Tasmanian University Football Club

Pictures of the 1977 Season

Seniors Premiership

These pictures are taken from a frame of photos that have been on display since 1977. Some photos are beginning to fade.

The punctuated captions are original and some players names have been added. It would be great if more pics of this great game could be found and included. Feel free to email some comments about the day if you want to share them.


"Did tat Rossi get up again Baldy?"- Michael 'Baldy' Alexander.

"Bernie tastes victory for the fourth time" - Bernie Hoggett
Who is in the background?

"When's it our turn to scull?" - Martin Flanagan and Leon Wootton

"Nice day for it" - Jack Potter (5), Mick Woods talking to Bob Collett (facing), Kieran McManus with clothing.

"The coach and the coach's coach" - Ron and Jenny Mawbey

"Is that the telephone film Rats?" - John Rataj and Greg Blackburn in the background.


"What did you do with your share Bob?"- Pete and Bob Collett, Peter Scott and Duncan Hall.

"Scotty and Pene compere the Uni version of 'Who Won and Why' "
Tim Lane and Peter Scott.

"Shit it's finished" - Ian 'Mopsy' Fraser


"No it's not a Tia Maria Ron"- Mark Murton, Ron Mawbey and trainer Mick  McGushin