burke   


Review PF

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Grand Final  24 September

Preview GF

Can OHA finish off their superb season in style with a premiership when they clash with Richmond who have come from fourth spot at North Hobart on Saturday commencing at 2pm. OHA have taken all before them this season in impressive fashion and are favoured to win the contest although Richmond will be no pushover and will want to go one better but after two hard games their fitness and stamina may become questionable as the game progresses whereas OHA have had the week’s rest which should hold them in good stead. Midfield match ups will have a decided bearing on the game and this is where OHA excel through Brodie Langford, Trent Moore, Trent Fenton, Chris Hevey and Ben MacMurray but Richmond’s Mitchell Baker, Ben Cato, Adam Daft, Gary Splann and Jayden Baker will have to be watched closely as they have played a big part in Richmond’s finals success to this point. Both teams have multiple goalkickers and if conditions suit their will be plenty of goals scored and both defences will be in for a torrid afternoon.

 In the Reserves Grand Final at 11.30am Richmond meet Hutchins with Richmond selected to win after a very consistent season.

Results GF

                                               OHA d Richmond
OHA                0.8    4.11    10.18    14.22.106
Richmond        2.1    4.3        4.5       7.  6.  48 
Goals OHA - S Bowering 6, D Archer 2, Brodie Langford 2, M McPherson, T Whitelaw, A Banks, M Zukauskas
Richmond - G Splann 3, J De Winter 2, K Baker, J Sturzaker
Best Players - OHA - M McPherson, N Skeggs, D Archer, Ben Langford, S Bowering, T Orchard
Richmond - N Braslin, Josh Woolley, B Cato, A Daft, A Boucher, G Splann
                                        Richmond d Hutchins
Richmond        3.1    3.7    5.10    10.15.75
Hutchins          2.0    4.0    6.2        9.4.58
Goals - Richmond - R Brumby 3, A Sweet 2, J Haines 2, S Boxall, S Bradford, B Rogers
Hutchins - G Friend 2, A Triffett 2, J Bishop, D Rossiter, G Wertheimer, J Parker, T Graver
Best - Richmond - A Dillon, N Grubb, D Lyden, Nick Woolley, J Hodge, R Brumby
Hutchins - T Graver, G Wertheimer, J Fyshe, J Nichols, G Wright, A Triffett                 


Review GF

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