A Premiership, Carnival and Intervarsity Year

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First XVIII  State Premiers 1970 - Undefeated all season  - Photo B

Back:    C Bellchambers, P Valentine, S Morton, J Fitzgibbon, Q McCulloch, C Woodruff, L Davey, R Howell, B Snare, G Suitor
Centre:  B Kelp (Trainer), G Wiseman, K Brown, M Ramsdale, N McKinnon, R Simpson, S Jacobs, C Kleinig, F Dixon, T Rundle, D Luck (Trainer)
Front:    I Stewart, G Rundle, B Eade (Coach) , K Henderson, PHall (President), C Banks, J McQuestion (Trainer), M Wenn, B Hoggett
Ground: J Rataj, T Owens                                                                                          Absent: S Smith, P Salmon (See  photo above)

Both Terry and Greig Rundle played in the 1970 Premiership Team. Greig won the Howard Medal - the SAFL Best and Fairest Award


Back Row:    J Braithwaite, P O’Halloran, J Rataj, P Valentine, G Wells, P Scott, D Luck (Trainer), P Mailer, T Rundle, K Brown, R Lockhart, T Swan

Centre:               W Friend, P Williams, F Dixon, J Fitzgibbon, C Woodruff, D Williams, C Kleinig, L Hinds, M Ramsdale,
K Laning

Front Row:        D Oliver, L Podmore, B Snare, I Stewort, Q McCulloch (Captain), P Hall (Club President),
M Wenn (V Captain), S Merritt, J Lee-Archer, G Leary, C Bellchambers

Seated:               B Bitchell, R Headlam, C Lane


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Tasmanian AAFC Carnival Team - Perth 1970 - (TUFC Representatives in bold print)

Back Row: RW Vincent (Manager), G Rundle, PR Brasington, R Montgomery, C Simpson, PG Sellars, CL Boon (Ass. Manager)
3rd Row:    RK Hood (Coach), J Leonard (Trainer), CA Banks, WR Hodgson, R Simpson, RS Elmer, N McKinnon, MJ Green,
                 W Curran (Selector), RE Taylor (Selector)
2nd Row:   BT Brain, S Morton, P Simpson, MJ Sellars (VC), HC Smith (President), RW Newton (C), ML Delphin, PW Woolcock, JR Clennett
Front Row: B Hoggett, PL Williams, JN Goss, TG Swan, KJ Boland, PC Statton
                                                                                                                                             The team played Victoria, SA and WA



Back Row:    T Rundle, L Lachal, W Capell

Centre:               R Davis, P Walsh, S Morton, M Manassa, M Alexander, D Harley, J Braithwaite, D Billings, R Knowles

Front Row:        P Collins, S Merritt, P Fish, M Ramsdale (Captain), R Smith, S Jacobs, S Lynch, R Headlam

Absent:               C Wiseman, R Crocker, J Lockwood, A Fleming, N Beags, G Connell           Inset: J Kiely