Senior Premiers - Southern and State. Reserves "A" Division & State

FIRST XVIII         1971        Premiers - Southern and State

Back     M. Alexander, J. Laver, T. Rundle, L. Hinds, C. Woodruff, G. Jakins, G. Blackburn, P. Fish, P. Rowe, J. Tydde.

Centre   P.Scott, S. Smith, F. Dixon, P. Griffiths, J. Fitzgibbon, R. Simpson, W. Fotheringham, K. Brown,
            G. Lockhart, R. Howell, B. Correy.

Front     L. Cuff, G. Leary, G. Rundle, R. Squires (Manager), T. Owens (Captain), B. Eade (Coach), S. Morton (V.Captain),
N. Mackinnon (Committee), T. Luyendyk, J. Rataj, T. Swan.


FIRST XVIII                                1971     Photo B

Terry "Özzie" Owens, (C) Steve Morton (VC), David "Butch" Williams, Bill "Fothers" Fotheringham, Chris Wood, Greg "Panda"Blackburn
Leigh Hinds, Fabian "Dicko" Dickson, Peter "Griffo"Griffiths, Len Cuff, Kerry "Tug" Brown, Mick "Baldy" Alexander, Terry "Knucka" Rundle
Stephen Smith, Rodney "Pudden" Howell, Peter Rowe, Brian Snare, Gerald "Spook" Leary, Tony "Chiefy" Lyendyke, Julian Tydde


SECOND XVIII                           1971

Back     G.Pinkard, W.Friend, M.Alexander, J.Oakley, G.Blackburn, D.Oliver, G.Pepper, T.Swan.

Centre   P.O'Halloran, F.Dixon, J.Lockwood, G.Jakins, R.Simpson, R.Smith, J.Fitzgibbon, B.Correy, W.Griggs.

Front     M.Bennell. G.Leary, G.Rundle, K.Brownt, M.Wenn (captain-Coach), R.Lockhart, P.Scott, G.Suitor, R.Headlam, M.Norman.



THIRD XVIII            1971   -     PREMIERS "A" Division & State


Back     J. Tydde, D. Heerey, W. Friend, D. Oliver, J. Oakley, G. Jakins, R. Bourke, G. Pinkard, T. Rundle .

Centre   M. Bennell, W, Griggs, F. Dixon, R. Smith, R. Simpson, S. Jacobs, J. Lockwood,  R. Lockhart, B. Felmingham.

Front     R. Headlam, G. Suitor, P. Fish, G. Wells, N. Mackinnon, J. Laver (Captain-Coach), J. Rataj, M. Norman, J. Mackenzie.




FOURTH XVIII                            1971

R. Radford, R. Simmons, M. DeJong, C. Williams, D. Panton, G. Foster, P. Rose, S. Alomes, M. McDermott, P. Hay, D. Heerey, D. Nowell, T. Dunbabin, L. Wright, M. Packer, C. Palmer, J. McKenzie, P. Scanlon, J. Chalmers.

Absent: P. Fish (Captain-Coach),